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Monday, October 8, 2012

In the Moonlight with S.R. Johannes, Author of Untraceable and Uncontrollable

Tying together 

Untraceable and Uncontrollable


S.R. Johannes

“The Nature of Grace” series is about a girl who investigates nature crimes. The books obviously has the same characters and also weaves in a conservation message using the backdrop of nature and survival basics. There will always be some kind of animal abuse included because that is what Grace cares about most. Untraceable is about the plight of the black bears and Uncontrollable is about the near extinction of the red wolves. However, nature and conservation is a sub plots to the main thriller of a girl who is hunted by the very people committing these crimes when she gets too close to busting them.

When I first started Untraceable 4 years ago, I had no clue there would be any additional books in the series. I didn’t even have a series name for it. However, when I write books, I make sure the main story is resolved but ALWAYS tend to leave a thread I can pick up in the future – just in case I get another idea. I never want to back myself into a corner creatively. Right before Untraceable came out, I found an article online about the red wolves and knew Grace needed to get involved. So I came up with a series and put out Untraceable while I plotted the Uncontrollable.

Uncontrollable is has some of the same characters in it and it is definitely another fast-paced thriller set in the wilderness. I actually think Book 2 starts a little faster than the first one. But where Untraceable is set in the summer, Uncontrollable is set in dead winter. This allowed me to show off some different survival techniques, a different side to nature in the mountains, and a different animal (bears hibernate so they would not be out in the winter where wolves roam.)

In the end, both books are about a girl who will stop at nothing (and usually to her own detriment) to protect her family and the wilderness she loves so much.

Check out more about the author at her website

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Shelli (srjohannes) said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great post :)