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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wistful Wednesday

Holiday Hangover

So we remembered what we were thankful for over an overstuffed turkey and too many side dishes to be consumed in one sitting. We celebrated the birth of one of the most popular men in biblical history by giving gifts we couldn't afford, thereby setting up a debt that will ring us into the new year, which we welcomed with the world's oldest teenager and a large crystal ball. Now all that remains is remnants of the holidays in the form of turkey soup mom made and froze for later consumption, a Christmas tree that needs to come down but you lost the ambition half-way through the ball dropping in Times Square, and the total let-down when you realize the holiday season is over. 

I call this the Holiday Hangover. That lull between New Year's and the next excuse to buy something for someone you love because nothing says "I love you," like a gift they really don't need - you might recognize it as Valentine's Day. Do you get restless during that time? Bored? Listless? And what is it about us that makes us want to celebrate Every Little Thing with an expensive gift, a ton of food, and excessive drinking? Whatever happened to just Being Together?

I don't know about anyone else, but for me, this lull between holidays always gives me time to think and reflect upon the year just past, the holidays just celebrated, and makes me wonder if they were all worth it. Did I really have to make that huge turkey for five people? Did I really need the stress of worrying that I couldn't afford to buy gifts, or that I'd ring in the new year alone? In a word: No. But I did it anyway. Do I have any regrets? Only that I stressed so much about the gift thing. Turns out, everyone loved the gifts I made them. Will I do it all again? You bet.

Same time, next year.

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