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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moonlight and Mayhem with Kate Douglas!!!!

Toasty Thursday Everyone!

Like many of you, I have followed author blogs for some time, commented regularly and take time to learn about the different authors I read. Now, this is a switch for me. Kate Douglas is a top author of erotica novels, and to date I haven't read her work yet, but I plan to. Yes, I hang my head in shame on that one. I have thus far made a point to read at least one book before an author makes a guest spot on our blog.

Kate Douglas However, I think that you may forgive me once you've had a chance to meet Kate. She is so cool and, from what I've read from her blogs, website and some of the email conversations we've had, we seem to be cut from a similar cloth and she is definitely someone I want to meet in the future. Because you can read her bio (and I hope you do) on her website,, I'm only going to give you a brief background.

Kate is the author of Wolf Tales I to VIII as well as one of the regular contributors to the Sexy Beast I to VI anthologies. She has also written four other Romance novels, Last of the O'Rourkes, Cowboy in My Pocket, On Wings of Love and Honeysuckle Rose.

Since most people probably won't find Kate Douglas in their local library, and I was curious to gain an understanding of all these characters that I've heard readers rave about for the past year, I asked Kate to tell us more about them and their relationship.

Wolf Tales VIIIFirst of all, thank you to Carrie for her invitation to guest blog here at Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem—love that name, by the way! Conjures up all sorts of images. This is a pretty exciting week for me—Wolf Tales VIII, which is actually the fifteenth story in my erotic paranormal series, releases this week. I’m currently writing the nineteenth and am contracted to twenty-one...for now. When I first began writing these stories as an online serial back in 2004, I never dreamed they would be my key to a fantastic career as an author writing for a New York publisher. Sometimes, though things work in mysterious ways, but who am I to question fate?

When my good friend Margaret Riley started Changeling Press, she asked me to write something really “over the top” that was short and hot and ongoing. I wrote Stefan without knowing, in the beginning, what my main character, trapped in a beast’s body, was even going to turn into. I did some research, discovered a species of wolf native to the Himalayan steppes called Chanku (spelled Changu), and the premise for my series was born. Of course, my Chanku live as humans but have the ability to shift into wolves—an ability they’ve lost after migrating away from their homeland.

As I wrote more stories, with a new one releasing about every six weeks, my Chanku began to evolve and I discovered more about them with each chapter I wrote. They were still discovering their heritage, the fact that they needed certain types of grasses native to their homeland to enable their genetic gift as shapeshifters. They’re a matriarchal society. The women have complete reproductive control, but once they become shapeshifters, they can only conceive in their wolven form, and then only when they consciously release an egg for fertilization. They’re telepathic, with the ability to block others from hearing their thoughts, but if a pair mates as wolves, they create an unbreakable pair bond, a link so powerful that they can have no secrets from one another.

The one thing that sets my Chanku shapeshifters (and note I do NOT call them werewolves—as my ├╝ber alpha, Anton Cheval says, “Chanku are not werewolves dependant upon the phases of the moon. We are not creatures of legend. We are shapeshifters, and we exist.”), apart from other stories is that mine are ruled by a powerful libido. Sex is as important to them as breathing, and after a run as wolves, they’re so aroused they must find release. This leads to open sexuality among the various packmates without jealousy...their sensual natures are a fact of life for them. In fact, quite often if two unmated Chanku are making love, they maintain a link with their mates so that they can join in through the mental connection. It leads to all kinds of interesting situations, to say the least!

Unmated Chanku never have sex with one another in their wolven forms, though they often switch with one human and the other wolf. When the series first came out, I was accused of promoting bestiality in my stories, but far from it. When Chanku are wolves, they still have the minds and thoughts they would have in their human form. Granted, if they are hunting and bloodlust has them wound up, they might be more feral than human, but the sex scenes I write, while definitely kinky, are not between an animal and a human. They’re between packmates who merely choose a different shape for variety, and that’s something you’ll always find in my stories—lots of variety. I work hard at keeping the relationships fresh, the stories exciting, and the characters as compelling as possible. I firmly believe that if I can’t create an emotional connection between my readers and my characters, then the story won’t work, so when I hear from readers telling me they had to pull out the tissues to get through a book, or that it made them laugh so hard they snorted a latte, I know I’ve done my job.

I’ll be around all day, so if you have any questions at all about the series, the characters or where the story line is going, feel free to ask. I have first chapter excerpts of all my books posted at in case you haven’t read any of the stories before. Those excerpts will give you a good idea of the level of sexuality in the series—but please, only enter the site if you are over eighteen.

Also, if you have any questions about my new mass-market series, Demon Slayers, coming out next March from Kensington Publishing, feel free to ask. The first book, DemonFire, is with my editor now, and I’m getting really anxious to see what the cover will look like!

Links to find more about Kate and her books:

Note: Kate is from California, so it may take her a little longer to respond, but please be patient, because she will respond!

64 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

Wow...great series! I just started reading shifter stories last fall, but don't think I'll ever end up writing one (who knows?). I've also heard of Changeling Press, but have never been to their website. I'll have to remedy that immediately:)

Paula R said...

Hey Kate, wanted to drop by and give you some love...I really need to go and get book VIII...I have to check to see if I have the others...will you have any at RWA this summer? I can wait until brown paperbags in the stores for this one? Lol...

It is always a joy to speak with you...I know it is super early for you now, but you have probably been up forever, knowing you...tell the hubster I said hello.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

tbagger said...

I have not read any of your books YET!!! I am looking forward to reading them. Can you tell me which is your favorite book and why? If you don't have a favorite book do you have a favorite character

Anton Cheval said...

Good morning, ladies. Ms. Douglas isn't up yet this morning...she was writing until well after midnight and asked me to check in this morning and let you know she'll be at her computer as soon as she's had a cup of coffee. I, of course, was up at the break of dawn.

I can answer most questions regarding Chanku, but you'll have to ask Ms. Douglas anything regarding DemonFire. That's not my world, and I don't think that silly demon Dax has figured out how to get a Blogger account yet.

~~Anton Cheval

Kate Douglas said...

Hi guys--sorry I'm late, and thanks, Anton, for checking in. I'm going to be writing today so Anton will field questions as they come up and I promise to check in as well.

Thanks, Molly. I loved reading shifter stories and I enjoy writing them just as much, but the Chanku have been really special. So is the fact that Kensington is letting me continue with the stories. I'm currently contracted for 21, which will take me well into 2011 with new books.

Hey Paula! Gonna see you in a few weeks, right? I'm going to be in Washington DC for the annual RWA National Conference, and while Anton isn't coming, my husband is. If you meet him, you'll understand where a lot of Anton's personality comes from! (and his tall, lean looks...)

tbagger, if you're going to start the series, I always suggest to readers that they start with the very first one, which introduces the characters and sets up the sensual world of Chanku. However, if you want to start later in the series, Wolf Tales VII has a lot of backstory and should help bring you up to date. I have first chapter excerpts of all my books at to give you an idea of what they're like--and they're definitely sexy! Favorite character? That would have to be Anton, but then he's the only one willing to cover for me on blogs when I'm busy! He's also an amazingly talented wizard, along with being a shapeshifter, and his powers never cease to amaze me.
(There, Anton. Are you happy now? He's been giving me grief all morning about sleeping in after writing half the night...)

Unknown said...

hmm bloggers not playing nice.. i had a post and it froze..grr..
good morning Kate and Anton.. i want to say that if you havent read this series, it is amazing. Ive been re reading from start to finish getting ready for WT VIII this week. I cannot wait for it to ship. I am sure i wont put it down. I dont know how you do it but the series just gets hotter with every book. I will say Anton that with all the late night wolf reading, i had a little wolf dream of my own..*BG* and dang you were

Paula R said...

Hey Kate...Hiiii Aaaannntttooonnn! Very nice to see you here...

Kate, I will definitely be seeing you in DC this summer...and I can't wait to meet hubster...happy writing...ttyl...

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Jan said...

Aloha Kate and Anton,

Kate, keep writing...

Anton and I will have a little chat.

And for you readers out there, you must read both Wolf Tales and her shorter stories in the Sexy Beast anthology. They are wonderful.

So Anton, Kate recently mentioned that will be a death in the Chanku, my condolences to everyone. Every culture has their own way of understanding death and how one should cope with it. Do the Chanku have specific beliefs about death? For example, some believe that there is a heaven waiting for them and others believe one can be reborn. And how does being shifters influence these beliefs?

Thank you and I have to say that amongst my friends, you are our No. 1 Chanku, not at all to downplay how we love all of you, of course.

Mahalo for your time and Kate, keep writing!

Sheila Deeth said...

Oh wow. This was such fun, reading how your whole idea developed. They sound so real, so cool!

Unknown said...

Hey Kate.
I am a huge fan of the Chanku Series, Kate can't write fast enough.
Every one is unique and fun to read and you learn something new every time.

Carrie said...

Molly - Thanks for stopping in today and you'll have to let me know what you think of their website.

tbagger - Thanks for stopping in I hope you're enjoying yourself and we hope to see you again!

Hi Anton! Very nice to meet you and thanks for joining us here at our blog along with Kate.

Kate - Thanks again for joining us. So far we are having a blast!

Jolene - sorry to hear that blogger was giving you problems today!

Hey Paula R. - nice to see you here again!

Jan - it's nice to see you here at our blog! I know I usually see you at RWQ. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your time and come back and visit!

Sheila - Thanks for dropping by today. It's always nice to see you!


Nancy G said...

I am anxiously awaiting the newest
Wolf Tales, as I have read them all so far, along with the stories in the Sexy Beast series. I love the tales of the Chanku and I think Anton is just amazing. Will we be seeing more children in future stories, like maybe a sibling or two for the children of Anton & Stefan?

Unknown said...

i do have to say that your note at the bottom gave me a chuckle..
Note.. Kate is from California , so it may take her a little longer to respond... i know you meant a time zone

Anton Cheval said...

Ms. Douglas is at her computer grumbling about deadlines, so I'll take your questions. Joelene, have you tried growling at Blogger? Sometimes a show of power is all that is necessary. I'm pleased to hear you're rereading the series. Ms. Douglas has to do that on occasion, but, without being critical, I imagine it has something to do with age...

Paula, my dear, a word of warning: if you refer to him as "the hubster," he might not react in a favorable manner. Though he's generally fairly mild mannered, he can have his moments. We often think alike, the husband and I.

Jan, I knew you were a female of exquisite taste the moment we met. As far as death--while it's never a pleasant thing to consider, in our world, death is more about change than ending. While one who dies passes from the world of the living, there is definitely a life after death. For Camille, Tianna Mason's mother, it included a long period of time caught on the first astral plane, held there by Ulrich's inability to forgive. Her story (Camille's Dawn in the Wild Nights anthology) gives a brief view of the afterlife before a spirit passes beyond the veil. Our goddess, for instance, exists in her own "when" and "where," on an astral plane beyond the mundane world we inhabit, yet the veil between those two is thin and we can occasionally interact. I guess, what I'm trying to say is that there really is no true death for Chanku, as long as we live an honorable life. There is merely change from one plane to another, but I'll be the first to admit, there is also much we have to learn about the life beyond death.

Carrie said...

Well, most of the general readers are from the midwest and east coast, so I wanted to make sure people knew it would take her longer than most to get back to them. Although, I have to admit I never really re-read that statement! If I had, I would have realized it's double!

Anton Cheval said...

Thank you, Sheila. Ms. Douglas continues to discover new aspects of our world, which means the surprises keep coming. I've considered just telling her everything, but I doubt she'd believe I know what I'm talking about. She and I occasionally have some serious control issues. She actually thinks she's in charge! Foolish woman. We may be a matriarchal society, but there are many areas where I am the expert authority. Convincing our hard-headed author isn't always easy.

Ms. Hicks! So nice of you to stop by. I know Ms. Douglas is looking forward to seeing you in Washington next month.

Hello Carrie. Once again, thank you from both of us for the generous invitation.

Carrie said...

Okay, my previous comment was to Jolene, but Anton's post snuck in just before

Anton - thanks for the explanation about the veil, it was very informative. I've never had occasion to growl at blogger, but my slow computer, that's another story. Does growling really work though or could it be that your growls have a certain ability that ours won't?

Anton Cheval said...

Nancy, interesting that you might ask about children. I know for a fact there is a population explosion coming. Wolf Tales 9, which will release next December contains background stories of many of my packmates: Mik and AJ, Lucien and Jake, and even how Oliver and I first met. Everyone is gathered at my Montana home awaiting the delivery of Tia and Lucien's twins--the babies Camille promised Ulrich in Camille's Dawn. And, you know how it is when young women are around new babies--even more Chanku bitches end up pregnant by the end of the book. Keisha and I are waiting until Lily's a bit older before we have another, and I know Stefan and Xandi feel the same. Life certainly changes with babies around, especially for a species as highly sexed as Chanku, if you get my meaning...

Carrie said...

Anton, I just read your recent comment to Sheila. You are definitely creating your share of mayhem. Very awesome!

Anton Cheval said...

Jolene--it's long been said that Californians are a totally different gene pool, though it appears Carrier was referring to the time zone difference, not the mind set of the author.

Carrie, I'm sorry for your slow computer. Ms. Douglas has been having some issues and finally took hers in for repair. She's much easier to get along with, now that it's working better. She definitely gets a bit testy at times. Growling works, though I add a little magical push, which I imagine has some effect. Between technology and magic, I'll trust magic.

Carrie said...

It just gets better and better!

Carrie said...

See, I knew that was just something special about your growls!

melanie said...

I have read every one of your books for this series. It has been increadable. Thank you so much for enjoyable reading. I can not wait till the next one come out. Thank you again.

(Tampa Florida)

Janell said...

I, too, am re-reading the series in prep for the new book. I'm interested in Milly's role in this new one and the help she apparently gives to one of the new young Chanku. I think it will be interesting to see how she comes into her own as one of the matriarchs.

Clara said...


I love reading your books and am looking forward to meeting you in D.C. this summer!

Claudia said...

Just keep writing them!


DrkCherry said...

The Chanku are split into their own separate groups, even though they look to Anton as their 'leader'.

Was Anton the first Chanku in the States?

And while I cannot remember the name of the original owner of Pack Dynamics, or his connection to Anton, how did he get his first change?

Is it possible for the special grass to have been transplanted in other areas of the US and other Chanku came about, or does the change (in your books as if it happens in reality) only happen around other Chanku that we have met?

lrhubble said...

On the new series, Demon Slayers are you doing a set number or is it open ended? And will it be like your Wolf Tales in hotness?


Liz Mays said...

This is a genre that's new to me. Which of your books would be your recommendation to start with?

Anonymous said...

I love this series!! I was my first shifter series and I still have every book! If you have not read it yet start with book one You will not be disappointed!!!
Have a great day!

Krista Plott said...

Hi Kate & Anton, nice to hear from you both. This is a wonderful series and i can't get enough.....the bookstore is sick of seeing me, lol. Kate your writing is inspiration and your advice is golden, you're been a great help to my writing !!
Have a great day both of you, Krista

Martha Lawson said...

Enjoying reading all the comments! Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone.

Anton Cheval said...

Ms. Douglas is still working on her current book (Wolf Tales 10) so I'll do my best to answer questions, and Melanie, I'll certainly pass on your kind words to her. Thank you!

Janell, I know Ms. Douglas enjoyed writing Millie's story. She feels a kinship with Millie as they're both about the same age...and what woman wouldn't want a beautiful young man like Matt to tutor in the art of making love? Millie definitely discovers her powers as a Chanku bitch in this story.

Clara, be sure and let Ms. Douglas know you're going to be in Washington. Are you attending the conference or coming to the literacy signing? Drop her a note at if you have a chance. I think she's checking email occasionally today.

Thank you, Claudia. I also hope she continues writing the series!

Drk Cherry--a lot of your questions will be answered in Chanku Spirit, Sexy Beast VIII, when Anton meets the goddess and learns about the origins of the Chanku and how they ended up dispersed around the world away from their nutrients.

The owner of Pack Dynamics is Ulrich Mason, and his story is told in Wolf Tales 9--his mate, Camille, (who is also Keisha's aunt) was part of the only family of Chanku to continue the shapeshifting legacy through cultivation of their own grasses. However, their line died out before Camille and her sister passed that knowledge on to Kiesha and Tia's generation. Anyway, he was introduced to his shapeshifting legacy through Camille, his wife, who died when their daughter Tia was little.

As far as we know, the only Chanku are the ones that have been discovered so far, and since the grasses are so rare and have to be ingested for them to have an effect, there are not any other Chanku THAT WE KNOW OF who are shapeshifters beyond those in the known packs. However, like the six who were recently discovered in Golden Gate Park, we know there are many more humans out there unaware of their Chanku genetics. As far as shapeshifters--we only know what the muse and Ms. Douglas have written.

