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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Twilight Thursday


MLM: Congratulations on your recent success.

K.T.: Thank you very much. It's been a pleasant surprise. While I am grateful for any success, there are still more obstacles to climb. Catching a Cuban Curveball has been on the best-seller list at Red Rose Publishing for three months.

MLM: Tell us about Catching a Cuban Curveball.

K.T.: This book, the sequel to Curing a Cajun Cold, surprisingly opens up Arnaz Booker's life. Booker assumed he knew a lot of stuff about his childhood. Turns out, his father was alive and living in Los Angeles. To quote the late Tupac Shakur, Booker was ready to “live and die in L.A.”-- confronting his father.

MLM: Some authors have trouble writing a series. How do you make it so easy?

K.T.: I've always been fascinated by the two to three book sets. Everything I've written, with the exception of two, are pretty much connected. Series, in my eyes, bring closure to characters.

MLM: What makes a great book in your eyes?

K.T.: An intriguing storyline, hero and heroine with differences who usually come together at the end. I love bringing people together for a happy ending.

MLM: You have a unique assortment of books at Red Rose Publishing that mostly revolve around Interracial/Multicultural theme.

K.T.: The IR/MC storyline is a topic I am very comfortable with. I can't explain why. Whenever I start to write, words just come out. I am fortunate that the subject matter ranks up there with paranormal is so popular.

MLM: Is there a topic you'll always avoid?

K.T.: Anything to do with women getting abused by men and babies treated badly. I've always hated those Lifetime TV movies of men slapping women around like Mike Tyson did opponents in the 1990's. I'm always a sucker for the guy meets girl, they date, get engaged, married and have kids.

MLM: With E-books slowly weaving their way into the public consciousness, are Print books becoming irrevelant?

K.T.: Not yet, but in five years, Ebooks will have taken over. That being said, I love print books (Can't wait for my first one). I can sit in Booksamillion, Barnes and Noble and read for hours.

M.L.M.: Some authors set measuring sticks for themselves. What are your goals?

K.T.: I am sure some writers reach for the skies, setting goals to be on the New York Times' best-selling list or sale a huge number of copies. I'm more of a realist. Building a strong, loyal audience, sell several books, landing critical acclaim and someday have a book signing in my hometown. In this business, you must take baby steps.

M.L.M.: What's the next step for you?

K.T.: Writing something that isn't me. I have a Love Holiday trilogy under consideration. I wanted to try something different-- writing stories about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. There are countless books on Christmas and Valentine's Day , but not many Turkey Day and January first ones.

M.L.M.: Thanks for visiting us.

K.T.: No problem, glad to stop by.

M.L.M.: Could you leave us an excerpt?

K.T.: Glad to. Enjoy....


His entire body trembled with shock after discovering he had a father he‟d never known. His mother, the one person he thought he could always count on, had stabbed him in his back. Clara was currently unavailable to confront, she was working a double shift at Tuscaloosa Medical Center.

The oak desk felt his wrath instead. He slapped the row of books from the top, along with the letter, dated January 24, 1969.

Arnaz, whose heart was still racing to the tune of a motorboat, read another letter, this one dated June 18, 1990. He had been at Fisk University attending a pre-med camp at the time.

Valden was attempting a career as a solo artist, having left his band, the Tropics after twenty years. He was currently living in Los Angeles.

He rolled up his fist and punched the two pillows. “That damn woman has been talking to this man the whole time.”

The damaged soul scribbled the number of his long-lost father onto a tiny notepad and slid the letters under his bed. He was going to go and find this man. Arnaz unwittingly involved his advisor, Jax Jackson, in his bizarre plan the next afternoon, as they ate hamburger platters on the patio, underneath the bright sunshine. “Could you get me an internship in LA?”

“Why are you interested in Los Angeles?”

He rolled his eyes and came up with a lie. “U-h, it would be great to leave the south for a spell.”

Jackson seemed to believe this, and ended the questioning of his prized student. He called the LA Lounge Magazine, which happened to have an internship available.



10 Moonbeams (comments):

K.T. Bishop said...

Thank you for having me, Gracen...

Molly Daniels said...

Good to 'see' you again K.T.:) Awesome interview! And you're right; there ARE other holidays besides Christmas:)

K.T. Bishop said...

Thank you, Molly. I am always willing to try different things.

Nancy Lennea said...

Sounds like you have a great series going. Good luck with this latest endeavor!

K.T. Bishop said...

I have a thing for series....

Sandy said...

Hi K.T.,

Sorry to be so late. I loved your answers to the questions.

I can remember when you wanted your success to happen right now. We all start out that way and the ones who keep writing know it doesn't work like that.

I wish you great success my friend.

K.T. Bishop said...

Yes, in this business, you have to be patient and keep plugging along until the ''moment" arrives.

Gracen Miller said...

Hey, K.T. Thanks for joining us at MLM! It's always a joy to have you with us. Congrats on your success and all the best for future success.


LuAnn McLane said...

Nice interview! Yes a series is so much fun for your readers... they can follow the characters and not have to say goodbye at the end of each book. Keep them comng :-)

K.T. Bishop said...

Thank you, Luanne. I am glad to see someone else write about sports!