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Monday, January 17, 2011

Mystic Monday

Today's Dilemma

What do I write about in this post?

I'm late with it because I wasn't sure what to write about last night, and I had an appointment to have my sinuses scanned today. Not to mention the fact that I woke up with a headache at 6am and it's been snowing all day. That meant leaving the house much earlier than planned to arrive early...

To make matters worse, it feels like a Tuesday to me because the Packers played on Saturday night. Sorry, but when you get a pattern going, sometimes one tiny change can throw off the whole thing. Seriously, I woke up early Sunday morning thinking that it was Monday, but it didn't feel right, so I had to turn on the computer to verify that it was indeed Sunday.

Well, I felt off all day yesterday, and I still feel off, lol! :)

On a better note, I'm happy that the Packers won. At first, it seemed as though we were going to fall apart, again, but the team pulled their act together and beat the Atlanta Falcons.

Currently, as I write this, the Milwaukee Bucks are struggling with the Houston Rockets. So yeah, I've been very distracted by sports.

On a different note, I finally watched Akeelah and the Bee. I really liked that movie and thought it was well done, even if the end was a bit Hollywood. The kids did a great job playing their parts, all of them. I hope to see more of them soon.


I got distracted looking up the kids on IMDB. The one that hasn't done anything else was the kid that played Dylan Chiu. Which is kind of sad really, because I really liked his character and thought he played it very well. Both Sean Michael Afable (Dylan) and Tzi Ma (his father) did very well at playing these rolls. Very talented and worked well together.

Oh, and I love Lee Thompson Young! The entire movie, I couldn't figure out where I knew him from and it drove me crazy. Finally looked it up - he's in the TNT TV Rizzoli & Isles. He plays Rizzoli's new partner, Detective Barry Frost. Besides being a couple years later, Young has hair on his head and a mustache, so it was hard to make the connection, lol!

Anyway, I really liked the movie.

What about you?

Watch any good movies lately?

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