Kate Douglas said...

My thanks to Anton for covering for me today--I'm still writing but decided to take a break and check in with you guys, and Anton said I had a Demon Slayers question. Larena, Kensington has contracted for four books in the series and I do see it as having an actual ending, unlike Wolf Tales which has sort of taken on the life of a soap opera! (And I have to be careful saying that around Anton--Stefan was teasing him about being a soap star and he didn't find it at all humorous!)

blueviolet--I definitely recommend that readers start with the first book, as the entire series is tightly connected, including the anthologies. You can read excerpts at, and I have the series listed on the front page of my main site at

Christina, thank you so much! I love hearing from readers who are enjoying the series!

Thank you, Krista. How is the writing coming along?

Martha, so nice of you to stop by! I think I have the greatest readers in the world--you guys are all terrific.

I'm going to turn you back over to Anton. I need to get back to work.

Cindy said...

I've said this before & I'll say it again, I LOVE your Chanku series,& I can't hardly wait for the next books in the series to come out,you are an awesome writer
Kate,thank you so much for sharing your Chanku world with me.

danie88 said...

Hi Kate! I'm really looking forward to your Demon Slayers series! :) Can't wait!


Virginia C said...

Wolves are mysterious, magical, majestic and misunderstood. Who is really more of a beast--the man or the wolf?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate

I enjoy reading your books. I'm looking forward to your new book. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your stories.


Jan said...

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much), Anton for your most enlightening information about the Chanku and death. I believe that how we think of death impacts on how we live our lives so it's very cool to know more about how the Chanku think and feel about such matters.

*blushing* And thank you for your wonderful compliment.

Oh, mahalo to you too, Carrie for welcoming me here. :-)

Kate, keep writing! I'll keep pimping! Lol!

Phyllis Butcher said...

Hi, Kate & Anton,

I'm so looking forward to my Kindle getting WT VIII on the 1st. Since I am in the same age group as Millie, it will be great to once again have a sexually active heroine over 45. Thanks, Kate, for bringing Millie back to the forefront.

I am also looking forward to reading DemonFire when it comes out. What you've given us so far just whets the appetite.

Thanks again, Kate.


Sue A. said...

Great post Kate! I've still got a lot to learn about the Chanku series I see! Thanks for the insight into the series.

Demon Slayers sounds awesome and I can't wait until next March so I hope we'll be seeing some excerpts before then!

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, Learned about your books from my girlfriends other boyfriends wife, yes you read it right. Going to start on book one this weekend. I've heard they are great from her.

Loving the Poly life,

Heather B. said...

Hey Kate & Anton,

Wanted to stop by and say I can't wait for the next book to come out. I'm still trying to get them all so I can read them in order. I am still missing a couple of the Sexy Beast Books.

Many thanks for the book marks for our book club. Our meeting is Sat and I will share them then.

Anton Cheval said...

Anton here, and thank you, Cindy. There is nothing we love hearing more than the fact readers enjoy the stories about the Chanku. We live lives of complete acceptance without regard to race, age, gender...any of those issues that tend to cloud so many relationships. I know Ms. Douglas will appreciate your note.

Dani, I have no idea how she would possibly want to write about Demon Slayers when she has us, but the mind of an author is a rather convoluted place...I'm sure Ms. Douglas will be thrilled to know of your interest.

Ah, Virginia--so true. Even more mysterious and magical are the minds of Chanku--we have to learn to call on our feral nature, not hide it, and yet both our feral and human sides must learn to coexist. It's not always easy.

Gidget, thank you so much for your comment.

Jan, I've heard about your pimping activities. They're much appreciated by all of us. Thank you...and no, for those of you with prurient minds, not THAT kind of pimping! Jan pimps the Wolf Tales series without shame, something all of us appreciate. Her lack of shame as much as anything else...

Phyllis, thank you. I also appreciate the fact Ms. Douglas realizes sexuality doesn't end somewhere shy of thirty. Stefan is in his late forties, I was a new father in my fifties. Ulrich, in his mid-sixties now, not only maintains Millie's interest but manages to teach a thing or two to the younger set--though Millie is obviously a woman in her prime.

We tend to think of ourselves as experienced in the art of love--and the more experience, the better.

