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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wistful Wednesday

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author Laurie Bowler into the Moonlight. Welcome, Laurie!

Laurie Bowler:
My Books and Why
I Love to Write

Firstly let me introduce myself and a little about my books. My name is Laurie Bowler and I live in the United Kingdom. I am the author of a whole host of books there seems to be a never ending desire to write. My books are as follows: Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset, Golden Horizons, Serena Embracing Darkness, Depths of Darkness, Locum, Order of Blood, Hacked Up, Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales, Death Bite.

The Moon Rising series consists of Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset, Golden Horizons and Order of Blood, they have been the most inspirational books for me to have written, from all 3 I have learnt so much about the writing process and I have managed to pursue my talent and create so much more. Since writing this series my nickname has become ‘The Writing Machine’ because I don’t stop writing, I’m always finishing a book and delving straight into another one.

There are so many reasons why I enjoy writing. At first, it was only a hobby and something I decided to do suddenly in November 2009, and now I have found myself developing further with the plots and characters that I create.

Every day is a massive learning curve, reading reviews and hearing readers thoughts and feelings teaches me many different aspects that |I could incorporate into my writing, and for this I am grateful.

As well as the reasons to fulfil my enjoyment of writing, its my greatest pleasure when I see my name on the back of a printed version, and for those who have joined the technology changes and have an e-reader, to be able to have my name on the e-versions is just as fulfilling as the print version.

Death Bite is my new horror story, and it is incredibly graphiin the details of the storyline, and I have had immense fun writing these.

With Death Bite, I had an idea that writing something with Zombies as the featuring storyline would be a bit like an icebreaker to start my writing getting into the right direction in the horror scene, and so it began. I will admit at first I thought I was going to puke, I put that much detail I gave myself nightmares and my stomach turned over with every chapter that I wrote.

Normally I only write paranormal stories but I felt like having a change, I will be publishing plenty of new paranormal stories in the next few weeks but I need to get over my newly acquired horror bug first.

Here is the synopsis:

Jessica Hargreaves knows a thing or two about being a strong woman. But as a deadly epidemic sweeps across the world, she is put to the test as the flesh eaters rise from the dead and begin to consume the living flesh of the people they encounter. Can Jessica and her small band of survivors escape the evil that is rising across the land or will she be consumed by the unholy hunger of the damned?

And the link:

Please also follow my blog:

Hacked Up is brilliant. Here is the synopsis for you:

Allie Bates longs for the peace and solitude from the strange stalker that had been sending crude and malicious messages and so she leaves her life behind in the city and moves to the country.

Allie moved opposite a strange and intensely dark house opposite, the first of the nightmare soon begin with the strange sounds of screaming.

Rising from curiosity and intrigue she ventures to investigate and then finds herself deep inside a nightmare she wished would end soon.

Will Allie ever be able to escape the nightmare and the constant torture? Or is she destined for death? Who is the psychopathic person that inhabits the house opposite?

I have also written Hacked Up that has just been published, I cant seem to get enough of writing graphical details in horror. Its kind of like my new bug and one I am certainly pursuing at the moment.

I do have a whole list of books waiting to be edited, they are called: Vampire Hunter, Blood Fusions, Locum 2, Death Bite 2 and of course Hacked Up 2. My list could go on because I have many sequels to write too!

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