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Friday, August 7, 2009

Lost Muse...Reward!

Again, I’m sitting here thinking what to write about. I cannot seem to get my head off the things that I need to get done for my son’s spend the night birthday party tomorrow, or football practice or karate testing….all of that is taking up the space in my brain and hindering my creativity.

How do you free your mind of the crazies of daily life to find that inner muse? Because I’m finding that even when everyone and everything is silent in the house, I still am unable to wind down enough to tap into that muse zone. *sniffles back tears* I’m the type of person that writing is like my exercise. When I am writing, it puts me in a better mood, makes me feel better, alive, more jubilant. When I’m not writing, especially for long periods of time, watch out!

As much as I hate for my muse to go on vacation, it has been helpful this week. I finished up my synopsis, edits and cover letter on WytchBlood and managed to get it submitted. Now…*crossing my fingers*…the anxious waiting begins. The waiting drives me nuts. By nature, I’m not a patient person, but waiting to see how someone likes or dislikes my “baby” is even more nerve racking.

So, while it was productive for the muse to be on hiatus…I want her back…desperately. I’m starting to feel lost and out of sorts. Any suggestions on how to coerce her back?

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

Tempt her with chocolate. Find a dog and go for a walk. Write her a letter, and tell her it's no good ignoring it 'cause you'll just keep writing and writing and writing till she turns up...

Carrie said...

This is when you read. Give your mind the break it needs and time to clear its slate.

Sometimes, reading can be just as good as writing because it helps you out by just letting you escape.

The other one is to just open up a blank notebook, your writing journal (and if you don't have at least one, you so need one), or WORD doc and do short meaningless writing exercises that eventually become meaningful.

For example, take a few minutes to write a scene or describe a part of your body. Try to picture the most beautiful sunset you've seen and then try to describe it in words.

What you write doesn't have to have any specific purpose, as long as you write. Eventually, you'll have all these "things" with no home, but when you find you need them, they will be there.

Does that make sense?

And for the record, I think I have about 8 writing notebooks (yes, paper and pen). I have two for poetry stuff when the mood arises and the rest for stories.

Poetry? Yes, poetry. Studying poetry has given my writing a power I didn't really know I possessed. I read from masters such as Walt Whitman, Galway Kinnell (Whom I consider to be my poetic father), Sharon Olds and a host of others. There are tons of poets out there, but studying poetry can open a new door in your writing that you didn't know existed. It truly can help you find the "window to your soul."

Okay, I've prattled on enough, but I hope all of this helps!