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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wistful Wednesday

Hi all,

Since Margay seems busy with her books today, I thought I would take this opportunity to promote her Jane Austen Society Pages entry for her:


It is the observation of This Lady that a woman in want of a good reputation should not risk being found in a compromising position with a man who is not her husband. Take a certain Mrs. M, for instance. Not three hours following the renewal of her vows to Mr. M, she was seen renewing something else with a mystery man at least twelve years her junior. Tsk, tsk, Mrs. M. Are you so desperate to have a child that you’re raiding the nursery for your pleasure? One must wonder what Mr. M thinks of this behavior. Could he be regretting his decision to renew his vows? One can be certain that when the answer is found, This Lady will report it here forthwith. ~ The Jane Austen Society Pages

If there was one thing of which Athena Willoughby was certain, it was this: Left to their own devices, the dregs of society would ultimately discover a way to mess up their lives. And people like her would be there to obligingly record it. For what were the dregs but attention seekers and social wannabes who expected their antics to be reported in vivid detail for all to see? Why else would they frequent the popular clubs and restaurants, or cozy up to the truly status worthy, belittling themselves to perform whatever tasks were asked of them?
Why, indeed?
Athena gave her head a little shake and continued to input her observations into her Blackberry. Ah, technology, she thought. How wonderful to be able to sit here in a semi-dark club, log a story into a cell phone and upload it instantly onto the Internet. What did they do before they invented the Blackberry? She shuddered to think of the possibility.
“That’s it, Mrs. M,” she murmured as she typed. “Shake it for all it’s worth.” She glanced up at her mark to ascertain that she was, indeed, still cutting loose on the dance floor with her young companion. Oh, yeah, she thought with a giggle. She was. “How about a picture to go along with that story?” Angling the phone to achieve the best shot, she clicked the button, murmuring as if in answer of her own question, “’Why, of course, Lady Gossip. Don’t mind if I do. Anything for you. Just make sure you get my good side.’ Of course, Mrs. M. Nothing but.” She clicked a few more pictures “Or should I say butt? Nice assets for one your age, Mrs. M. Kudos to your trainer. Oh! That is your trainer.”
Could this night get any better? Her trainer! How perfectly pedestrian. Married to one of the most powerful men in Baystate politics and she was out cavorting with her much younger fitness instructor! Oh, this was delicious. So that marriage renewal was not the blissful event it was touted as. So what was it? A publicity stunt? Well, Mr. M was suffering in the polls lately Perhaps he needed a little pick-me-up to spruce up his image. And it would have worked, too, if it hadn’t been for Mrs. M answering the call of her baser nature.
Athena chuckled in delight as she accessed her online column to update the story. “Oh, Mrs. M,” she said, “you little cougar.”
But her mirth was cut short when she glanced up from her Blackberry and found herself staring into the disapproving face of the dean from her college, Gabriel Sommersby. What was he doing here? Athena wondered as she swallowed against the panic that dried out her throat. Oh, god, did he recognize her beneath her short black wig and bold makeup? Oh, this was not good. Not good at all.

Like it? Vote for The Jane Austen Society Pages here!

4 Moonbeams (comments):

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Margay! You sly devil:) GREAT excerpt!


Gracen Miller said...

I sooooo love this story!!! Best of luck Margay!


Carrie said...

I hope you get lots of votes Margay! You deserve it!

Margay Leah Justice said...

Hi, everyone! Thanks for the wonderful comments. Sorry I've been incognito, I am working hard on a book that has been requested by Samhain!