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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Starlight Saturday

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Length: Naughty Nibble

It’s Valentine’s Day and Safina is vacationing in Los Angeles and she’s determined to have some fun. Safina and her friend, Lynn, decide to go to Red, an exclusive nightclub. But Red is much more than anyone realizes. It’s owned by Cupids.

Just getting into the party mood, Safina spots someone on the rafters of the building shooting arrows into the crowd. Panicked with the need to stop the attack, Safina watches as her friend Lynn is shot with one of the arrows. But Lynn didn’t feel anything, leaving Safina confused. But when she watches the winged attacker fly into the air and disappear, she faints.

Confronted by one of Red’s owners, Kal, Safina is soothed by him and her immediate response to him. But Safina feels as if she’s met Kal before and is relieved to return to Chicago and get away from him and the questions she has about him. But he follows her to Chicago, equally transfixed by her with a sense of déjà vu. When all of their questions are answered, they must decide if they are going to follow their hearts.

This book was only 26 pages, so I was surprised how easily I connected with the characters. Safina is likeable and fun and so well written she’s easy to identify with. Angela Nichelle paints a descriptive world easily seen through her writing. Cupid’s Arrow was sensual, yet sweet. I was left fulfilled and sweetly glowing, satisfied by the happily ever after ending. I would be delighted if Ms. Nichelle decided to write a sequel with one of the other Cupids as the hero.

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