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Friday, March 19, 2010


Curling up……with K.T. Bishop

Author KT Bishop dropped by Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem to promote his latest release, Curling Up, published by Red Rose Publishing.

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MLM: Congratulations on the newest release.

KT: Thanks, this is my third release at Red Rose. The two previous have been released in the spring and guess that’s a good time for me (Laughs).

MLM: Curling Up has a few interesting connotations.

KT: The original title was Feel the Fire, about an Olympic gymnast and figure skater. That book got slapped around like a five-pound bag of flour. It did not go very far and was rejected. I went back to work and rewrote it to Curling Up, referring to an Olympic curler and kept the figure skater.

MLM: Give us the skinny on Curling Up.

KT: The hero, Robin Friesz, travels to Canada for a radio job and bypassed attending college in Alabama. He runs into trouble and gets caught into a drug raid. Somehow, he overcomes this and lands a spot on the Olympic team. Inga Johan was a Swedish child actress who just got unemployed. Like Robin, she finds herself at the Olympics. Their first meeting was not love at first sight.

MLM: You’ve written quite a few sports books.

KT: Yeah, I am trying to corner the market. I’ve always wanted to make my own mark in the sports romantic side. There are always so many romance stories involving athletes and their loved ones.

MLM: Is there something else you want to write?

KT: Right now I am tackling a Cougar series. I’ve always been fascinated with the older woman-younger man storyline and wondering why it’s so popular. For me to write something like that is truly different. I also hope to have a Holiday series for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Again, I am trying to avoid the Fonzie syndrome and not be typecast and do other things like Harrison Ford and Denzel Washington.

MLM: The interracial/multicultural genre has worked well for you.

KT: I love writing about different races coming together, not just black men and white women of the USA. I plan to explore romances in Sweden, Italy and Japan with a few upcoming titles. And you can write those stories without the racial tension involved because people love to read about happy endings.

MLM: What is easier for you to write, a series or stand-alone?

KT: Believe it or not, a series. Curling Up, right now, is the only book that doesn’t have a sequel. If the book becomes a hit, I will have no choice but to do a sequel and have closure. One book I finished last summer became a series. To me, a series always gives my characters closure.

MLM: What is the ultimate dream for you as an author?

KT: Talk staring down a double-barrel shotgun. It’s a bunch of things for me, which may be different for other authors. Making the best-seller list and tons of cash into the bank account. Getting printed books and having a book signing in the hometown. From there, nothing’s sweeter than having your book turned into a movie albeit TV or the big screen. (Jane Porter, Nicholas Sparks have done this).

MLM: Have any upcoming releases?

KT: Catching a Cuban Curveball, the sequel to Curing a Cajun Cold, will be out later this summer at Red Rose.

MLM: Before you leave, could you leave us an excerpt?

KT: Be glad to.

Inga eagerly returned to the scene of her most embarrassing moment two hours before the elimination began. Her green eyes were fixated on the ice rink and she was determined to come out on top. “It won’t happen again,” She told herself.

Opposing skaters taunted Inga during the line. “Hope you have another comedy act for us. You’re not getting through.”

Inga smirked at the remarks and waited her turn. She rocked back and forth to neutralize her nervousness. When Inga turned around to look at the audience, she was stunned to see Robin in the stands. His uncanny presence lit a fire in her belly once again.

She found inspiration under the ballad of her home land’s rock group, Roxette’s song “Must’ve Been Love.” She turned in a near flawless performance. Frowning, she perfectly skated in a circular motion three times.

The crowd, including an impressed Robin, gave her a standing ovation. She mumbled, “Inga, you did your best.” Despite the accolades, she still refused to smile. She knew that applause wouldn’t be enough to get her to Vancouver, in February.

Four names were called out, leaving two spots available. Inga nervously sat on the bench, shaking, both hands covering her mouth. “Oh shit, I didn’t make it.”

As the public address announcer blared out, “The final spot goes to Inga Johan of Sweden,” she leaped three feet in the air. She exhaled heavily as Hendericksen mobbed her. “I did it Coach Hen!”

“Uh, I never lost faith.”

Robin, who admired Inga’s resolve, stopped by her corner and reluctantly offered congratulations. They had their first civil conversation.

He shook her hand and smiled. “You did well out there; it took a lot of guts to come back from something like that the other day.”

His presence caused a lump in her throat. “T-thank you.”

“Guess I’ll see you in Vancouver?”

She smiled as her body continued to heat up in his presence. “Yeah, I’ll see you in Vancouver.”

“Have a safe trip back to Sweden.”

Inga’s eyes locked onto his caramel body as he left the arena. Suddenly she had found her inspiration in the American curler. She looked forward to getting to know him better at Vancouver. Those ninety days couldn’t come fast enough.

23 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

I really like this KT:) Congrats on the new release! Heading over to add this to my TBB list...

K.T. Bishop said...

Thank you, Molly. I enjoyed writing it.

Betty Ann Harris said...

I love K.T.'s books and can't wait to read this new one, Curling Up!

K.T. Bishop said...

That's the nicest thing anyone ever said, Betty Ann. Now, tell your friends, LOL

Leah Vaughn said...

Awesome Review KT!!!! Keep it up!!! Congrats!

K.T. Bishop said...

I predicted this book would be a hit, Leah!

Ellen Alen said...

James Your interview is awesome I am happy for you boy and much success I need a copy Red Rose Publishing right?

K.T. Bishop said...

I've enjoyed my stint at Red Rose, Ellen and hope for more success

Anonymous said...

very nice.

K.T. Bishop said...

Thanks for everything you've done for me, Sapphire.

Gracen Miller said...

Sorry, I'm late to the party! Great to have you join us again, K.T.! It's always a pleasure to have you with us and you give such great and easy interviews!

Best of luck with this book, but it sounds like it's already a huge success!!!


K.T. Bishop said...

Always glad to talk with MLM, Gracen. Having the ability to speak and promote my books is always a wonderful thing!

Unknown said...

Totally awesome KT I hope you sell a million copies. Sounds like a good book. I think you have all your ducks in a row here...keep on keeping on!
Good Luck!

K.T. Bishop said...

Writing is one of those things you can't jump into, Billie. You have to build your way up! Glad to have your support.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Hi James or K.T.,

I'm a huge sports fan and love the idea of writing a sports story! Good luck with all of this and with having it turn into print very soon.


K.T. Bishop said...

A lot of stories with sports themes are out there, and I want to tell them, Monti.

Unknown said...

Hi! Congrats to a fellow Red Rose Author. The skating is my favorite part of the Olympics, so the cover caught my eye right away.
I think you have a good niche in the sports story venue.
I wish you much success in all that you do.
Great interview Molly :)

Adelle 'Legs' Laudan

Unknown said...

Oops! My apology for using Molly instead of MLM. I'm not sure where that came from lol.
I told you I was a little scatter-brained today :)

K.T. Bishop said...

That's okay, Adelle. I've done that a bunch of times writing. I'm going to write a few non-sports books, with the notion of not typecasting myself.

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl said...

Excellent excerpt and interview, KT. I look forward to reading Curling Up.

K.T. Bishop said...

It's just amazing how a storyline comes together, Franny! You'll enjoy reading it.

Sandy said...

What a great excerpt, K.T. I hope you do well with Curling Up.

Interesting interview.

K.T. Bishop said...

Sandy, I am thinking about doing a sequel with the success....