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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Ravenous Romance and Home Shopping Network

Join Forces to Bring You


Leave a comment for a chance to win one of four books we’ll be giving away!

Voyage to a distant land where fantasy and passion ignite. The Escape with Romance Exclusive 6-Book Collection is a fascinating compilation of stories filled with infatuation, excitement and of course, love. These tales will evoke the internal fires that burn deep within us all. Choose from the 3 collections; the romantically nostalgic Historical genre, the futuristic and supernatural of the Paranormal genre, or the modern-day heroines of the Contemporary genre. Plus, if you can't decide choose the Sampler, which includes 2 books from every genre, so you can get a little bit of it all. Suddenly, reading just got a lot more interesting.

More information on ESCAPE WITH ROMANCE here:*Browse*2*NA

Ravenous Romance Web Site:

Escape with Romance Exclusive 6-Book Collection Features:

Historical Genre:

• "Land of Falling Stars" by Keta Diablo; 192 pages
• "Force My Hand" by Em Brown; 192 pages
• "Kiss of Scandal" by Isabel Roman; 192 pages
• "The Mercenary Bride" by Jamaica Layne; 192 pages
• "Dark Desires of the Druids #1" by Isabel Roman; 192 pages
• "The American Heiress" by Roxanne Dent; 191 pages

Contemporary Genre:

• "Ripping the Bodice" by Inara LaVey; 192 pages
• "Nashville Heat" by Bethany Michaels; 192 pages
• "Hot on Her Heels" by Monica Newcomb; 192 pages
• "The Lady's Choice" by Trudy Doyle; 191 pages
• "Once an Obsession" by Bella French; 192 pages
• "Vital Signs" by Jamica Lane; 192 pages

Paranormal Genre:

• "The Wolfpact" by Jo Atkinson; 191 pages
• "Stilettos, Inc." by Lexi Ryan; 192 pages
• "Twilights Edge" by Jo Atkinson; 208 pages
• "Love in Space" by Lisa Lane; 192 pages
• "Haunted Seduction" by Morgan James; 192 pages
• "Loving Daylight" by Malia Sutton; 192 pages


• "Land of Falling Stars" by Keta Diablo; 192 pages
• "Kiss of Scandal" by Isabel Roman; 192 pages
• "Stilettos, Inc." by Lexi Ryan; 192 pages
• "Twilights Edge" by Jo Atkinson; 208 pages
• "Ripping the Bodice" by Inara Lavey; 191 pages
• "Nashville Heat" by Bethany Michaels; 192 pages

Reader reviews from the Home Shopping Network Site:

“I found these books to be well written and recommend them to anyone who loves romance.” Joan, Kentucky

“These books kept me up at night! I bought the Paranormal series and I loved them.” Karen, New York

“Some of the best romance books I've ever read! Every one is a page-turner.” Nightchick, California

“Historicals are my favorite genre. When a friend who frequents HSN told me about this, I had to order them.” Christinereader, New Jersey

* * *
Nashville Heat by Bethany Michaels

"The heroine of this superb story leaps off the page with intelligence, drive and a full range of emotions. Michaels has a wonderful ear for dialogue, a knack for writing her heroine into slyly clever predicaments and an equally apparent talent for writing some of the most arousing sex scenes you'll ever read." Romantic Times (4 1/2 stars)

"Ms. Michaels' talent as a writer amazed me and had me so enthralled, I could not put this book down. If I could give this novel a higher rating than 5 cups, I would; it will just blow you away! The romance is hot, the sex is sizzling, and the overall storyline is a must-read, cannot-miss story for everyone!" Coffee Time Romance (5-cup review)

About Nashville Heat:

When Sydney Stratton moved to Nashville to follow her dream of making it big in the country music business, she never counted on meeting Dex Wilder, Music City's bad boy country star, let alone hooking up with him!

But just as lust begins to turn into something deeper and Sydney gets to know the man behind the tabloids, revealing photos and a devastating secret surface, threatening any future Sydney and Dex might have together.

Greetings! When I moved to Nashville three years ago, I discovered that it is a city of contrasts. It has a load of old-fashioned Southern charm in the form of honky-talks and Civil War battlefields, yet supports a thriving art and music scene with a metropolitan sophistication. It's down-home friendly, yet diverse in its population. It's a tourist destination, yet a place where people immediately feel at home. I've tried to share some of the places and things that make Nashville such a unique city in Nashville Heat and hope ya'll will be coming to Nashville in 2010 when we host RWA's national convention!

