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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Please welcome Margie Church into the moonlight today! Margie is a sweet lady and a fellow Noble Romance Publishing author. She's multi-published and is known as the Churchlady. To learn who the three people are that she'd love to meet, hop on over to her website and get to know the Churchlady a little more personally. But, wait! Before you go, learn a little more about her here first….

GRACEN: August has few holidays and observances, but one stands out as interesting – Friendship Day. As the 1st is Friendship Day, what will you do (have you done) to celebrate the friendships in your life? Anyone special you’d like to recognize here and now?

MARGIE: Thank you for inviting me over, Gracen! Nice place you have!

My sister in-law, Elaine, is probably the most special woman in my life. I doubt I'd be considered one of those women who is really good at friendship skills but she loves me for all my warts (and I can be quite lumpy at times). She is always so supportive and easy to talk to. I love to just "be" with her. I can't say I get that opportunity often and when I do, I treasure it. Her birthday is August 27.

GRACEN: Speaking of friends, not all of our friends are human. Many of us have furry friends that enrich our lives in ways we don’t always notice. These friends don’t have to have fur, either, but scales or feathers. We’re talking about our pets, and writers tend to have pets. How many pets do you have, what kinds of pets are they and what are their names?

MARGIE: We have a beautiful English springer spaniel named Jewel. She's such a loving dog with the most no-fuss demeanor ever. We stopped hunting her two years ago since she's 11 now, but she loved pheasant hunting and being in the water.

GRACEN: Before the Dog Whisperer, there was Geena Davis in, The Accidental Tourist, teaching a dog owner how to use positive and negative reinforcement to train his dog. How would you classify your animal handling skills? Are you the whisperer, the challenged animal handler in need of help or are you somewhere in between?

MARGIE: I've taken quite a few classes and I think I'm pretty good at training dogs. I've trained them for hunting and living peacefully among us two-legged creatures. There's nothing nicer than a well-behaved pet.

GRACEN: They’re everywhere, on the Internet, in stores and in catalogues – costumes and pet clothing. How fanatical are you when it comes to clothing your pet? Do you dress your pet in clothing? How about kitty wigs (yes, these apparently do exist)? Any fun or interesting pet accessory or amenity you’d like to share with us?

MARGIE: I think dressing up a pet – except for Halloween - is nutty. I always think of how humiliated my kids were in outfits they hated but "mom" loved. I suspect pets aren't much different. I dressed my dog in hunting clothes – blaze orange – to keep her safe in the woods during hunting season, otherwise a good grooming makes her look most beautiful.

GRACEN: With all the different types of pet foods out there, it’s hard to know what’s really good for your pet or not. Purina has been around forever and continues to produce feed for all kinds of pets and livestock for roughly 100 years. Hill’s Science Diet came along a bit later and others have been popping up ever since. What brand do you use, and how did you come to that decision? (If you don’t have pets, what brand would you feed your pet and why?)

MARGIE: I have fed all my dogs Iams. The vet recommended it a really long time ago when we got our first dog and my dogs have all had beautiful coats and no weight problems. I buy chunks but after years of watching my dogs wolf down their food without chewing, I wonder what's the point of telling pet owners dry dog food helps keep a dog's teeth clean. It's a marketing scam. LOL I also limit dog treats.

GRACEN: What is the oddest pet you’ve ever had? Why did you choose that pet?

MARGIE: We raised zebra finches for awhile. I can't remember what the male's name was but the female was Mertyl. She was a terrible mother…her poor babies were kicked out of the nest constantly. They made the strangest noises and what a mess.

GRACEN: We’ve had our fun now, so let’s put the focus on your writing, Margie…While there are many genres to choose from, what specifically brought you to romance? Why this genre over the others?

MARGIE: I'm a romantic at heart. Maybe not hearts and flowers romantic, but my husband and I fell in love at first sight – we were 16. I do believe that the love of a good man or woman – whatever your choice is – can get you through darn near everything. In the day to day battles, sometimes that romance grows a little thin, but I always love it when it blazes back, strong and hot, and so I write books like that.

