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Friday, August 6, 2010


What a week!

I finished my book, Where the Road to Hell Begins, Part One Pandora's Box! *cheers and dances* Nothing is more satisfying than that accomplishment. I think I glowed and grinned for two days. I have a slight problem though; it is a romance without a sex scene. The intimacy will come in book two. Book one is about them building a strong bond, becoming best friends and growing a love to withstand anything the denizens of hell can throw at them. But where do I send a book like this? And will any romance lovers read it without the sex?

Last Friday we had a sleep over birthday party for my almost 13 year old. He'll officially turn 13 this Sunday, August 8th. Those five boys were angels. Seriously! They didn't fuss or fight, but got along fantastically. They were loud and boisterous, but boys are always like that!

My husband is still busy painting the house, but he's almost finished—finally! All he has left is for us to figure out the color of the shutters and to paint them. But it's so hot, I prefer he wait until fall starts setting in and the weather is a tad cooler. As it is, when he climbs the ladder to paint, he's been having mini-black out spells. That does NOT make me feel comfortable! So far, he's not listening to me, which shouldn't surprise me because he never listens to me. Men!

My 82 year old grandmother was hospitalized last week. She's been released back home now, but she still sounds terrible. I worry about her because since Thanksgiving of last year she can't get over things the way she used to. =( She lives three hours away, so I can't just hop in the car and run across town and see her. So, she's been talking to me almost daily by phone. Realistically, I realize she's not going to live forever, but I'd like to have her another 10-20 years old. Although, she's content to meet God—she's a very religious woman, but not a pushy in your face Christian—I'm not ready to let her go. She told me yesterday during a conversation that she never expected to live to be 80, so each day she has past 80, she's happy and feels like God gave her more than she ever deserved.

I've been working on a legal brief that is due August 12th, so I've focused on nothing but that lately. I've not been cooking dinner, but been shoving hotdogs and sandwiches at my family. They're getting very grumpy over that because they're used to getting home cooked meals every night. I told them they were spoiled and was informed it was my fault. LOL Yesterday was the first day I've done any laundry and everyone was starting to complain that they didn't have clean clothes. And cleaning up the house….Ha! The only cleaning I've done is picking up after myself, which is more than my husband and boys are doing. I have to keep telling my boys to pick up their crap and their daddy's crap! I find it extremely rude that no one helps when I'm in a legal crunch! But…I really don't want anyone helping with the laundry. My husband has turned too many things pink or gray by throwing a red or dark in with the whites. The idea of him doing laundry stresses me out more than him not helping out.

So….that's been my week in a nutshell. If you've emailed me, I'm not ignoring you; I've just not checked my emails! As soon as my brief is complete, I'll start catching up on everything in the world. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


4 Moonbeams (comments):

Margay said...

Okay, I need a nap after just reading that! And I thought I had a busy week!

Molly Daniels said...

Translation: You came home from vacation rarin' to get to work!

Meaning: You should vacation more often, hahahahahaha:)

Seriously, congrats on finishing the book and yes, I'd read it! Try Carina Press or The Wild Rose (don't they have a Sweet Rose or something like that???)

Gracen Miller said...

Sorry, Margay, I didn't mean to make you tired. ;-)

Molly, you're the second person to recommend Carina Press. And I agree, I SHOULD vacation more often. LOL

Margay said...

I've been considering submitting to Carina Press, too. I like that they're associated with Harlequin and have a lot of big name authors contributing to them, like Carrie Lofty.