Bethany Michaels

* * *

Dark Desires of the Druids (Murder and Magick) by Isabel Roman

The characters in this book have very strong wills and it was difficult for them to acknowledge the desire for each other's help in the time of need....I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.- Literary Nymphs

About Dark Desires of the Druids I: Murder and Magick:

Raven Drake wants the freedom to explore all that is restricted to a Victorian lady. Malcolm, Lord Preston, desires her from the moment he sees her, and doesn't allow society's rules to stand in his way. Their tryst is a welcome distraction from witch hunters and political maneuverings. But can it overcome the weight of another man's ring on her finger?

About Kiss of Scandal:

Countess Katria Markova finds her perfectly ordered life, irrevocably altered when a dear friend is murdered. Count Nikolai Orlov will do anything to clear his brother's name, except put Katria in harm's way. From the snowy streets of St. Petersburg to the River Neva's icy depths, they search for the answers to clear Nikolai. But in their search, will they lose each other?

Being a part of the Home Shopping Network's Escape with Romance has been absolutely wonderful! I'm so happy and thankful to have this opportunity.

Isabel Roman

* * *

Loving Daylight by Malia Sutton

Dearcritique says:

"...a great, enjoyable read.... Malia writes with a simple style that keeps the story moving fast and the reader interested in what's coming next.” -- Dear Critique

About Loving Daylight:

Vampire Avenir LaFramboise is over one hundred years old, but he still carries a torch for his first love. When he travels back to Mt. Desert Island, Maine, to meet her descendant, he is swept away by the stunning Sienna. But Sienna's family hides a chilling secret, and if Avenir wants to win her heart, he must help her discover the truth...

Greetings Friends,
Being part of The Home Shopping Network's ESCAPE WITH ROMANCE adventure with all the other talented writers at, has been the experience of a lifetime for me. I'd like to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous holiday season and all the best in the coming New Year.

Malia Sutton

* * *

"Jamaica Layne will keep the reader enthralled and wanting to see where these two characters will get together next."----Coffee Time Romance

"VITAL SIGNS is a five-star romance that sizzles in all the right places. Make no mistake about it, Jamaica Layne is a master of her craft."----Crave More Romance


Joanna Watson, a recently-divorced top surgical nurse in picturesque Statesville, North Carolina, is frustrated with her stalled career and dead-in-the-water love life when she suddenly finds herself trapped in an elevator with an unknown, abrasive Yankee surgeon, Dr. Harlan Wilkinson. The elevator gets stuck, the lights go out, and Joanna and Harlan get to know each other. . .

"So much adventure is wrapped in this tale of love and revenge. This is a story that you will enjoy anytime you need a getaway." --Coffee Time Romance


It's the year 1101, and England is still reeling from the Norman conquest a generation earlier. Lady Sabina of Angwyld is the eldest daughter of the Duke of Angwyld, a Saxon nobleman with estates near the Welsh border. The Norman invaders want to take the Duke's land and title by force, and the only hope he has for saving Angwyld is to marry his eldest daughter off to a ruthless, evil Norman nobleman, Lord Reginald de Guillaume. Sabina will have none of it, however. She thinks her only alternative is to take the veil and enter a convent. So she runs away.

Sabina is fleeing Angwyld on horseback on her way to the Abbey at Glastonbury when she meets Robert de Tyre, a swashbuckling Norman mercenary who serves as a cavalry officer in Lord Reginald's army. Though Robert de Tyre has been sent by Lord Reginald to capture his intended bride and bring her back in time for her forced marriage, the sparks soon fly between them and their worlds are turned upside down.

Hi Everyone in Romance Land! Jamaica Layne here! A little bit about me----I'm a contemporary romance/erotica author who makes my home in the Chicago suburbs. I have two great passions----alpha males and swashbuckling historical heroes. I love contemporary and historical romance equally! My books VITAL SIGNS and THE MERCENARY BRIDE give you the best of both worlds.

In a former life, I worked in the healthcare industry. Also, when I was growing up, my parents were historical reinactors who spent a lot of time at Renaissance faires and SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events. So it goes without saying that I of course would grow up to become a romance novelist who sets her stories either in modern-day hospitals or medieval castles! Thanks to HSN, I can introduce my work in both of these sub-genres to new readers.

5 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

I love the Norman times. Nice to read of a story set there.

Virginia C said...

These sets of books are well-chosen and are a real reader's treat. A nice gift for all the readers in your life (including yourself)!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Isabel Roman said...

I agree, Virginia. OK, so I have 2 books in the set, but I've read several others and loved them.

Dana Fredsti said...

I'm hoping to eventually get all of 'em and support my fellow RR authors!


booklover0226 said...

Wow, these books sound great. I look forward in checking them out.

Tracey D