Sue, I'll let Ms. Douglas answer your question about Demon Slayers. I hear her coming up the stairs to the office. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. Either I'll be back or Ms. Douglas will before the day ends.

Kate Douglas said...

Hi Sue--Anton's gone off in search of his snifter full of cognac, so I'll take the blog back for a bit! I will definitely be posting excerpts from DemonFire as soon as I can find some time. It's been really hectic with the schedule I've had the past few months, but hopefully I'll get something up on my website when I get back from Washington. I'll announce excerpts through my newsletter, so if you're not a member, please join. There's a link on this blog post.

John, you did not lose me! LOL...I actually met some terrific readers on our last trip down through the Southwest, who live the poly life and I was just sorry the whole group wasn't there. Talk about a fun stop--I had a ball. I find the whole idea of total acceptance and love to be terribly freeing-and this is coming from a totally heterosexual old broad, but my Chanku understand the importance of love with honor, no matter what else is involved. I'm so glad you've discovered the series--thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. The diversity of my readers is the best validation as an author I could ever ask for.

Hi Heather--good luck on the book search! At least Kensington is keeping them all in print, so you should be able to find them eventually. Have fun with your book club and tell everyone hi from me, okay?

Jan said...

Aloha Anton,

And thank you for clarifying my "pimp" remark. Lol! Yes, I am a PROUD Wolf Tale pimp. I've gotten several people hooked on them. And you can probably find me handing out bookmarks and pimping this series and Kate out in bookstores across my lovely state. Lol! Shame? What's that? *winks*

Mo said...

Hello Kate, every time I read one of your blogs, especially when you are talking about the Chanku, I learned more and more. This new knowledge enhances your stories. I like to find out where your head is during your writing spells and why you decided to go in one direction oppose to another. As I have read all of the Wolf Tale books that Kate has written, I am continually amazed at her creativity and imagination. Those of you that haven't read the Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast and Wild Nights series that are about the Chanku, be amazed with me and check them out. Check out Kate's web site to find out what order you should read them in to follow the progression of the series. Thanks Kate for the new info. Always wondered where you got the name Chanku from.

I can't wait to see what the DemonFire cover will look like also so when you find out, please share. ;> D Mo

Diane Higgins said...

Hi Kate!

Looking forward to seeing the cover of DemonFire" too! Very curious.

I am a huge fan of the "Wolf Tales" books. There just aren't many well-written stories about polyamorous relationships. And I love the paranormal twist. But my favorite thing is really the way I connect with the characters. I really care what happens to them.

*waves to Anton and Keisha* (surely she is not far from his side?!) :-) --Diane

Unknown said...

Hi Kate, I really enjoy your books, I haven't read but a few, but they where great, so thanks for sharing with us today!

Helen Marie said...

Hi Kate and Anthony,
Love your books can't get enough of them , bout to go crazy waiting on your series, I know it'll be great.

Helen Marie

Unknown said...

Hi Kate! I had no idea on the new mass market series! Congrats!

MissyE said...

Kate, I have not read all the Wolf Tales book yet, but what I've read so far is ver...ry impressive.

Good for you lady!

Kate Douglas said...

LOL...glad to be of service, Jan! Just keep on a'pimpin' those books. I love it--and Mo! Hey, darlin'! Mo is one of my Beta readers (and so is Jan) and they provide an invaluable service...see, I can come up with great ideas, but occasionally my "idea train" goes off track. These ladies keep me on the straight and narrow, even when I don't want to be! They are a really important part of my writing process, and I definitely value their instincts and comments--except sometimes Mo gets a little pushy, but she's an old broad like me and can't help herself...maybe I need to run for cover and get Anton back to cover for me!

Diane, you and me both! I can't wait to see what the Kensington art department comes up with. I've gotten such gorgeous covers for all my Wolf Tales and Sexy Beast books that they're really going to have to figure out something special! I'm supposed to get a logo for the series, too--hopefully it will be the jeweled handle of a crystal sword, since that figures in the stories, but believe me, as soon as I get it, that cover will be ALL OVER my website! And thank you for your comments on the polyamorous angle of my stories. When I first realized that had to be part of the series, I had no idea if my publisher would go for it. Thank goodness they've given me total freedom to write what I want, as I think that's truly the heart of the series. (and you're right--Keisha is always RIGHT THERE, though in Wolf Tales VII she has a serious issue with Anton, and I wouldn't even bring it up--he's a bit touchy--but he's off line for the night!)

