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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Samantha James Q&A!!!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I am so happy to bring to you our Open Forum Q&A
with historical romance author
Samantha James
Samantha James!

If you haven't visited her website yet, please do, because not only is it fun, but you can learn how books influenced her throughout her life. Very cool stuff!
For a bit, I was at a loss as to what to write.  Sure, I could write a little blurb about her books, which she does have some new ones out, by the way - 

Bride of a Wicked Scotsman    The Seduction of an Unknown Lady    The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell

but I somehow felt that it wasn't quite enough, so I kept searching and searching and I managed to find something very interesting.
Do you ever wonder where Samantha comes up with all those titles? Well, this following document might give you a clue:

My Cherished Enemy,

My Rebellious Heart, no, my Outlaw Heart, won’t let me be Gabriel’s Bride. Even though My Lord Conqueror wants Just One Kiss, the town would classify me as “Scandal’s Bride” to be Married at Midnight.

I write this with Every Wish Fulfilled and A Promise Given on One Moonlit Night. His Wicked Ways and His Wicked Promise have revealed The Truest Heart to A Perfect Bride from A Perfect Groom. He is my Perfect Hero.

No longer will I be The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell whose Seduction of an Unknown Lady caused me to become the Bride of a Wicked Scotsman!

Rest assured, I will not hold The Sins of Viscount Sutherland against him.

Your Victorian Lady

Okay, at this time, I would like to open up the floor to our readers.  What questions do you have for Samantha? 
Those who are daring enough to ask a question and/or leave a comment will be entered into a drawing to win a set of her Perfect Series!

A Perfect Bride    A Perfect Hero    A Perfect Groom

14 Moonbeams (comments):

Gracen Miller said...

This is one of those times I don't like being a Moonlighter because I want that Perfect Series! :-( *breaks out the B&N gift card*

Samantha, I just read your excerpt to Bride of a Wicked Scotsman and was impressed, left wanting more. I guess I'll be breaking out the B&N gift card sooner than expected.

So, is there one of your books that is your favorite? Maybe one that you enjoyed writing more than the others, or even connected more with the characters than in other books?

Do you have a writing schedule?

What part of writing do you enjoy the most?

And do you plot your books out before writing them or are you a pantser?

Thanks for being with us today, Samantha! It was a pleasure and a joy to plunder around on your website. And I always love finding new authors I haven't read before.

Best of luck!

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Samantha,
Thanks for answering questions today. I'm a big fan.
What has been the hardest part of getting published for you and also what do you require most from a publisher, besides royalties of course?

Molly Daniels said...

Hi Samantha:)

How long does it take you to write one of your books? Do you do the research as you go, or do you reseach first and then come up with the storyline?

Tierney O'Malley said...

Hi Samantha,

I am a big fan of historicals although I write contemporary romance. (I'll leave the historicals to the experts.) Like Gaelen Foley's books, yours already graced my kitchen counter, sofas, computer table, bedside table, my purse. :D I adore your books!
To some being a published author sounds glamorous. But I am sure others would say, "I have yet to find that out." What would you say to those of us authors who are still trying to get noticed?


Sheila Deeth said...

Hi Samantha,

I just went over to your website and enjoyed the excerpts there. I like your sidebar with all the "bestselling..." Some writers' groups suggest aspiring writers should write down all the accolades we want to hear, as if that will somehow inspire confidence and success. I just wondered if you ever did that, or if success crept up on you.

Samantha James said...

Sorry I'm late jumping in - Google doesn't want to take my post.

Gracen - I knew someone would ask if I had favorite book. I love all of them, truly. I love that moment at the end when I write the HEA my characters so deserve. That said, I admit I do have a wee bit of an extra special soft spot for a couple of my heroes: Guy from My Cherished Enemy, Gabriel from Gabriel's Bride, Justin from A Perfect Groom, Simon from The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, and the hero I'm writing now - Gray, from The Sins of Viscount Sutherland.

I don't have a set writing schedule. I'm not a morning person so I tend to burn the midnight oil. I start in the afternoon and write well into the night. No distractions that way!

I adore writing sizzling repartee between my h/h! I do write an outline before I start a book, but it mainly touches on those defining moments of the story.

Samantha James said...

Rebecca, I think the hardest part of getting published is persevering. We all dream of getting that call from a publisher saying they love your book and want to give you a million dollar contract. Not every editor will love your book the way you do. That's a fact of life, and it can take a bit of a thick skin to hang in there sometimes. a lot of work to hang in there

Samantha James said...

Good questions, Molly! It usually takes me about six to nine months to write a book (I'm a slow writer). My books are generally character-driven, so I usually have my storyline in mind before I start my research. It's an ongoing thing, though. I always have a pile full of research material at my fingertips in case I need it.

Samantha James said...

Ah, sweet success! If only it happened overnight. It *didn't* happen overnight for me. It wasn't until my sixteenth book that I landed on the NYT (yay--13 was my lucky number!). I think it takes patience and again, perseverance. Stay in the saddle, find your niche, your voice. I try not to dwell on reviews. There are days I need to look back at those accolades. I'm still climbing, still reaching, and I'm not too proud to admit there are times I need the strokes.

Carrie said...

Thanks for some great questions so far!

Samantha - thanks for some great answers, hopefully there will be more to come!

Hey Readers - please keep those questions coming so that you can get your name entered into the drawing for a set of her books!

Anonymous said...

I love your books and I was just wondering if Simon's diary entries and the F.J. Sparrow passages, were simultaneously written with the chapters or done before or after the rest of the story was written?

Samantha James said...

I didn't do the journal and book quotes at the same time. I don't think I could do two books simultaneously! With Simon, I had the entries written pretty much from the time I started the story. Honestly, that book just flowed. It did help to keep me on trackm though, while I geared the chapters to the entries. With the F.J. Sparrow quotes, I did it the opposite--as I finished each chapter, I went back and wrote the excerpt. It really wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened to flow better that way for each book.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very happy to see you blogging !!
You're one of my favorite historicals writers. I love your voice. I've read all your books I think. The Perfect trilogy is fantastic (especially the Perfect Groom...yummy).
I can't wait for your next release,

Molly Daniels said...

I'm agreeing with Emmanuelle. I like the blurb to Perfect Groom...they all sound soooo good, and I promise to read them in order!! Even if I don't win...