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Saturday, October 27, 2012

In the Moonlight With Kelly Whitley and The Hero of Into the Red, Dr. Evan Nichols

Hello, paranormal romance fans! Kelly Whitley here. Thanks to Margay for inviting me to take over her blog for the day.

I’m interviewing my character Dr. Evan Nichols, the hero in Into the Red, my paranormal romantic suspense.

What is your name and occupation? Evan Nichols. I’m an oncologist, specializing in blood diseases. I take care of humans at the Cancer Specialty Clinic here in town, and take care of vampire patients at the Alliance Hospital outside of town. That’s where I do research, too.

How old are you? (looks at ceiling) I’m technically fifty-eight, but in vampire years that’s about the same age as when I transitioned—thirty-three. My best friend Gage says I’m practically a juvenile, since vampires live between 850 and 1000 years. He’s over 300, so I call him old man. (grins)

How did you come by your current occupation? The usual route. College, med school, residency, fellowship. The vampire health care started after my transition. The Alliance—that’s our governing organization—dictates talent allocations within the race. That maximizes resources. Gage is a computer expert. Tara—my wife—specializes in rock climbing. She helps train Purgers, the military’s Special Ops guys.

Do you like your job? Why or why not? I do. I get to use my healing touch to help human patients without their knowledge, and my research is improving the odds of survival for female vampires and their infants during childbirth.

Who is the person/creature you dislike the most? Poisoners. They’re vampires who go rogue and then start to use human blood to get high. It’s very addictive, and drives them insane. It only happens to male vampires, and being alone is a risk factor. The Purgers are responsible for hunting them down and eliminating them.

Were you a Purger? I was, twenty-five years ago—right after my transition. The Alliance reactivated me and Gage to hunt down the recent Poisoner crop. Now I’m back on reserve.

Who is the person/creature you respect the most? I’d say Tara, my wife. She’s tougher than nails. (grins)

Is there anyone special in your life? Tara. And we have good friends in Gage and his mate Mia. The community here is tight knit, and we tend to socialize in that group—it’s safer.

What’s your favorite meal, and do you fix it yourself or have someone fix it for you? I cook, but not anything fancy or gourmet. The steaks at the Savoy downtown can’t be beat.

Favorite color? Used to be black. Now it’s blue, because Tara likes me in blue; says it sets off my eyes.

Football or baseball? Football. All the way.

Favorite exercise? Running, weightlifting, and sparring at the gym with Gage.

I hear you’re planning a winter/summer vacation. Where are you going? Is anyone going along? No vacation right now.

Favorite holiday? Christmas.

Favorite song? Anything jazz.

If you had one wish, what would it be? I’d like kids some day, but until the mortality improves, I don’t want to think about it. For now, finding Tara is a wish come true.


Human blood is an illicit and highly addictive drug--if you're a vampire. Known as Red, its side effects are insanity, and eventual death. A group of Red-addicted vampires known as Poisoners are killing women as part of an extortion plot involving a lost ancient vampiric tome, and they’re leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. The discovery of each new victim risks exposure of the entire vampire race to humans. Then one victim survives…

Dr. Evan Nichols, oncologist and vampire, lives a monk-like existence, by his own choice, focusing on patient care and research to benefit his vampire brethren. It’s been twenty-five years since his world turned upside down—the night he lost his fiancee and discovered his hidden vampire heritage. Now his government has ordered him to take a mate—or they’ll choose one for him. It’s a horrible prospect, and one that might push him over the edge—until Fate throws him together with a human female.
Wary of relationships, Tara West has poured her energies into work and inventing cutting edge climbing equipment. She doesn’t like the gorgeous Dr. Nichols, yet finds herself unaccountably drawn to him.
When a crazed vampire attacks and poisons Tara, Evan rescues her. With time running out, he has to create an antidote to the poison before he loses his chance at love.

In order to make the vaccine which might cure her, he has to find the bastards who poisoned her and take their venom—before they die of their addiction. If he doesn’t reach them in time, saving her will be impossible.

Thus the journey begins—into the Red!

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1 Moonbeams (comments):

Marian Lanouette said...

Great interview, Kelly, can't wait to read In To The Red