GRACEN: Even though the popularity of the romance genre continues to grow, it’s still not always a highly respected genre. In fact, the recent movie, Letters to Juliet, just received only 2 stars from reviewers even though it’s a heart warming and enjoyable tale about a young woman who finds a note addressed to Juliet and responds to it, 50 years later! It’s worth at least 4/5 stars. What, in your opinion, is the reason for the continued interest in the genre and for the lack of respect it receives?

MARGIE: Maybe it's not so much the genre as the fact that many people think it's easy to write a book and you can just pull it out of your head, no sweat. Maybe they think romances come from fluffy brains with nothing more serious to think about all day. Those who have the gift to write well and know how to craft a romance know nothing could be further from the truth.

Ultimately, I think people recognize that the world is full of pain and ugliness. Romantic movies, books, and music comfort us and give us hope that our world can be better with love. Give it, take it, share it daily.

GRACEN: A holiday mentioned above is Women’s Equality Day. While it took some tough ladies to endure some pretty crappy situations to get us here, there is still some work to go as women still struggle with equality in the work place. Do these struggles find their ways into your stories, or is equality something that just exists and is accepted? Give us some examples, please!

MARGIE: I hate to admit I have trouble writing my heroines. I really identify with men and sadly, I think it's because I grew up without sisters (five ghastly brothers! YIKES!), I haven't got a daughter – two sons, and I work in male dominated industries. I frequently write about commercial construction or engineering and so those things do weave their way into my stories. I gave Jui, my heroine, a sister in Love Bites/Dangerous Love to help soften her character – she's a marketing director for a commercial construction company. Jui is definitely a capable, intelligent woman and used to taking the reins otherwise she knows she'll be left in the dust professionally. This translates into her romantic relationships, too. She's confident in bed and not afraid to take the lead or say what she'd like and give as good as she gets. *wink*

GRACEN: For a writer, inspiration can be found everywhere and in almost anyone, but sometimes specific people, places and events can inspire certain characters, personality traits, events or situations that happen in our stories. In your current story that we’re promoting here today, Love Bites, did any one particular person, place or event inspire you? If so who/what was it (were they), how did it/they inspire you and how is this inspiration reflected in your story?

MARGIE: My erotic paranormal, Love Bites, begins in Heidelberg Germany. That's my mother's hometown. A picture of Heidelberg scrolled on my screen one day last year. I love the Heidelberg castle and stared at the photo, remembering a Sunday morning when I gazed at the rust-colored castle from across the Neckar River. I was in an amphitheater tower built by Hitler and it was noon and all the church bells were ringing in Heidelberg. I wondered about all the secrets the castle held and the scenes it witnessed on Saturday nights only to be forgotten on Sunday morning. Suddenly I was writing Love Bites.

GRACEN: Oh, wow! That photo is inspirational! Thanks for sharing it with us, Margie. Without giving away anything pertinent to the story, tell us about the hero and heroine (s) of your story. What do they look like? How do they meet (or “did” if this is not the first book with these same characters)? What are their personalities – Are they comical cut-ups, are they serious or are they a mix of the two? Please give us a little bit of dialogue from the story that can illustrate this. (Not much, but just a few lines and from a different section than the main excerpt – Thanks!)

MARGIE: Wade Kairos is a vampire and he never intends for Jui to figure that out. He's got shoulder-length caramel-colored hair that he ties at his nape with a piece of leather. He's broad shouldered and lean. I wouldn't characterize him as athletic because he's a vamp and they have no need (at least in my books) to worry about their weight/build. His face is angular, his eyes hazel. He has a soft German accent. He's a gifted mathematician, physicist, and engineer. He speaks several languages and has homes around the world. Love Bites hop-scotches around the world.

Jui (Zjoo-ie) Fabrice is in her late twenties and the marketing director at Saint Claire Symphonic. Her father owns the company, which builds sound studios and performance halls. She's got black, long hair and jade green eyes. She's curvaceous and confident about herself. Intelligence and tenacity are her trademarks. She lives in Seattle and has a sister named Sylvie.

This is the scene where they first meet. Shorten it if you need to.

"I'm Wade Kairos."

He chuckled when Jui almost dropped her fork. Damn it, what an arrogant bastard!

Wade extended his hand in greeting; a large silver ring with an onyx face graced his index finger.

Jui took her time wiping her mouth with a white linen napkin. "Are you always so forward?" My god he's tall, and those shoulders . . . .

He answered in English with a soft German accent. "Only with beautiful women."

Jui shook his hand. The electricity flowing between them startled her. "Jui Fabrice," she said in an all-business tone.

"Such an unusual name for an American," Wade said without letting her hand go. "Jui—that's Sanskrit for 'flower', is it not?"

Jui wasn't fazed by his seductive pronunciation of her name–Zjoo-ee. "If you already knew, why ask?"

"American women are so bold. I find them enticing." He gave her another one of his captivating smiles.

"I'm not on the menu," Jui said in a crisp tone and slid her hand from his.

"I would never be so gauche. A gentleman waits for the offer." The statement hung in the air between them, laden with innuendo. "Are you here on holiday?"

"I don't think my plans are any of your business, Mr. Kairos." Jui ogled his female guests. "And anyway, from the looks of things, you're spoken for."

"Touché. How rude of me to ask you for dinner when—when I am otherwise detained."
His voice teased her ears like black velvet. The rich tones tangled around her body in a silken sheath, almost making her sigh with the way his voice naturally relaxed her. "Your reputation precedes you, Mr.—"

"Please call me Wade."

"—Kairos. And I haven't got time for a fling."

Wade chuckled while his female companions seemed oblivious to his flirting. "A fling? My dear, a night in your arms could never be described as a mere fling." He spoke in German to the two women clinging to him. "Would you please excuse us for a moment?"

"I understood that," Jui said in perfect German.

A humorous glint filled Wade's hazel eyes. "Sprecht Du Deutsch?"

"Enough," Jui said in German and then switched to English, "but I prefer my native tongue when I need to be clear."

"I'd love to introduce your tongue—to mine."

GRACEN: The main characters are usually great, but sometimes, secondary and tertiary characters are known to steal the scenes, even if the author did not intend this to happen. Who are the secondary/tertiary characters in your story and what do they look like? What’s unique about them? What is their relationship to the hero/heroine? Have any of these characters gone on to become scene-stealers? If so, who and how did they do it? Is there the possibility for them to get their own story? (Again, please give us a small bit of dialogue to illustrate this – thanks!)

MARGIE: One of the vampires, Ladislav Husek, is Czechoslovakian and makes an appearance in the last third of Love Bites. He has jet-black hair which he ties back on the crown of his head. His eyes are grayish and he has a bit of that porn stash going on. I think he's got rather hawkish features and isn't very handsome. He's a powerful, ancient vampire, and initially he seems quite benign in the story but the reader soon finds out he's all business and after Wade with a vengeance. I'm writing the sequel and Ladislav has a commanding role. I've really developed this character into something humans should hate and fear.

Love Bites Blurb

An accidental encounter turns into high stakes love when Jui Fabrice meets Wade Kairos in Germany. She has no idea he’s a vampire and Wade has every intention of keeping his secret.
A vineyard cottage is the perfect place for Jui and Wade to make love until he discovers her unique link to his living years. He vows to stay away from her forever, but he can’t let her go completely. Wade’s repressed human feelings continue rising. He invades Jui’s dreams and communicates telepathically with her at will. Evil jealousy consumes him when Jui becomes involved with Rob Hawthorne and she rebukes Wade for his controlling behaviors. Then Wade’s lifelong companion dies in a vamp war and his desolation is too much to handle alone. He turns to the only person who cares about him—Jui— and during one hot night, he becomes the man she wants.

The Ancient One, Ladislav Husek, learns of Wade’s risky human behavior and gives Wade a taste of how viciously he’ll die if he doesn’t bury his tracks with Jui. Husek promises to turn Jui into his personal playmate and Wade has to choose. Can love prevail over evil in a relationship that never was supposed to happen?

EXCERPT: Love Bites by Margie Church

Wade approached Jui from behind and grasped her elbow. "May I have a word before you leave?"

Jui's temperature rose and she hoped she wasn't blushing like a schoolgirl. Just his casual touch sent her pulse racing. "Certainly. Please excuse me," she said to Rob and the rest of his group.

Wade led her to the terrace. The breeze caught her perfume and he savored the scent. His mouth watered with the desire to taste her. He tamped down his dark desires, determined to keep his promise not to feed on her or make love to her. Once he discovered her unique connection to his living years with Claire, Jui was off limits to his teeth and his bed.

"Mr. Kairos?"

His nostrils flared at the coldness of her tone. "I think we're a little past that formality, don't you?" He searched her mind and heard her laughing at him.

"Maybe. I'm surprised to see you here."

"But not displeased. Did you think I'd disappeared from your life?"

"Frankly, yes, but I think it's weird we keep running into each other."

Pleasurable memories of her life-sustaining blood flowing down his throat flickered in Wade's mind. "Literally and figuratively, I might add. The field worker's timing couldn't have been worse."

"This is what you wanted to discuss? Missed opportunities?" She turned to leave and Wade stopped her. Jui glanced down at their enjoined hands; she raised her eyes to his.

"You're angry with me," he said in a soft voice. "I share your frustration."

"Don't flatter yourself. I'm an adventurous American in a romantic and foreign land. You're a handsome stranger who keeps popping up. I'll get over you."

Anger rumbled in his throat and he swallowed the emotion. "And if I don't get over you?"

"Please. We hardly know each other—first and last names, more or less. I'll be going home in a few days and our little sexual fantasy will be over. Don't lose any sleep over me."

Wade crooked his eyebrow. "Because that other man, the sales director, Robert Hawthorne, shares your bed?"

Jui swung her hand and he grasped the feminine weapon before she could slap him. He pressed her fingers against his lips and left behind the barest suggestion of his tongue.

Jui glanced toward the terrace door. "My relationship with Mr. Hawthorne is none of your damn business, now or ever. You're an investor on this project—"

"No, I'm an engineering consultant. I'm quite well-known for my mathematical prowess."

Jui jerked her hand free. "Mathematical prowess, my ass. I'm beginning to think the vineyard worker's arrival was providence. Keep your distance."

"Until this evening," he said to her retreating form.

Thanks so much for joining us, Marige! It's always a pleasure to have fellow Noble authors in the Moonlight...kind of like inviting family into our neck of the woods! =) Now...start clicking on the links below to learn more about Margie and her books!

Find Margie:;;
Love Bites and my erotic novella, Wet were published by Noble Romance Publishing. Dangerous Love is contracted by Noble as the second book in the Love Bites series.
Awakening Allaire and Avenging Allaire are both erotic suspense books. They are available at 1RomanceEbooks

Reviews: This page on my site has a link to Half Past Midnight and some reader comments about Love Bites:

8 Moonbeams (comments):

Margie Church said...

Gracen! I'm sorry I'm tardy to my own party. Real life just got in the way! Thank you and all the wonderful ladies here for having me and for giving me a platform to share a little about myself and Love Bites.

katsrus said...

Hi Margie. Really enjoyed your post. That castle is beautiful.
Sue B

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice! :)

Margie Church said...

Thank you Sue and Andrew! The casle is very romantic. There's a really sexy scene at the start of the book involving the castle fireworks, which is a summer event. I've seen them several times, just never got to be Jui! LOL

Kathrin said...

LOL Margie, so next time take hubby with you to Heidelberg and get him to play the Wade to your Jui :-)

Gracen Miller said...

Hey, Margie! ~waves~ Really great to have you join us in the Moonlight. And no worries on running late. As a mother of two very active boys I'm constantly taxing someone between functions. I know how busy life is.


Margie Church said...

Kathrin! You're on and then I'll swing thru Dresden to say hello to you!

Gracen...I appreciate the platform and I'll continue to yammer about it. You guys have a great blog!


Womens Health in North Carolina said...

Gracen! I'm sorry I'm tardy to my own party. Real life just got in the way! Thank you and all the wonderful ladies here for having me and for giving me a platform to share a little about myself and Love Bites.