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Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Moonlighters Welcome Jess Anastasi

Please welcome Jess Anastasi into the Moonlight. Jess is the author of Sanctuary, which was recently released by Noble Romance Publishing. Jess also has another book, Dead Reality, coming out on the 10th of January 2011.

Now, it's time to create a little mayhem and get to the good stuff by revealing all of Jess's deepest darkest secrets in the moonlight. LOL Yeah, you wish! ;-D Grab your favorite wicked drink, sink your teeth into something decadent, sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know Jess Anastasi.

MLM: The holidays are fast approaching and things always seem to get busier during this time of year. Do you have a relaxing technique that helps you de-stress? If so, please share, because this is advice we all need!

JESS: My relaxing technique is to do my Christmas shopping in June, so I don't have to go anywhere near the shops at this time of year – people out there are crazy! This plan usually serves me well, except this year, the depart
ment store where I'd put all my Christmas pressies on layby had lost half of it when I went to pick it up last week. What have I been paying for in the last 6 months? That's what I want to know! Anyway, so this year it didn't work out so well because I had to go re-shopping for the items that were misplaced.

MLM: Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most of us still have traditions we participate in, such as attending holiday parties, decorating your house, baking cookies, etc. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

JESS: We always put the Christmas tree up on the 1st of December. But other than that, my family doesn't have any traditions as such. I suppose it's more about all being together, since our lives are so busy these days. That’s probably what I love most about the holidays. It's like a 'time out' from real life. There's nothing to worry about except spending time with the family, exchanging gifts and enjoying good food.

MLM: In the south, holidays are centered around food, with huge meals and lots of baked sweets. Do you have a favorite holiday recipe you'd like to share with us? If not, how about an all-year-round favorite recipe?

JESS: We tend to cook up a roast pork (mmm, crackle…) with veggies - nothing very exciting. But, we do make up a big bowl of fruit punch that only gets made at Christmas. Except, it's my mum's recipe and I'm not a hundred per cent sure what goes in it, LOL!
My favorite all-year-round recipe is chicken, spinach and fetta pie. It's simple and very tasty. And, I'm sorry, but I only have Australian measurements:
500gm chicken (I usually use breast, but you could use thigh or something else if you want)
200gm Greek fetta (make sure its Greek fetta, other types tend to be too salty)
1-2 bunches of spinach.

Chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces and pan fry until cooked and starting to brown.
Wash spinach and throw into pan with chicken (I know this sounds odd, but it really is the best way to cook it. If you boil the spinach first, it tends to make for watery pie.)
Cook on low heat until spinach has wilted.
Turn heat off and crumble fetta into chicken and spinach mixture. Mix only a little until fetta is combined. If you mix it too much, the fetta will melt. It's ok if this happens, but I like to keep my fetta a bit chunky. You don't have to use all of the fetta, it's a matter of taste. Also, it can be nice to use half fetta, half ricotta, to give it a slightly different taste.
Line a pie dish with pastry. I use puff pastry, ready to use from the supermarket. But feel free to make your own if you're that good in the kitchen, I can only assume it would make it that much nicer.

Cook in a medium-heat oven until the pastry has turned golden brown and then serve with salad or veggies!

MLM: Have you ever made your own holiday presents and/or decorations? If so, what were they? Were they successes or failures? Did you have fun while making them?

JESS: One year I had a go at making hampers. I bought some soda glasses, colorful soda spoons a few lollies and other treats – turned out it wasn't as much fun putting them together as I'd thought and no one seemed very excited over them, so I never bothered doing them again!

MLM: If "Santa Claus" could bring you any gift you wanted, what would be your ultimate gift? (Please refrain from saying "money" because who doesn't want more of that!)

JESS: Can I say an agent? My one biggest aspiration is to get an agent. I'm hoping 2011 will be the year. If I had to pick something for myself, then I'd probably pass the choice onto my kids – and I'm sure they'd say something along the lines of 'a Barbie!' So, Santa, Barbie dolls all 'round!

MLM: Odd question, but my 9 year old thinks Rudolph and the reindeers "guiding Santa's sleigh" have GPS navigation. So, if you could give Santa and his sleigh any one modern technology, what would it be and why?

JESS: Shock absorbers? I imagine the take off and landing must be a bit rough.

MLM: Now, let’s get to your writing, Jess… what genre do you write and what is the draw for you?

