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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Return/Adventures in Disc Golfing

Hey there everyone,

You know, I've been doing well working on my stories and reading authors' books for my blog up until this past week. While we haven't gone anywhere this week, it was still my husband's vacation time, so it turned out to be me my vacation time as well. I wasn't on the Internet much, I didn't read much, I didn't write at all this last week except for my blog and my intro to Cathie Linz's guest blog and I didn't really watch much TV. However, we disc golfed everyday and I made dinner a number of days.

Okay, I suppose I should mention that I went for a "dip" in the creek at Abenschein Park. Yes, yes, for those of you who know what I'm taking about, I can hear you laughing all the way to my condo. For those of you not familiar with the park, there's only one reason to ever be in that mucky, awful place - to retrieve a wayward disc.

That's right, just yesterday, when I teed off on the 14th hole, my Beast went into the creek on the right of the fairway. For those of you not familiar with the game/disc, the Beast is supposed to go off to the left, and it has, every day. It even went left the way it was supposed to on earlier holes, so why it went to the right on that particular hole, I have no idea.

I thought I could get it easily enough. Getting in is easy, getting out, not so much because the muck just sucks your feet down into it. Good thing I was wearing my hiking boots, or I don't think I would have both tennis shoes today. Of course, I had to finish the course with water sloshing around in my boots. I tried squeezing the water out of my socks, but that was not good, the water was in the $30 arch support inserts as well as the boots' original insert and who knows where else. I'm trying to figure out how to clean my hiking boots, so they no longer smell like that muck....

On the plus side, I managed to realize that some important things were not yet considered on my world - sports.

Duh, sports! Then I did a duh again when I thought about gambling! Why wouldn't people have similar hobbies, especially if they came from earth? I'm not talking the everyday gambler, but the occasional one, the one that does it for fun. Plus, there are animal races and all kinds of other things to have fun with.

Now, I have an entirely new thing to think about. What kind of sports would they have, and how would they be different?

Well, for one thing, they wouldn't have all the factories that we do on earth, so they have to find other things to use. I have come up with Rock Nut Ball (Found on rumble trees, the nut is as hard as a rock, but if you plant it, you get a rumble tree to grow.) and Dragon Scale Golf (should be self explanatory) so far. Not sure what other sports to consider.

Any ideas?

6 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

Dragon scale golf sounds fun. I'm convinced my dog used to play the telephone wire game - you remember, untangling who's phoning who on a scribbled page. She played it to work out which squirrel belonged in which tree.

Carrie said...

Thanks for visiting with me today Sheila!

Have you started reading Black Magic Woman yet?


Gracen Miller said...

Carrie, I hate to sound like an idgit here, but what the heck is disc golfing? *scratches head* I'm not a golfer at all, so I am a wee confused how this differs from golf.

I like dragon scale golf. lol Nice imagination!

Carrie said...

Hey Gracen,

Disc golfing, also called frolfing in the community, also known as Frisbee golf (thus the term frolfing).

With disc golf, you throw different weighted discs rather than a regular Frisbee. Like golf, there are 9 or 18 hole courses and sometimes more. The "tee" is usually denoted by a sign or pole and slab of concrete, pile of sand or wood chips. You "tee" off by throwing your "driver" disc. You continue to make your way to the "cup" of the hole. In this case, the cup is a large basket with chains designed to help catch your disc. However, the discs still manage to bounce of the rim of the basket.

I kid you not, it's a professional sport, people get paid when they win tournaments and we happen to have two pro courses in the Milwaukee County area. My home course (Abenschein) is a nice beginner course.

As far as I'm concerned, after having tried to hit a regular golf ball only to have it roll on the ground a few feet, disc golf is much, much easier to grasp and play.

Hope that helps! If not, just ask any more questions that you might have.


Molly Daniels said...

I still don't get it:) But I'm glad you enjoy it:)

I prefer Mini-golf to the real thing. Went golfing with a friend several years ago and discovered I couldn't see where the ball landed!

Where were the TV cameras when I needed them, lol??

Carrie said...

Hi Molly, thanks for stopping in!

A disc (or weighted Frisbee) is much larger than a golf ball and can be just as easy to lose!

I chose disc golf because I needed something I could do every day that would get me out walking and sweating. Now, if I could just give up the soda I would do well (I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners, they make me ill.)