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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi! I’m Flora, the roman goddess of flowers and springtime. I am also connected with fertility as I specialize in plants that bear fruit, and many of them do! April signifies a time of rebirth. A Saxon sister-goddess, Eastre, has also evolved, over time. As the Christian religion absorbed deities and skewed their meanings to retain converts discourage continued worship of what they considered to be “out-dated deities”, the Easter Bunny and subsequent celebrations evolved. While her name, Eastre, was skewed, her meanings were not lost. She too represented fertility, springtime and offspring. This ideal is represented by the Easter Bunny’s connection to eggs. Eggs are a direct correlation to fertility and offspring, as all animals – human and animal – begin in some way as an egg.

We are celebrating the birth and renewal of plants, people and offspring – all births are important!

Before we begin, I must remind everyone of the Moonlight Mistresses boring rule to please try and keep your responses to a PG13 atmosphere – *eye roll*. However, they haven’t seemed to care about double entendres, so let them fly!

My guests today are, Veronica Spelling and Travis Hunter from Richmond, Virginia. Their tale can be found in Wicked Wager Among Friends – Tales from Lucifer’s Lair, a novel creation by Cassandre Dayne.

Flora: Thank you Veronica and Travis for joining us today! Please, Veronica tell our readers how you two first met. Was it by your design, or his?

Veronica: We met quite by accident in the grocery story trying to grab the same delicious grapefruit. Somehow we started talking and had a drink at the Flamingo Rustler, a local restaurant and bar, and we’ve been friends ever since.

Flora: Travis, would you say it was love at first sight or did you find her repulsive?

Travis: I thought she was perky and sweet. Little did I know she had a devilish personality hidden under her golden blond hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Flora: Devilish, I like that. I think that adds a spark in a relationship. Since chaotic happenstance tends to put characters like yourselves in situations where they must work together or live together for one reason or another, tell us what chaotic happenstance “forced” the two of you to work or live together. How did you both feel about this?

Veronica: Travis was the male friend I could always go to when I needed something. Whether it was some handyman work around the house or a guy’s thoughts, Travis was and still is my best buddy. Then something happened between us and I was the one that wanted to explore a more personal relationship.

Travis: I always thought she was beautiful and while I prefer men, or so I thought, there was something beguiling about her. She was easy to adore. And now, she’s simply incredible.

Flora: Ah, interesting Travis. I understand you’re now both in a relationship with a third. Travis, would you say that your relationship developed easily or would you say there was some reluctance? What kind of obstacles were there?

Travis: First of all I didn’t want to disappoint Veronica or hurt her. I was terrified that exploring a physical relationship would destroy our friendship. I also wasn’t completely sure I would enjoy being with a woman, but together, along with Jonathan by our side, we all love each other. Once we figured out we wanted to explore another type of relationship together as three, it became easy.

Flora: How long did it take you to know your true feelings for the other? At what point did you know, “this is the one”?

Veronica: I don’t know about Travis, but I adored him from the beginning and slowly as we developed a tight friendship, I knew I was falling in love. The moment we kissed, I knew.

Travis: I think the same way, except that when she propositioned me with her wicked wager, I was floored and really didn’t know that she felt that strongly. When I managed to wrestle with my fears and the first time we were together, there was no turning back.

Flora: This is for either of you. Would you like to thank anyone – other than me, of course – for getting you two together?

Veronica: I would just like to say thank you to Travis for trusting me.

Travis: And I have to say Veronica for her patience and love and every day that we share together.

Flora: As we are celebrating fertility and offspring this month, tell us, Veronica and Travis do you plan on having children in the future Why or why not? How many do you think you’ll want? Do you prefer sons or daughters, or does it not matter?

Veronica: We’ve talked about it with Jonathan and in truth, we want beautiful children as a family together.

Travis: I think we’d love to have at least two.
Veronica: One by each father!

Flora: Do either of you garden? Why or why not?

Veronica: I love the outdoors but I’m terrible with gardening.

Travis: I’m the green thumb in the family!

Flora: It’s nice to have the man into gardening for a change. What are your favorite flowers or plants? What significance do they hold for you?

Veronica: White roses. It’s the first bouquet that Travis bought for me.

Travis: I love tulips because their rich colors remind me of the many vibrant sides of Veronica’s personality.

Flora: Thanks so much to Veronica and Travis for joining us today! Now, I’d like to take some time to speak with their author, Cassandre Dayne Thanks for joining us today, Cassandre! First, I’d like to start with some of the questions I asked Veronica and Travis. Do you garden? Why or why not?

Cassandre: I love gardening and have one with flowers and vegetables – especially tomatoes. I am one of those girls that loves fresh mulch!

Flora: Do you prefer vegetables and fruits, flowers, or both? Which ones are your favorites?

Cassandre: I love them both and honestly, I have too many personal favorites to be able to mention them all.

Flora: If you had the chance to do so, would you participate in a community garden? Why or why not? (If you have done this before, please share your experience!)

Cassandre: The real girl, Bethany works with Community Associations and I have set up community gardens with the owners, tended and watered enjoyed with them. It’s a wonderful community wide effort and gives them something to tend and talk over too.

Flora: Flowers, trees and plants offer a variety of aromas. What would you say is your favorite aroma and why?

Cassandre: I do love the smell of roses, but I love fresh greenery and the smell of fresh mulch and about every flower in the spring.

Flora: A growing trend these days is to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, beans and peppers upside down while growing other smaller plants like lettuce, radishes, cress or herbs on top. Is this something you’ll try or have done? Why or why not?