JESS: I've dabbled in just about all sub-genres of romance. At the moment, I'm working on a series of sci-fi romances for Noble. Sanctuary is the first, and hopefully the second, Severance, will be coming out early in the New Year. I've also got a stand-alone romantic suspense coming out on the 10th of January. My WIP is another stand-alone rom sus, and then I'll start writing the third book in the Sanctuary series. I have a different sci-fi romance I'm trying to lure an agent with at the moment.

I think what I love about writing sci-fi is the ultimate possibilities – the future can be anything you want it to be! I feel like there aren't as many restrictions on writing sci-fi. As long as I've got a plausible way of explaining it, I can make just about anything happen.

MLM: If you could describe your writing with a word or phrase, what would it be? Please delve into the core of your writing to tell us what word or phrase you want readers to take with them when they've finished reading your story.

JESS: I find it hard to analyze my own writing! I suppose when it comes down to it, I want to tell a good story that will impact on people (doesn't every author?). The idea behind Sanctuary is a bit different, it's about a war between angels and demons, but its set 500 years in the future and everyone's flying around in spaceships. Sounds a bit silly when you look at it like that. So I'd love people to read the Sanctuary series and just think 'wow' because it is a little different, and for them to see that somehow, the idea does work.

MLM: With the current movement to encourage people to give books as gifts, what, in your opinion, makes your story unique? What makes it stand out among all of the other books out there?

JESS: Like I was just saying, I don't know that there are any other series out there at the moment that has angels and demons in a sci-fi setting, so it does make it a little bit unique in that sense. Otherwise, I really want people to get on board with the sci-fi romance movement. Paranormal romances have been big for a few years now, and I think the market is ready to move more into the sci-fi side of things. I've loved sci-fi romances (like those by Linnea Sinclair) for many years now, but we need some more great authors out there to give the genre some more oomph! There really is something great about sci-fi romance that other romances don't have.

MLM: Do you prefer throwing snowballs or serving hot cocoa? Does that show through in your writing? If so, how?

JESS: I prefer serving cocoa, but I actually think my writing loves throwing snowballs! My characters tend to go and do things on me I don’t see coming. When I was writing Severance, something was revealed about the heroine, Nakita, that I NEVER saw coming until it happened. I should have realized, because it made too much sense.

And yes, I do talk about my characters as if they're real, independent people. I'm serious when I tell you I have no control over them!

MLM: If you could give any of your characters a holiday gift, which character would it be and what would you give them? Why do they deserve this gift?

JESS: My favorite character at the moment is Rian, he's the captain of a ship called the Imojenna in the sci-fi series I'm trying to get an agent for. If I could give him something, it'd be to be able to see that he needs Elle, and it won't make him weak to admit that. However, Rian is nothing if not stubborn and very emotionally scarred. He's going to have to go through a lot of crap and face some hard truths before he gets his HEA. He does deserve it, though, probably more than any other character I've written.

MLM: Who decides what your characters do, you or your muse? What kind of influence do you have over your story, or is the muse always the one stuffing the stocking?

JESS: I have NOOOO influence over my story. I suppose you could say my muse is the one holding the reins, but I actually tend to think my characters are in control – all I'm doing is telling a story that's already happened. Or, is happening as I'm telling it. I know it sounds totally nuts, but that's the way I operate.

MLM: What character did you have the most fun creating and why?

JESS: The character I've probably had the most fun with is Bryce in Dead Reality. He could be such a smart-ass when he wanted, but when it came time to man up and do what needed to be done, he didn't hesitate.

MLM: If you had the opportunity to meet just one of your characters in real life, who would it be and why?

JESS: Wow, tough one! Probably Archangel Michael from my Sanctuary series. I'd like to meet him to find out what all the fuss is about! I'm getting feedback from readers who are just head-over-heels about him, wanting to know when he's going to get a book. He just keeps taking over every scene he's in! The funny thing is I didn't plan to write his story, because he's kind of apart from everyone else. I'm not promising anything, but if Michael comes across someone and I suddenly realize she's the one, I'll definitely go ahead with it. But I'm not going to force someone on the poor guy!

MLM: Which of your characters would you never want to meet under any circumstance and why?

JESS: The creepy serial killer in Dead Reality. I don't think anyone would want to meet that guy!

MLM: If you were interviewing yourself, what is the one question you would ask yourself and please give us the answer to that question?

JESS: What are my plans for the future?

