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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wistful Wednesday


It is an undeniable fact that life is nothing more than a series of challenges that are either met...or not. Everything we do involves some sort of challenge. Some are big, some are small. Some are insurmountable, some only seem that way. But what really defines a challenge is how we deal with it. And in a way, that defines us, too.

I've been thinking a lot about challenges lately. Probably because I have been dealing with my fair share in my personal life. This makes me think about challenges in my writing life and how the two often intersect. You see, I get a lot of the ideas for my stories from things that happen in my personal life - and with a family like mine, that's a lot of inspiration! One little incident can expand into a full-bodied story with a little tweak here and there. A dream could develop into a book series. A bad mood could lend itself to a fight scene. Somehow or another, little aspects of my life find their way onto the pages of my books.

One of the blessings of writing is that it is therapeutic. Just writing about something that is challenging to me and noting how the character handles it helps me to handle it. Strange but true. Another blessing of writing is that it helps me to connect with others, to share my ideas with others and get their impressions, too. This is especially true of blogging. Blogging is a wonderful way of interacting with readers, sharing ideas, and building a community. I really treasure the input from our readers and appreciate the support you have given me during these challenging times.

How do you handle the challenges life throws at you? Do you ever wish you could handle it the same way a fictional character does? Feel free to share your thoughts - and which fictional characters you wish you were more like.

4 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

Writing IS theraputic:) I soooo wish I had wised up sooner during a situation which I fictionalized in Love Finds A Way ( find out what happens in book #4), and also, writing book #4 on a totally unrelated topic helped me deal with the emotions I'd experienced in a similar situation and getting feedback reinforced my belief I'd handled it appropriately. Sorry if this is cryptic:)

Margay Leah Justice said...

Molly, I can always count on you to offer some interesting feedback - even if it is cryptic! I don't know if you feel this way too, but I find that it's easier to write about my dilemmas if I do it via a third party (a fictional character) than if I do it in my own viewpoint. For some reason, I find it very difficult to keep a journal. I've tried, many times, but still can't do it - even though my mother is always giving me these beautiful journals for my birthday and Christmas!

Molly Daniels said...

I'm the opposite; I've been known to journal nearly every aspect of my life. A diary or a journal is the one place where I could adequately pour out my emotions, actions, expressions, etc. I never could verbalize enough, but give me a notebook and I'll fill it.

I did something stupid back in 1989 or 1990; to 'prove my undying love', I threw out my college journals. HUGE mistake. I can never get those memories back, unless I'm with my bff, and she's forgotten some of our escapades too. I have only a few times I'd like to go back in time and stop myself; this was one such time.

And I LIKE your posts, Margay:) You always come up with some thought-provoking topics:)

Margay Leah Justice said...

Thank you, Molly. I try, with my posts, not just to document what's happening in my life, but to show how even the most mundane things can lend themselves to writing. And how writing affects (effects?) every aspect of (my) life. It's nice to know that they get people to think in the process!