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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mystic Monday

Fire in the Sky

Yes, this may be the name of a movie about alien abduction, but it's also what I slept through on April 14th at 10pm.

Maybe you've heard about it, maybe you haven't, but apparently it's been the talk of the town and possibly even the country. To look at on video is awe inspiring and scary because of the fact that it had to be about 3 feet in diameter to make that picture as it entered the atmosphere.

Astronomers and spectators weren't the only one enjoying this, but so were religious fanatics - at least for what they could get out of it anyway. No, this is not the beginnings of a path death and destruction or hellfire and brimstone. It was just a fact of nature, a fact of science. While most meteors are usually the size of a grain of sand or a pea (yeah, I wasn't too believing of this fact, but it is fact), ones the size encountered in the Milwaukee skyline only hit the earth 10 times a year.

While I wanted to embed the video, the Channel 12 feed wouldn't let me, but I did find one without sound to embed from CNN feed. This one is cool because it offers views from different locales, including Iowa.
If you're interested in hearing the Channel 12 feed and locals' reactions, here's the link: Channel 12 Meteor Story on youtube

Yeah, I slept through the neatest thing in our astronomic history! Murphy's Law biting my ass I can sure tell you that because not long before that, my glasses spontaneously fell apart last Wednesday night. Yeah, I was typing on the computer when all of a sudden, there was this loud, "boing!" and my eyeglass frame came apart at the right temple, causing the right lens to fly to the floor, bounce off the floor and land on my pants leg. The "boing!" and subsequent crash were so loud that my husband thought there was something wrong with the laptop - yeah, it sounded that weird. I couldn't find the screw, hell I was lucky I was able to find the lens as I couldn't really see very well at all. It certainly wasn't something I expected from my brand new $500 pair of progressive bifocals. Grrr!

Okay, so yeah, on the eve of the 14th, my glasses break, and I get overcome with this insane bout exhaustion that causes me to fall asleep at the computer at like 9:30-9:45pm, to which I go to bed and sleep straight through until 6am go to the bathroom and turnaround and go back to bed for another 9 or so hours and I don't wake up until about 3pm that day.  Oh, and I have been sick ever since then, but that's probably just a nasty coincidence compliments of Murphy himself! The whole thing wouldn't have been bad, but I had Dana Davis' interview to post that Thursday, and well, I was really, really, really late at getting to it.

I'm still completely annoyed that I fell asleep through that spectacle. It does give me a great storyline that I might share someday...he he he....

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