World domination! No, not really. I'm going to spend the next 12 to 18 months working my butt off to establish myself with Noble and I'm hoping to have a whole bunch of books available by this time next year. I'm absolutely determined that at some point I will get an agent and a publishing contract with a bigger house, like HarperCollins of Ballantine. So really, I just want to say keep an eye on my webpage and blog, because things will be happening all the time.

MLM: Thanks so much for joining us, Jess! It's been a treat getting to know you better!

Website: or
Buy Link:
Twitter: @JessAnastasi


For four hundred years, angels have been at war with demons while humans fight both, trying to survive. As the conflict destroys world after world, there is a race to terra-form planets for colonization before humankind is wiped out altogether.

Toriane Cresol is part of a team leading the terra-forming charge. On assignment, she stumbles across a scribe and six warrior angels hiding sacred relics. Within a few hours, she comes face to face with A'albiel, an angel sent by Archangel Michael to protect her from the demons, who want to know what she saw.

A'albiel rips Tori from her life and takes her on a flight across the galaxy. Their destination is Sanctuary, a planet protected by ancient pacts, and the only place the demons can't get her. Although hate for angels and demons alike is ingrained deeply within her, Tori can't fight the growing spark of attraction between her and A'albiel. Bit by bit, everything she once thought or believed is eroded away, replaced by the knowledge that if she and A'albiel don't make it to Sanctuary, the fate of the entire universe could be in peril.


Tori, my office. Now."

The message from Tio came through abruptly. No explanation. No niceties. Nothing but an order. Oh geezus. The angels. Tio must have found out, and now she would have to answer for it because she hadn't gone straight up to report the sighting herself.

She'd just gotten back to her cabin after doing overtime down on X-702. Now, long past dinner, she'd forgone the inevitability of Laranian stew and eaten a couple of protein bars instead. She'd been on her way to shower when Tio's command had come through. Which was probably why when she stepped on the elevator to go up to the administrative center, the two other occupants on the lift stood as far away from her as possible. No doubt, she smelled like a swamp.

Striding into Tio's office, she found Nakita already seated in front of their supervisor's desk.

"Sit down, Tori." Tio ordered as the door slid closed behind her.

She complied, keeping her expression neutral, while her insides quivered, and her pulse fluttered. People had been fired over less than this.

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Nakita. I'm giving you one chance to tell me truthfully whether or not you saw anything, anything, in your sector this morning."

She took a deep, silent breath and glanced across at Nakita, knowing her closest friend wouldn't have said anything. It'd been such a dumb idea to keep the revelation quiet in the first place. Why did Nakita put up with her? "Since you obviously already know, there's no point in denying it, is there?"

"How many?" Tio's already tense form tightened up even further, making him look like he was about to explode right out of his uniform.

She shifted position, wishing Tio had something other than the utilitarian, hard plastic seats in his office. But her fidgeting went to waste since her butt and thighs still ached. Of course his chair>/i> looked more than comfortable. Releasing a breath and giving up on the idea of comfort, she related with brief words what she'd seen that morning. Might as well get used to it. Who knew how many times she'd have to repeat the story?

"Did you know about this?" Tio narrowed his gaze on Nakita.

Nakita shrugged and crossed her legs. "Only what Tori told me on the way back to the station. I didn't see any sign of them myself."

Tio's shoulders became even tenser, his knuckles white where his fingers were clasped together on the desk, as if Nakita's unconcerned attitude was tipping him further toward the edge.

"How did you know?" Tori asked, drawing Tio's attention from Nakita.

Tio tapped a few keys on his inset control panel in front of him.

"In the past month, we've had some new technology loaded onto the station, which can detect angels and demons. Some tech-head worked out they have different energy signatures to humans because of their supernatural abilities." A see-through holo-screen came up in the middle of the desk, showing various blobs of color on a scan of the planet's surface. "We're hoping this equipment will be able to prevent us losing anymore planets to the sons of bitches."

"Oh, come now. We're not so bad, are we?"

The voice behind her sent a jolt of surprise through her system. Tori glanced over her shoulder and took a swift breath as she pushed to her feet, away from the chair. She backed up until she bumped into the desk and then skirted around it. Not that she wanted to be any closer to Tio, but he seemed the lesser of two evils when put up against the angel who'd manifested into the room.
Like all angels, he stood over six feet tall, with broad shoulders, a trim waist and totally gorgeous. His black hair was cut short, almost military, while his blue eyes were crystalline in clarity. He wore a loose, dark shirt over dark leather pants, a luxury in this day and age. No doubt about it. If he'd been human, she'd be trying to work out the quickest way to get him naked. So much hotness wasted on scuzbag.