Thank you, Virginia. I hope you'll get a chance to read more of them. The series has gone in some really cool directions, thank goodness! I never quite know where I'm going next, so it is a huge relief when where I go works!

Thank you, Helen Marie. Kind words and much appreciated!

Thanks, Amy. Yeah, it's really exciting. The series, Demon Slayers, is about a fallen demon, too good for hell, who gets kicked out of Abyss (my version of hell) and ends up hunting demons on earth. I really had fun writing the first book and can't wait to start the second.

Thank you, Avis. Must admit, I am having way too much fun with this series!!

I'll check back again before I hit the hay tonight, but need to get back to my writing. thanks to Carrie for generously allowing me to blog today, and thanks to all of you for stopping by. this has been a hoot!

Now I need to think of something witty (ha!) for the Running With Quills blog, since I'm due to have something up there tomorrow...but believe me, with a new book coming out, it's hard to shut me up!

veanna poulsen said...

Kate you're a great writer!
Anton was great to hear fro.You just whetted my appetite for more.
(She even checks out the viability of the positions she has them do!)

Kate Douglas said...

LOL...Veanna, you're giving my secrets away. Actually, when I first started writing erotic romance, my critique partners and I would crack up when we occasionally lost track of body parts. We ended up with stuffed animals we could put in compromising positions to make sure we didn't lose track of arms, legs...whatever!

Amelia said...

It was great to read comments from Kate and Anton!!


lachery said...

Kate you rock!

I really enjoyed reading the questions and comments with Anton. Don't get upset dude but I cannot wait until the new Demon series is released. I know it will be just as solid as Wolf Tales.

La Wanda

lindseye said...

I am looking forward to your take on Demons as you have done so much to expand the shapeshifter lore. Also comforting to know that Wolf Tales will continue for the long term. Kensington know it has a winner and that means so many more readers can find their way into this world.

Carrie said...

I see so many new faces here and I just want to say welcome and I hope you've enjoyed yourself enough to come back again!

Kate was gracious enough to offer two books for prizes and I will be selecting them on Friday night and I will post the winners at the bottom of the "Upcoming Events" section, so be sure to check back!

Thanks again to Kate and Anton for joining us here today, it's been a blast having you. I hope you'll both come back and bring more friends to chat with our readers!!!


Kate Douglas said...

Good response to La Wanda last night isn't here this morning, but that's probably because I answered when I should have been asleep! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I really, REALLY hope the new Demon Slayers series catches readers' attention.

And lindseye, I have been so lucky to have Kensington as a publisher. They've allowed me complete freedom with my Wolf Tales series and are keeping all the past titles in print, which is really wonderful. I'm looking forward to the release of DemonFire, knowing I have such strong publisher support. That's really huge in this business. Thank you for stopping by.

And Carrie, thank YOU for letting me blog! I've had a great time and hope I can come back and do it again...and we had so many folks stop in, I want you to pick three winners instead of two.

Anton thoroughly enjoyed himself, too. Now I just hope he cooperates today while I'm writing!

thank you!

Ashley E said...

I just found out that the library in the town where I'll be going to college in the fall has some of the Sexy Beast and Wolf Tales books! Maybe I won't have to spend all my textbook money on the Chanku after all! LOL

Okay, and the stuffed animal positioning is just... so funny. If I wasn't at work right now (in my own small town library) I would totally be laughing out loud. As it is I'm managing to contain my giggles. :D

Kate Douglas said...

LOL...well, don't laugh. The stuffed animals work, especially when you're talking multiple partners. Gotta keep those body parts straight! And yes, many libraries carry copies of the Sexy Beast and Wolf Tales books, which absolutely blows me away! However, it's often a library's policy to order books their patrons request, but I will admit I was surprised when I did a library search and discovered my books in public libraries all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Anton!! What a pleasure to see you! :)

Wolf Tales VIII comes out this week?? I am SO getting to the bookstore... I still can't believe that I have to wait till MARCH to see the new series! I want it noooowwww! lol...

Carrie said...

I am sooooo jealous that other library systems carry Kate's books because mine doesn't!!!!!