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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Starlight Saturday

Weekly Book Review

I received this book a short while ago and while a quick and easy read, I found myself dawdling with finishing it.

Please, please, please do not take this the wrong way here. I was dawdling not because it was hard to get into, but because this one is the last of the trilogy and I just didn't want it to end.

The Monster at the End of this BookHow can I put this in a way that you'll truly understand? By using another book as an example. Okay, not the book, but the story. Have you ever read, The Monster at the End of this Book? If not, here's a brief overview of what's going on in this fun and playful children's book. Grover is scared because he knows there's a monster at the end of the book and he doesn't want to meet it, so he does everything he can to keep you from turning the page from using paper clips and staple to building a wall. Every time you turn the page, you destroy his efforts and he gets more and more scared.(clever idea to get a kid to read a book, huh?)

Anyway, that's me in this scenario. I'm Grover and I'm afraid to get to the end of this book because I know that there's no more Janie and Cabel to read about after this book is done. I like Janie, Cabel and all of her friends, so I stalled the book as long as I could.

But, like one of the dreams Janie encounters in this novel, I got sucked in and I couldn't stop reading and before I knew it, I had finished the novel. That's it, the end of the trilogy. Whaaaaaa! But I don't want it to end! I want there to be more about these characters! It's too soon to end!

Okay, enough of my whining...for now.

This book is full of drama, intrigue and mystery. From the beginning you keep wondering what Janie will do. Will she stay working at the police force? Will she stay with Cabel? Who is the man that Janie's mother was so desperate to see? Not just who is he to Janey, but who is he and why does he need Janie's help? How will she help him? Will she be able to help him?

This book is a fast-paced page-turner that is perfect for readers of all ages, including the Reluctant Reader. This book while having a paranormal feel to it, seems more mystery with some moderate suspense and light intrigue to me. It's also very romance light. Oh, it's there, it's just not the focal point, even though some of the mystery and suspense involve the status of the relationship. My one knock against this book is that it isn't as crime driven as the other two, so there's no crime case to solve, but there are plenty of questions that need answering.

I can't say anymore without giving anything away, so I'll just get on with the ratings. Now, the first images will rate how strong the element is in the book in an X out of 5 style, with 5 being the strongest. Elements not present in the book, are not mentioned:

Romance: Romance Romance
Mystery: Mystery Mystery Mystery Mystery
Intrigue: Intrigue Intrigue
Suspense: Suspense Suspense Suspense

Light on romance but I gave it two hearts? Well, there's not much heat in terms of the romance, and not much time on it, since the relationship has been well established, but Cabel's actions are so sweet and thoughtful at times that you keep wanting to tell her, "You've got a keeper Janie, don't let him go!" But as much as I like this aspect, there could have been so much more done with this aspect, but I understand why the author didn't go into more detail here. If she had delved even further into the romance side of things, the book would have been so much bigger and sometimes, certain elements just have to take a backseat to make a story that much better!
My overall rating for this book is very much like the others, which I haven't posted here at Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem yet, but they're located on Goodreads.
Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall

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2 Moonbeams (comments):

Sandra Cox said...

I'd like to read this.

Sandra Cox said...

Belated happy bday, Carrie!