Tio pushed the security alert, causing the angel's lips to curl into a sardonic grin. "Inter-ship security, you really think I can't block that?"

"What do you want?" she demanded. A sickening chill swept through her, far worse than the apprehension she'd felt this morning. He didn't need to respond to her question, because she already knew the answer.

"I want you, Toriane." His sharp, blue gaze settled on her with disconcerting intensity.

For a moment, there was silence, and the chill turned into a full blizzard, numbing her from the inside out, causing fine tremors to spill through her.

"I think you forgot to finish that sentence. Like, I want you to answer some questions, or, I want you to pretend you didn't see anything." She gripped the edge of the desk, thanking geezus it stood between them. Though if he wanted, he could blast it into oblivion or even walk right through the damn thing. Despite that, the solid barrier gave her some measure of feeling protected.

"No, there was nothing else after that. Archangel Michael sent me to get you."

"And you are?" Though why it should matter, she didn't know. There was no way in hell she'd go anywhere with him, even if he'd been sent by God himself.

He made a small inflection, though it wasn't anywhere near polite. "I am A'albiel. And yes, you will come with me."

Tori felt heat bloom along her cheekbones. The bastard had read her mind. It wasn't surprising. An angel couldn't be trusted. And she hoped he got that thought loud and clear.

She crossed her arms, trying to stem some of the nervous quivers as she glared at him. "You can stop with the mind-reading thing right now."

Ignoring her, he turned his gaze to Tio and Nakita. "Leave us."

Both of their faces took on similar blank expressions, and they left the office with stiff, unnatural movements. The door slid shut again with a soft hiss, and then she found herself alone with someone who could smite her where she stood just by blinking.

"The smiting will come later." Dropping into the hard, plastic chair she'd abandoned earlier, he sent her a mocking smile.

Huh. An angel with a sense of humor. She'd never have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

For some reason, his sarcastic quip calmed some of her trembling. A sense of composure stole through her by small degrees. Either A'albiel was doing some mind-control thing on her, or her sanity had snapped. Neither prospect seemed agreeable.

"Stop reading my thoughts and tell me what you want."

"You're in danger, Toriane. We know you saw one of our scribe angels on assignment this morning and so do the demons. They've already sent Alastor after you, and if he finds you, it won't be pretty."

A shaft of fear shot through her, causing sweat to break out on her lower back. How could the demons have found out so quickly? "But I don't know anything."

"You know the location." His tone came out flat, devoid of emotion. He didn't seem concerned about any of this. And why would he be? She was probably just another job in a long line of jobs. If he failed, and she was killed, she doubted he'd even flinch, just poof himself off to his next assignment. The thought made anger stir, replacing the fear. He could go to hell. Her life and work was important. People depended on her and her team getting X-702 terra-formed so they had homes, not just rooms on over-crowded space stations.

"So move the damn thing, and then I won't know. Problem solved." Surely he didn't expect her to just go happily along with him?

"It's not as simple as just moving it—"

"Why not?"

Getting angry at an angel probably wasn't the smartest move she could make, but she didn't want to be dragged into the middle of some stupid four-hundred-year-long war she couldn't care less about, even if it was for the good of all people. According to the scuzbags, anyway.

A'albiel sat forward in the seat, clasping his hands together, his gaze hard on her. "Because it is complicated in a way a human cannot understand, and Alastor will still kill you, if only to prove a point."

The way he said human left her with no doubt about his feelings toward her. Less important than a space-roach squashed under his boot.

She straightened, antagonism making her shoulders tight. "Tell me what was in the chest then, and I'll think about complying."

His lips compressed into a thin line. "You're lying. You have no intention of cooperating, and even if you did happen to be telling the truth, I would not allow you that knowledge."

Not allow her the knowledge? Resentment turned into a full blaze of fury. Bastard! Treating her as if she was some sub-par piece of garbage. Did he really think he could deal with people like this? "You're an ass, you know that?"

It was possible she was more surprised than he was after the words slipped out of her mouth. He stood, unfolding from the chair in a slow, measured movement, his huge body somehow managing to take up more space in the office than it did before.

"You will show me some respect, girl." He took a step toward her and the desk no longer felt like any form of protection against six foot-plus of pissed off angel.

