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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girl Force by Nikki Goldstein

My Review:

Well, I would love to put my review here for you, but I made the critical error of allowing my daughter to read the book first - and I haven't gotten it back from her yet because she is still doing all of the exercises in it. So, unfortunately for me, what I know of the book itself is secondhand because I'm getting it filtered through my daughter. But I suppose that is a good endorsement for the author, considering this is the target market for her book. I am happy to inform her that she is hitting her target market with good results. My daughter loves the book so much that she wants to use it as her guide for better health and fitness and she even expressed an interest in Ayurveda. If I'm lucky, perhaps I will be able to get her to share her take on the book on my personal blog on Thursday. Be sure to swing by to find out. In the meantime, I will just have to hang out at the Get To Know Your Daughter site while I wait for the return of the book. Somehow, I get the feeling I might have to sneak a look while my daughter is at work or out with friends. Thank you, Nikki, for writing such a wonderful book and for taking such an interest in teenage girls. They are a gift and this is a nice way to appreciate them. ~ Margay Leah Justice

This content is by, Nikki Goldstein, author of the GirlForce series. Nikki Goldstein has worked as a beauty editor and writer for Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Cosmopolitan. She regularly blogs on her two websites - and which give further information about the power of GirlForce, as well as fun quizzes, activities and forums. You can also visit Nikki at or Learn more about the book at


Testimonials for Nikki Goldstein & GirlForce --

Excerpts/Images from the Book:

Table of Contents --

Book Cover, Book Excerpt Images and Author Picture for Girl Force --

Chapter 1 - Pages 1-4 --

Chapter 1 - Pages 5-8 --

Chapter 1 - Pages 9-12 --

Chapter 1 -- Pages 13-16 --

Chapter 1 -- Pages 17-20 --

Air, Fire and Earth Girl Pictures --

Quizzes Exploring Topics in GirlForce:

Body Type Quiz - Which Body Type Are You --; see also Air, Fire and Earth: The Awesome GirlForce Body Types -- and Air, Fire and Earth Girl Pictures --

Quiz - How’s Your Body-Lurve? --

Quiz - Unleash Your Creative Powers --

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Quiz - Discover Your Emotional Self --

Quiz - Love or Loathe Clothes? --

Quiz - Friend or Foe --

Quiz - Get To Know Your Mum --

Information for Young Women Discussed in Girl Force:


Indian Giving (The ancient art and science of Ayurveda) --

Meditation and Affirmations

Chakras and Meditation --

The Sacred Chakra Meditation --

Affirmations --


Quiz: Find out your body type to discover which postures are right for you -- Body Type Quiz - Which Body Type Are You --; see also Air, Fire and Earth: The Awesome GirlForce Body Types -- and
Air, Fire and Earth Girl Pictures --

Yoga and Your Body Type --

Air Body Type Yoga Postures --

Fire Body Type Yoga Postures --

Earth Body Type Yoga Postures --

Stress Management

Air - Fire and Earth Stress Tips --

Beauty and Style Tips

Beauty Tips --

Beauty Tips -- Air Body Type --

Beauty Tips -- Fire Body Type --

Beauty Tips -- Earth Body Type --

Air - Fire and Earth Style Tips --


Air - Fire and Earth Hotties --

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2 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

No girls in our house. Just me and the guys. But that's certainly a good write-up for the book.

Margay Leah Justice said...

For anyone interested, my daughter wrote a good review for the book at my author website. You can read it here: