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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Middle Ages. The Dark Ages. The time of knights.

It’s so easy to romantize the Middle Ages. What girl hasn’t imagined being rescued by a knight in shining armor and being able to hold on as the two of you ride off into the setting sun?

But if we look through out history books, not all knights were good. Some burned cities down to the ground and took whatever gold or treasures they could find. Others ignored the knight’s code of chivalry and did whatever they pleased, believing that their rank entitled them.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather read about the dashing, daring type of knight. After all, history is meant to be rewritten! (Although writing about a nearly villainous knight and redeeming him could make for an interesting story…. Hmm….)

Sir Geoffrey is one such knight. He longs for battle and adventure, willing to do whatever his king asks of him. Despite his masculinity, Geoffrey also has a more tender side. He idealizes love and the queen joking bestowed him the nickname “Bard.”

In Knight of Glory, Geoffrey finds himself torn between two very different women: the beautiful and mysterious Celestia and the strong, slightly sarcastic Jenanna. While he seeks out possible allies for the Kingdom of Arnhem, Geoffrey struggles to learn what love really is even as he fights for his life.

Here is a short excerpt from Knight of Glory that explores the knight side of Geoffrey:

Despite the upsetting dream, Geoffrey tried to settle. The moon was still visible, just beginning her descent, and he had many hours of rest he could try to claim. He nearly dozed again when the sound of an arrow whizzing past him woke Geoffrey up completely. He immediately reached for his bow and readied to fire a shot, but the darkness clouded his vision and he could not see his enemy.

"Raulin," he hissed in a demanding whisper. When the boy did not stir, Geoffrey left the safety of the tree and shook the boy. "Raulin, grab your bow."

Another arrow struck the dirt in front of them. They scrambled for cover. The scent of burning wood wafted to Geoffrey, and he nearly fell over in disbelief. "What are you doing, Jacob? You want them to kill us? Have you gone daft? We aren't wearing armor! One arrow and we could be dead!"

"I know." Jacob gave him a wide grin. He dipped his arrow into the fire before shooting the flaming projectile toward Speica. The light from the flame gave enough illumination that Geoffrey saw several Speican archers on the other side.

"Come on, Raulin. Hide behind this tree. Reach around, light the arrows, and hand them to us. Quickly now," Geoffrey ordered. He hated to give the jokester respect but Jacob's quick thinking was remarkable and he gave that respect, even if only begrudgingly.

The boy hurried over and complied. Jacob fired first so Geoffrey could aim to kill. Although many Speican arrows landed close to them, one or two even landed in the fire, the trio remained unharmed. After Geoffrey killed one and maimed another, the remaining Speicans fled.

Geoffrey stomped out the fire, his face grim. "This is not good. They'll send reinforcements. We must continue."


"There's no help for it, Raulin," he added sharply.

The young squire closed his mouth with a huff. Stomping his feet, he climbed onto his horse, allowing the mount to trudge northward at a leisurely pace. Jacob followed, and Geoffrey assumed the rear position.

15 Moonbeams (comments):

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Nicole, Geoffrey has such a pure heart. He's defiantely the kind of Knight I'd want on my side. The excerpt speaks to his bravery. Thanks so much for sharing.


Nicole Zoltack said...

He really is a sweetheart, isn't he? And he could protect you from any danger. What else could a lady want? Thanks for dropping by, Steph!


Rebecca J Vickery said...

HI Nicole,
I love the dashing knights too. The ones who believe in their code of honor, loyalty, and kneeling at a Lady's hand. Your "Bard" sounds wonderful. Great blogging.

Toni Noel said...

Yu're right. Every girl dreams about a knight kneeling at her feet and your excerpt makes seem possible in real life.


Sarah Simas said...

HI Nicole!

You sure know how to write a gal's fantasy! Loved the excerpt! :)


Nicole Zoltack said...

Thanks, ladies. I know I used to dream about a knight. It was always my fantasy so I thought it would make a great story.

Laurean Brooks said...

Nicole, Your writing style is different and awesome. Not to mention your characters. This is wonderful!

I like the chivalrous knights, too. Or..Robin Hood would make a good substitute.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


I love knights! Great excerpt. Love the book cover, too.

Sheila Deeth said...

Cool. I'm English. I grew up dreaming knights - and Robin Hood too.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Thanks, Laurean, you're too kind! And I love the book cover too, Karen. It's beautiful.


Nicole Zoltack said...

I've always loved Robin Hood too, Sheila. There's just something about a moral outlaw, isn't there?


Gracen Miller said...

Sorry, I'm showing up late, Nicole. Thanks so much for joining us in the moonlight on Tuesday. It was such a pleasure, a joy and an honor to have you with us.

What an awesome excerpt and it sounds like a great book! I've added it to my TBR list. Knights are romantic heroes and I love them!

Best of luck with your book!


Anonymous said...

Nicole, your Geoffrey sounds like the kind of hero that makes hard hearts believe in heroes and love again.

Best of luck with the book! And keep writing those romantic heroes!

hugs, Kari Thomas

Nicole Zoltack said...

Thanks for having me, Gracen, I really enjoyed writing this post and sharing the excerpt. I hope you enjoy Knight of Glory!

And thanks, Kari! Never fear, I'll never stop writing about romantic heroes. :)


Diane Craver said...

Great excerpt and blog post! Geoffrey sounds like a wonderful romantic hero!