"Or what?" she countered. She might as well stick with the idiotic bravado. No doubt, he'd do whatever he pleased with her anyway. "You'll kill me? No need to get your shirt dirty; apparently I can just sit around here and wait for Alastor to do that for you."

An intent gleam lit his blue eyes to bright azure. "Yes, I am going to do whatever I please with you, but I can make it pleasant or it could be disagreeable. The choice is yours."

Time to call his bluff. "How about none of the above?"

Skirting the desk, she walked toward the office door, keeping as far from him as possible in the small space.

"Stop," he commanded.

She got to the sliding panel. He could go to hell before she'd do anything he told her.


Rolling her eyes, she reached for the door's control board since it hadn't opened automatically when she'd approached. Instead, her hand crashed into a solid, male chest.

Shock ricocheted through her, and she jumped back, feeling a strange kind of energy buzz up her arm. Cradling her hand against her chest, she looked up at him looming over her.

"I told you to stop."

He glared at her, an emotion that looked to be confusion on his too-handsome features. But that seemed dumb. Angels didn't feel things like confusion, did they?

"And I told you to go to hell. Or maybe I just thought it. Either way, I'm sure you heard."

The perplexed expression was replaced by one of annoyance, his lips pressing together as his brows lowered. She got a perverse thrill out of irritating him, which was stupid by anyone's standards. Did she have a death wish? It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to say he could kill her or banish her somewhere to die a slow death.

The door slid open behind him, and he took her upper-arm in an unyielding grip, hard enough that she'd probably have bruises later. His message was loud and clear—she wouldn't be getting away from him.

Rather than be dragged, she walked with him out into the corridor where Tio and Nakita were waiting, still with identical vacant expressions.

A'albiel glanced at them as he towed her past. "Be on your way." Both of them blinked, as if coming out of a trance.

"What did you do to them?" she demanded, looking back over her shoulder at Nakita's surprised face.

Hauling her along, A'albiel barreled down the hall, sending people scurrying out of his way. Nothing said move like six feet of determined angel. She almost had to run to keep up with him.

"Nothing serious, I just made sure they wouldn't interfere."

Tori opened her mouth to give him another piece of her mind when the ceiling above them exploded into a shower of flames and sparks. She ducked and A'albiel pulled her against his side, sheltering her from the worst of the blast. All solid muscle and heat, it left a strange sensation humming through her again. Must have been an angel thing. They did have all sorts of weirdo powers, after all.

"Geezus, what was that?" The wail of fire alarms sliced through her brain as people rushed past them, evacuating the area.



FBI Special Agent Ella Waverly is wrapping up one last assignment before heading off on her first holiday in five years. But flip-flops and cocktails are the last thing on her mind when she meets the new team leader, Special Agent Bryce Lain, and finds out her holiday is being scuttled for an undercover assignment.

Agent Lain is gorgeous, the kind of gorgeous that guarantees he’s an arrogant jerk. The news that he’ll be her partner in the dangerous mission is almost enough to make her head explode. Before the day is out, Ella finds herself at Little Palm Island Resort in Florida , masquerading as a contestant on the latest reality TV show – Lord Bachelor. The bachelor in question, a disgraced British peer, is suspected of raping and murdering several women back in London .

As humidity frizzes her hair beyond the help of any type of de-frizzing, smoothing, glossing product, Ella tries to wrangle working against nineteen husband-hungry bimbos, one suspected serial killer and one seriously hot agent who’s trying everything he can to get under her skin.


"Ella Waverly, this is Special Agent Bryce Lain, the new team leader," Jim introduced. She automatically held out her hand, which Agent Lain shook in a straightforward manner, giving her a charming smile which all but yelled 'I'm-hot-and-I-know-it', making her civility slip yet another notch.

But then what Jim said sunk in. He was the new team leader they'd been expecting? She would have to work with him on a permanent basis? Worse, she was going to have to answer to him? She'd have to look at that movie-star handsome face and put up with his attitude every day? Her head was quite possibly going to explode from the mere thought of it.

"He wasn't supposed to start until next week, but a situation has come to our attention that we thought we could use him on," Jim continued as she fought to keep her expression neutral. "And I've been meaning to talk to you all day. I understand you're taking a few weeks off. Going to Florida, the La Playa Beach Resort?"

