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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book Spotlight: DraculaVille by Lara Nance

DraculaVIlle – Not your average Theme Park
By Lara Nance
What if there was a theme park based on the legend of Dracula? And what if it was built in the heart of Transylvania as a way to bring floods of tourists to Romania?
Sound interesting?
That’s the story within the story of my new paranormal romance series, DraculaVille.
What would it be like, you ask?
It would be built in the Carpathian Mountains just outside the city of Sibiu, the capital of Transylvania. The focal point will be a dark castle perched on a craggy hill. The doors open at dusk and it stays open all night. This is a park for adults, not children.
Instead of rides like Space Mountain, you’ll zoom through frightening dark nights, escaping vampires and werewolves. An interactive village will house shops, restaurants and nightclubs, all manned by appropriately frightened and superstitious Romanians, who’ll constantly urge you to leave before something...bad...happens. You’ll never know if the handsome man who invites you to dance is a vampire until it’s too late.
Men can play virtual games fighting vampires and women engage in role-playing games being seduced by them. Want to have dinner with Dracula instead of with the Disney princesses? Just make an appointment and pay the fee. All visitors are urged to dress in Victorian costume for the greatest effect.
Rooms at the castle-like resort will be lit by candles and oil lamps. Tapestries cover the stone walls, and dark elaborately carved furniture features velvet cushions in shades of burgundy and dark green. There are no mirrors...
Sound like a spooky good time? It is. Right up to the minute you realize your fantasy vacation is really a front for Romanian vampires to bring new “blood” into the country.

DravulaVille – New York, is book one in this paranormal romance.  Here’s the synopsis of this story:

Super Ad/Publicity Agent, Talia Quinton, is poised at the top of her career to receive a much coveted job representing the world’s largest advertiser. She’s shocked and humiliated when the account is given to a rival agent with much less experience. Instead, Talia is ordered to come up with a publicity plan to bring tourists to Romania. An account not worth a tenth of the one she’d hoped for.  
But she’s not called Talia the Tiger by the New York ad world for nothing. When she discovers a newly made and abandoned vampire named Drake, she takes on the job of healing and grooming him into the face of her new campaign.
Instead of touting the ancient country's rolling hills and historic castles, she turns the advertising world on its head by bringing Romania’s dark past to the center of the presentation. She proposes they build a fantasy themed amusement park/resort for adults called, DraculaVille, right in the heart of Transylvania. And Drake will pose as Dracula, their spokesperson. A vampire pretending to be an actor, pretending to be a vampire.
Talia’s disturbing attraction to Drake is only one obstacle in her path. She soon discovers New York fairly swarms with warring vampire communities and she and Drake have landed right in the middle of their biggest conflict. On top of that, the odd members of the Romanian National Publicity Committee begin making strange demands that keep Talia constantly on the edge of losing the account and her reputation as New York’s most formidable Account Executive.
As a last straw, Talia and Drake are kidnapped by a ruthless vampire gang and forced to fight for their lives as the clock ticks on completing the assignment necessary to retain the DraculaVille account. Their only hope of gaining freedom is to consent to an ancient vampire bonding ceremony. There's one problem. To complete the ceremony, Drake must kill Talia and turn her into a vampire. But despite her unavoidable attraction to the hunky vampire she saved, Talia's not ready to die.
I hope you’ll enjoy this novel and the rest of the series, which will be coming later in 2013. Available now in print and electronic versions at Amazon. Audio is available for Book one now and the other books soon. Enjoy!
Entertaining Women's Fiction
2012 winner of best paranormal romance

NEC's Bean Pot award

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