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Friday, March 5, 2010


A week from hell...

Oh, wow! I forgot today was Friday! It's still Tuesday to me. I guess because I'm still trying to finish Tuesday's To-do-list. Grrr...It's been one of those weeks. Thanks to Carrie for reminding me today was Friday!!! I've been overloaded with work, doing legal research, drafting pleadings, more research and then more research and then adding to the pile, BOTH my boys have been in trouble at school. On the plus side...I met BOTH of their vice-principals. GRRR...not the way I wanted to meet them I might add.

My youngest son, a second grader, was just goofing off, not doing school work and making bad choices. As much as I hate to say this, the call from his vice-principal wasn't a shocker. He's good hearted, but he doesn't think before he leaps. And, in his opinion, school is a social affair and since he already knows everything, he doesn't need to learn more. *rolls eyes* To give him credit, he has no problems with school academically, flies through his homework, makes A's on everything, leaving my husband convinced he's bored to tears and hence the reason for behavioral problems.

My oldest son, a sixth grader, so it's his first year in middle school and he's hit the "too cool for you" attitude. Grrr...I am not liking this phase right now. The call from his vice-principal still has me reeling in shock. This child never gets in trouble or causes school anyway, at home he can be a thorn in my side (ask Carrie, as I've whined to her about his bizarre attitude ~ LOL), but he's ultimately good hearted and the biggest animal lover I know. Basically, he's the one I can count on to always use his manners, to show respect and to make the right choices...away from home! Even my youngest child was shocked by his older brother's misbehavior. Although I thought he was probably thinking "YES!", because finally his big brother was into some type of school trouble and it wasn't just him always in the hotseat.

So, my week has been a mixture of ups and downs. It did end on a good note last night. The editor that has my book WytchBlood e-mailed me and said she'd have a definitive answer on if they would accept my book by Monday. *bites nails nervously, while trying to cross my fingers in prayer*

I have a "Wicked Giveaway" contest running at Wicked, Thorn & Roses that ends TODAY! So if you want a chance to win a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card, go here and read the entry regulations. I'll draw and announce the winner tomorrow!

I hope everyone has an awesome and laid back, relaxing weekend! I know I'm praying for one! =)

1 Moonbeams (comments):

Carrie said...

Gracen - You're husband's right for your younger son. He's definitely not getting sufficiently challenged in school and the behavioral issues are because of that.

My uncle was that way when he was in school. That's how really, really smart kids are. They make really good grades, get easily bored and do things to act up and it's not because they want attention, but because they are truly bored and don't really know why and therefore, don't know how to express it.

I'm curious, has he ever come right out and told his teachers he's bored? I'd ask them and see. If he has, maybe he's just tired of being ignored.

As for your older son, he needs grounding, ground rules and loss of privileges. If you're worried this attitude can take him down the wrong path, call up your local police department and explain that you're going to "nip a potential problem in the bud" so you want to take you're older son on a tour of the local prison (nothing major).

Have them introduce him to others like himself and then (temporarily) lock him in a cell and walk around the corner just out of his sight, but not out of your hearing (if possible). After enough time to get him slightly paranoid and scared, have them take him out so you and the police officers can talk to him about it. Ask him what it felt like to watch you walk away. All sorts of questions like that.

Then go on to make the comparison between the people he met and the person he is now and that if he doesn't change his attitude and start respecting people, he'll be heading for a cell like that in the future.

Okay, tough, I know, but it did work on one kid from a daycare I worked at. He was acting up so bad and not listening to the teachers or the cop, so the cop put him in the isolation cell (with the door open), and it was enough to scare him that he started to respect people.

It's also called "Scared Straight" and that may be what he needs. Remember, whatever you threaten as a consequence, be sure to follow through and be tough about it, because it's now when he needs it.

Enough of my prattling.