Her shoulders tensed, since her boss's interest in her holiday could only be leading to one thing. They were going to tell her she couldn't go, or needed her to postpone. There'd be some dire situation pertaining to national security they just couldn't resolve without her.

"Sir—" she began, trying to come up with a really good reason fast as to why they could put someone else on it. She didn't want to hear the details, because as soon as she did, her interest would be piqued and her goddamn sense of duty would over-ride her sense of self preservation. Self preservation meant holding onto her sanity by taking this holiday and not working with Mr. Intense until she'd had a few weeks to chill out.

Jim steam-rolled right over her. "We've made a slight adjustment to your reservations. You're going on our time, undercover. Don't worry; we'll still let you have your holiday after this situation is taken care of."

"Sir, I really think—"

Jim took a folder out of his briefcase and laid it open on the hood of the car. "You and Agent Lain here will be going to Little Palm Island Resort. There's a bachelor-type reality TV show being filmed there at the moment in which we've organized for you to participate."

Her brain stopped and snagged on the first part of Jim's announcement. You and Agent Lain. Of course, she'd guessed it was coming, but it still hit her hard. She'd been teamed up with a guy she didn't even know to go on an undercover assignment? Bad enough that on first impressions Agent Lain seemed so arrogant his ego would probably need it's own seat on the plane, but for all she knew, he could be a total maverick to top it all off. Then her mind ran over the rest of the statement. She would be participating in a reality TV show. Just what in the hell sort of messed up assignment was this?

Jim ran through the remaining particulars and then handed over the folder, plane tickets, and resort reservation details.

"Get back to the hotel and pack, Waverly. You've got a flight to catch. And I've got a meeting I was supposed to be at an hour ago." Jim nodded, giving a curt good-bye and then walking off.

"Let's go, Agent Waverly, I don't want to miss our flight."

She closed her eyes for a brief moment before turning to Lain. When had this day gone from run-of-the-mill cult take-down to Twilight Zone? Did that conversation actually just happen? Had her long-awaited holiday really been scuttled for an undercover assignment with Mr. Intense?

"Agent Waverly?"

Releasing a breath and hoping some of the stress would go with it, she turned and opened her eyes to see Agent Lain standing next to an old, dark blue car almost right where her rental car had been parked a few minutes ago.

"Where did my rental go?" Why did she ask when she could already guess the answer? Which if she thought about too closely would only add to the tension bunching up her shoulders and making her neck ache.

"One of the other agents took care of it. We don't have time to mess around."

"And you expect me to go anywhere with you… in that?"

Agent Lain gave a half smile, a dimple appearing in his cheek, which made her fume like sooty exhaust on an old car. He would have to have dimples. And her heart had not fluttered at the sight. No, more like she'd started having palpitations from bottling up all the pressure. Why couldn't he have a funny shaped mole or wart? Something to flaw his damned gorgeous face.

Standing next to him made her more aware of her current sweat and dust covered condition. Not that she could be considered anything beyond average when she wasn't sweaty and dirty. Her career had always meant more to her than looks. So she refused to start feeling inadequate about anything now, especially in front of Lain.

"By that I assume you're talking about my 1967 Pontiac GTO. There's absolutely nothing bad you can say about my baby."

His baby? Typical.

She sighed, approaching the passenger side where he held the door open. "Let's go then, the quicker we get this done, the sooner I can get away from you."

Agent Lain shut the door after she slid into the bucket seat and then he jogged around to the driver side.

"You mean 'get away from work'," he said as the car started with a roar, the revs from the engine vibrating right up from the ground and through her seat. A moment later the audio system kicked in and Metallica came blasting out near to deafening.

"No, I meant get away from you." She flipped open the folder Jim had given her, prepared to ignore Bryce Lain for the entire trip and duration of the assignment.

From corner of her eye, she saw Bryce smiling, as if he found her amusing. It went a little way to making up for the arrogance, but not much. Some of her discord went up in a puff of smoke as those dimples appeared again.

Hell. If only he wasn't so damn gorgeous.

**Disclaimer - This is not the final draft of Dead Reality, therefore, there may be some slight changes by the time this book goes to print. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thanks for the interview with Jess and the excellent excerpts! This post was a treat to read.
Happy New Year!

Gracen Miller said...

Happy New Year, back at ya, RK.


Jess Anastasi said...

Thanks for having me, it was great being here ;)
Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year

Angela said...

Great interview. The cover art is beautiful!

Snowballs vs. cocoa...great question ;-)