Cassandre: I’ve seen and have friends that enjoy, but it’s just not something I’ve tried simply because I have a larger garden.

Flora: Considering your favorite flower, plant, and/or aroma, have these tastes shown up in your writing? If so, how – If not, why not?

Cassandre: Nature does show up in my writing as I love the smell of the ocean or the puffs of white in a blue sky. I always give off the scents of nature wherever the characters are.

Flora: If you’ve used plants/flowers other than your favorite ones in your stories, what were they, what story were they in, and why did you choose them?

Cassandre: I can’t think of anything specific because I tend to infuse tastes and smells throughout.

Flora: Cassandre, is there anything you’d like readers to know about you that I didn’t ask?

Cassandre: I am a furry friend lover and have two dogs who enjoy being outside. We love to play, especially in the spring time.

Flora: I’m sorry folks, but that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks to Veronica and Travis and their author, Cassandre, for joining us today and giving us some great answers. We hope you’ll check out their story, Wicked Wager Among Friends – Tales from Lucifer’s Lair.

To learn more about their author, Cassandre Dayne, visit:


Veronica Spelling was used to getting what she wanted, but not with men. She had long desired her best friend, Travis Hunter, for years. Golden, masculine and perfect, her mouth watered for him. And while they had admitted their kinky proclivities over long nights and tasty margaritas, he had never indulged. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and kick up the heat one wild night, suggesting a wicked little wager of pool. The prize? If she ended up the winner then she would receive her most heavenly desired wish, to be taken in the ass by a man for the first time. If he did, then she would become his sex slave for twenty-four luscious hours.

The only problem? He was decidedly gay, had only been with a woman once and was in a casual relationship with their mutual friend, Jonathan. Then there was that itching little problem of whether he could get it up or not. Against the odds, Travis finally determined his true feelings about the luscious vixen and won the bet. During those twenty-four hours, he fulfilled her most erotic fantasies. As morning dawned and reality set in, the question about Jonathan’s acceptance settled into their reality, and Veronica was left with a haunted feeling. Unsure of what to say, they left each other without further words. Could their combined friendship survive the blatant sensual act or would their entire world be turned upside down forever?


Travis eyed the surly man before turning his gaze back to Veronica. She seemed so vulnerable, like a tiny kitten needing to be protected and trained. And he planned on training her well. “Don’t worry Lucifer, I might just be falling in love.”

“You just remember what I said.” Lucifer turned a fake grin toward the attentive audience, gave Travis a high five and retreated back toward the kitchen, shaking his head.

Travis glided directly in front of her and took her hand, kissing her palm gently. “You were saying?” It was time to leave and not only to save further embarrassment, but he wasn’t sure he could walk any longer as the dense material continued to bite into his rock hard dick. They would talk in the morning and figure out if this scenario was nothing more than a tease. But there was no doubt what he wanted -- total control of her body, her passion and her very soul.

Veronica seemed to have a bit of trouble looking at him in his eyes. “Um, I said…I was saying… So back to the game?”

Travis stared at her wide-eyed. They were selling their souls to the devil but he couldn’t see a way around it without hurting her feelings. Then again, he didn’t want to stop either. He shivered from the realization. “All right. Where were we?”

“Do you accept the wager?”

He couldn’t believe she’d never experienced having a cock in her ass. At that moment, he wanted to teach her the finer art so badly his mouth watered from the thought. “Absolutely.” To be the one to touch her sweet little bud and inch his way inside the tight warmth of her stirred his swollen balls. How the hell was he going to concentrate on a sinful game?

She grinned, swirled the last bits of liquor around in her glass and set down the crystal with deliberately slow movements. Picking up the pool stick, she eyed the glossy pool balls. “I think it was my turn actually.” Veronica sauntered around the corner to take a shot and managed to get her foot hooked on the leg of the pool table. She grabbed the table and grinned, eyeing the bikers that stood watching with folded arms.

“Nervous little kitty vixen?” Travis snickered.

“That’s wild cat to you.”

Travis chuckled and contemplated the ramifications of what if. What if they had a torrid little affair that led to what he’d teased relentlessly about with her and the night morphed into a threesome and possibly something beyond that? What if she freaked out and refused to see him ever again? What if she couldn’t handle his need for erotic sex and his requirements for her to submit her body to him to pleasure with rapture and pain?

For the fiftieth time in less than a minute, Travis had second thoughts. He refused to hurt her. Sex and friendship never mixed and Travis knew better. He also knew Veronica had no idea what she was getting herself into. She was a good girl with conservative values. To bring her into the world of S & M was ridiculous and perhaps dangerous for her soul. No matter what she said, Veronica Spelling was not ready to be a submissive. As she leaned over the pool table and he caught the hint of her nipples, he froze. He had to stop this. Immediately. “Veronica!

His bedraggled word showered across her just as she took the shot.

And missed.

The entire room gasped as the ball seemed to tumble over two others and jump backwards on the table.

“Oh no!” A young biker gasped.

“Bloody hell!” Lucifer cried, edging forward.

Travis cringed. How the hell could the damn ball jump over her hands backward? “Fuck!”

She glared at the ball, turned as she heard the hiss of the crowd and then witnessed the strained expression on Travis’ face. Her hand flew to her mouth.

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Rie McGaha said...

The cover is eye catching. I can't imagine anyone seeing that and not wanting to stop and give it a gander.

Nice interview.

Rie McGaha