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Friday, December 3, 2010


Wish me congratulations—or maybe it should be commiseration—as I am officially the proud owner of a six month old blue Great Dane, named Ella. (Ella…such a sweet name for such a horse-breed dog!) I sure hope she and my Daschund learn to love one another. Can you think of a more mismatched pair than a Daschund and Great Dane? Ha! I can't. I'll post pictures of her next week, as she doesn't officially join my family until Sunday.



Where does the road to Hell begin?
With good intentions?
Or by demonic design?
In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind's liberty has begun...
“You’re morally damned, Madison Grace Wescott!” Bruce Wescott screamed the outraged whisper into his daughter’s face. “It shames me to recognize you as my daughter.”

Madison shrunk further into the corner of the church bench, wishing she could shrink out of sight. Maybe if she were out of Daddy’s sight, she’d be out of his mind too, she thought as she blinked back the stinging tears. A hurried peek around the church sanctuary confirmed no one else witnessed her setback.

Unsure what she’d done to receive his censure this time, she offered a weak, “Yes, sir, I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Not that an apology ever appeased him.
To finish reading Madison's Life Lesson One (the prequel to my soon to be released book Pandora's Box), click (Life Lesson Two will be posted in the next couple of days):


Check out a new addition to Moonlight, Lace & Mayhem, "Dear Miss Havana", a new kind of advice column. She's rude, she's crude, and her advice is often screwed!

The latest question posed to Dear Miss Havana:
"My neighbor squeals like a pig while having sex. I can hear this unsightly noise through the wall. How do I broach the subject with her? Sincerely, Itchy in Indiana."
Come check out Miss Havana's not-so-eloquent advice:


Oh, no! Or maybe...Oh, yes!...if you're a naughty boy or girl. ;-) Santa's naughty/nice list has been stolen! Come check out who took it and what you can win for leaving a comment:

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