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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mystic Monday

Weekend of 24 2009

As it was one of the few times a year where my husband had a Friday off without us taking off to someplace else, we took the opportunity for a 24 marathon.

That's right, starting Thursday night (New Year's Eve) we watched the two hour pre-movie and the first three episodes of the season. Then, on Friday (New Year's Day) we watched the next 12 hours of 24 (I think). On Saturday after getting home from the Bucks game, we watched about two episodes on Saturday night. That left 7 episodes for Sunday. We finished it about 11pmish Sunday night. That means, that I didn't even stop to read a book or play a game because I was glued to the TV. Lots of twists and turns, mystery and some unexpected developments kept me off my guard! It was a very enjoyable season and as always, Kiefer Sutherland plays a cold and ruthless Jack Bauer. A man you hate and love all at the same time.

I liked this past season because it took the character of Jack farther than he's ever gone before and explored him more deeply. Bauer may be a relic, but he has a knack for getting things done because he can do what it takes to get things done. This past season also finds Jack a bit more humble because of what is happening to him. It was nice to see this side of Jack, and I thought that Agent Walker was a nice addition to the cast. As much as my husband didn't appreciate it, I did like the somewhat annoying banter between Chloe and Janis. I also liked how it worked out in the end.

Overall, I thought the characters were well done and offered nice surprises and interpersonal dynamics. I am excited for the next season, but not sure if I want to attempt to dvr it.

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