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Friday, September 24, 2010


For over a thousand years, LORD AIDAN HARTLAND OF WESTLAKE and his lover have in turn been eating each other’s hearts in order to regenerate. Now he’s back with his new identity- and the perpetual mission of protecting his woman and mankind from the demon Zendor that has no mate and eats human hearts at random to survive.

FBI agent ROBYN WAINRIGHT, assigned to investigate the strange deaths, is still unaware of her past, and determined to nail Westlake, with his mad tales of demons, paranormal powers and his eternal love for her. But the erotic visions she keeps having are driving her insane…


My biggest beef is that this story isn't long enough. I wanted more time with the characters because they're both likeable and I would have loved to have gotten into the head of the demon Zendor. But, hey, I'm weird that way because I end up loving the evil characters as much as I do the hero and heroine. The first scene where Lord Aidan Westlake arrives with his Great Danes is a very strong visual. I got this mental image of Aidan standing on a hill, above everyone else, with his Great Danes (beasts) straining against their tethers and Lord Aidan restraining them with ease. I can't remember if the sun pierced through the clouds to shine on just him in that moment, but if it didn't, it should have! :-) I loved Aidan's arrogance—who doesn't love reading arrogant men?—and Robyn's snarky attitude was just as much fun. She was definitely a tough as nails sort of woman. I won't give away the shocking details of the moment I sat straight up and said "WTF". For several pages Nancy left me worried how I could give a favorable review after the way she traumatized me with what she did to her characters. lol Nancy cleared that dilemma up by the time she wrote "the end".

Nostos The Homecoming
is a creative story, built with a great imagination. Action punched through scenes in short lively bursts and Nancy Barone Wythe sure knows how to wallop you with great descriptions. For example:

"He had the timeless gaze of an immortal to whom the world had entrusted all its
Wow! Immediately I knew Aidan had the look of an 'old soul' in his eyes. Another great line is when Aidan said this to Robyn…
"'You are like daybreak in my darkness…you leave me stunned and bewildered…'"
Dear God, I want someone to profess that type of emotion for me! :D

To get your own copy of Nostos The Homecoming by Nancy Barone Wythe, click here.

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