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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twilight Thursday

Please welcome author, Cherie De Sues, into the moonlight. Cherie has prepared a special treat for us about Halloween. Hope you enjoy!


Pagan Pumpkins for Samhain…Halloween.

Samhain, pronounced (sow-in) is the ancient time on October 31st when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. The new pagan wheel calendar has started and the Goddess' time has passed, the Greenman God has awakened for the winter months.

Not all ghosts are friendly or from your own family. Pagans carve gourds, squash and other late harvest fruits to appease the dead who search for Summerlands (Pagan heaven). The angry faces carved into the skin of a pumpkin or other gourds is to send away the evil spirits, the demons and negative energy from their door.

The candle on the inside of a pagan-carved pumpkin can be various colors that represent luck, passion or purity. Using a white candle is always safe and displaying your carved pumpkin on your doorstep will keep your home safe and free of spectral hauntings. If you do pick up a ghost or two on this night, here's a spell for ridding yourself of the pests. Use a pungent incense and black candles to ward them off.

The presence that stands upon the stairs
The unseen hands that move the chairs.
The lights that play across the wall,
The stains that stay, the plates that fall,
The mist, the chill, the wandering scents
This gentle spell must speed them hence.
At midnight, set a table neat,
With cup and plate, and wine and meat,
Invite the ghost to sit and feast,
As any host should urge a guest.
Presently, clear the meal away,
Then open the door and softly say-
"Quick or dead, thou art fed,
Cease to grieve and take thy leave"
Bid him depart but should he remain
Be calm, take heart and feast him again.

If you want to live with the spirits in your home, honor them with frankincense incense, candles and say this chant three times in a mirror with candles reflecting on your face.
Spirits of my home, you shall live,
In every chamber my light I give,
To every corner my breath I send,
This home I share you may attend.

If you enjoy paranormal suspense and ghosts, witches and gypsy's, read the first chapter of my new release. "The Seduction of Simone". Come visit Irish Gypsy's Parlor for pagan articles and first chapters of all my novels and novellas.

Blessings on Samhain,
Blessed Be,
Cherie De Sues
My Websites Irish Gypsy's Parlor Main Author Website
Read first chapter and buy "The Seduction of Simone" at Noble Romance Publishing


Seduction of Simone Blurb:

Simone Devereaux has inherited an estate on the Northern California coast after her Aunt Celeste meets with a sudden, mysterious death. The hot neighbor, Trent Grayson, insists Celeste was murdered, and wants to be more than the man-next-door. When clients arrive to pose for their nude portraits over the weekend, Simone realizes she's inherited more than an estate. Two randy poltergeists enter her dreams for a lusty menage, and a budding serial killer threatens her sanity.

Now her Wiccan mother and gypsy father are coming for a visit, just in time to watch Simone lose her heart . . . and possibly her life.

Read the first chapter here:

3 Moonbeams (comments):

Marissafarrar said...

I love that poem. It really sent chills down my spine.

Marie McGaha said...

Hi Cherie. Nice post and very informative. Why is Oct. 31 designated as being when the veil between the living and the dead the thinnest? Is there a reason for this date or was it picked at random?

Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Cherie! Thanks so much for joining us today at MLM! It's always a pleasure to have you join us. I especially loved this post! Very interesting and informative!

I agree with Rie, is there a reason why the veil on October 31st is the thinnest between the living and the dead? And do you believe this is true or fanciful folklore? I ask because in my experience, I don't need a "thin veil" to get spectral visitors in my home. Visitations happen all the time for me, sometimes they're good, sometimes they feel like malignant evil, sometimes they're seeking help, and sometimes I don't know why they're here.

All the best success on your book, Cherie!