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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Spawned from the Pits of Hell!

My apologies for posting late. My internet has been shoddy all week, coming and going. My telephone line is completely out and not guaranteed to be back up and running until August 19th. *slams head against the wall* I had prepared a nice discussion about what makes a book great. Then my cat tripped me and I spilled coffee all over my laptop...bye bye work! All of it! My blog for today and the 20 pages worth of writing I did yesterday all poof! Gone in the blink of an eye. I want to curl up into a fetal position, cry myself silly and escape from the world right now. *cries*

I've had my meltdown of tears. First to my husband, then to my girlfriend's husband who is a self-proclaimed computer geek. My husband's idea of a pep talk was "Get a grip! No one's dead!" to which I disconnected the line and refused to answer his next call while I boohooed at his insensitivity and my loss...which by the way those 20 pages do feel like a death. My girlfriend's husband was a doll encouraging me not to panic, to calm down, it should be okay and we should be able to get it working again or at the very least remove all the data off of it. I don't deal well with "shoulds", so I didn't do well with his encouragement, but I handled it much better than my husband's insensitivity. He at least didn't send me into another fit of tears, but managed to calm me somewhat.

So...because of the computer fiasco and my cat's unforseen continued survival--kidding! well, mostly since I can't look at her without bitching up a storm and threatening to kill her--I'll post my scheduled blog next Friday. My apologies with the delay in my blog today and for not bringing you a more appropriate blog.

Make sure to check back this coming Sunday for your chance to win a hardback copy of Philippa Gregory's new book, The White Queen! Good luck to all those that enter and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

4 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

I know what you mean about "should," thought I'm frequently the one using the word. On the bright side, my son fried his hard drive badly enough for Best Buy to call it irretrievable, but a local computer repair man recovered all the data.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey...I'm sooooo sorry! Yes; been there last year, when my PC had a virus and I was petrified my flash was infected as well. My family had a hard time with my frustration level that I possibly just lost a year's worth of work. And while it turned out okay (flash was unaffected), I had an issue last fall between the PC and daughter's laptop which caused two documents to be lost...forever. Fortunately, I'd emailed part of it back to myself, so only lost half a page. But still, that was a round of witty dialogue I'll never be able to reproduce. I feel your pain!

And this should cheer you up: As I was reading, I had to stop and double-check: I read 'my husband and my husband's girlfriend'...I thought What the Hell...??? Whew! That was 'my Girlfriend's Husband', LOL!!!

Molly Daniels

Gracen Miller said...

Sheila, I'm praying on bended knees and crossing my fingers for extra luck that if nothing else the hard drive will be recoverable. I'm sick with the thought of losing everything.

Molly, yes, you had me cracking up with the "my husband and my husband's girlfriend". lol The mood I'm in today, he wouldn't want me to find out he's got a girlfriend on the side! Someone would die slowly, cruelly, and I may start with catricide and finish with husbandcide! lol That sounds like a bug spray. :D That would just add the icing to the cake, wouldn't it? lol

Thanks girls for your comments. All I can do at this point is expect the worst and hope for the best. Although the thought of rewriting all that has truly got me sick to my stomach. GAH!!! I'm vowing to myself to back up everyday now! lol

Hope you both have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

Damn Gracen! I've been there, so I can feel your pain, literally wincing over here!

My last hard drive (before the laptop) had a huge story on it (and a few others) when it up and died on me. I was told that the only thing that could retrieve the data was a clean room recovery, which would cost about $1000, so that's not going to happen.

I did save the stories I could on good old floppies (3.5 inch), but I have yet to try to retrieve them off from them, so that wasn't the problem.

The problem was the 70+ pages I wrote of a story that came to my mind before I decided to be a writer. Luckily enough, I did print up a hard copy, but I still have yet to enter that into the computer.