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Thursday, April 22, 2010


5 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Romance Writer

5. "Why don't you write something with more substance like..."

Have you ever been asked this as a romance writer? Well, I have and although I know this family member loves me dearly, they clearly don't understand how wild that question is. As a writer, you fall into the genres that inspire and move you to tell stories. It's that simple.

4. "You must have an amazing sex life!"

It's quite good, thank you, but jeez! Writing romance doesn't mean you're some kind of nympho-manic... well, not usually.

3. "I know those sex scenes are based off your own experiences!"

Maybe . . . maybe not. Romance writing is all about the fantasy encounter, lover, scenario, etc! Most of us aren't writing play by play scenes in our bedrooms because let's face it- real-life sex isn't perfect and magical every single time. Ok, I know there are exceptions to everything. If you're experiencing perfect magical sex every single time with your partner, please email me!

2. "Don't put me in one of your books."

*g* This one usually gets the wheels turning in my head immediately. Ah, yes, I know just what story to pen about you! (You know who you are!) Seriously, I'm just kidding.

1. "Oh, you write those books."

Yes, I do. The one's with the hawt covers of half-naked men and half-dressed females. Romance novels have been around for a long time and even though the market may shift with social trends there will always be readers and writers like me!

~ Angela Nichelle

Never Before Seen Excerpt from Cupid's Arrow:

"There's something I have to tell you, Safina." Kal's eyes seemed to glitter like black diamonds in the darkened room.

Waving her hands, Safina shook her head. "No, no . . . I don't wanna know."

Kallias slowly took off his suit jacket. "It's not what you think."

"I don't know what to think." Her fingers were freezing. "What are you doing?" Safina asked as Kallias began unbuttoning his shirt. Momentarily distracted by smooth chocolate abs, she gasped in complete shock when incredibly huge ivory wings unfurled from behind Kallias's back. The glossy wings stretched to the ceiling, flexing as long as the small room behind him. Goosebumps covered Safina's arms as she stared at Kal. He was easily the most magnificent thing she had ever seen . . . and the scariest.

"I won't hurt you," Kallias said, remaining still.

She sensed he wouldn't hurt her even if she didn't understand anything else. "This is crazy! What are you?" She couldn't take her eyes off him. Her mind was racing with a million different thoughts. He was beautiful and he wasn't human.

"I'm an erote." Kallias took one step toward her, holding up his hands when Safina pressed farther away.

"What does that mean?" Safina asked, transfixed by the striking contrast of the ivory feathers against his mahogany skin. She rested her bottom on the tiny windowsill as Kallias studied her.

"Come with me and I'll explain everything." He took another step toward her and offered his hand.

Safina hesitated. She wanted to reach for him . . . wanted to feel the energy between them that made everything seem okay.

Cupid's Arrow is available with Noble Romance Publishing! Purchase your copy here:

Learn more about Angela Nichelle at her website: or blog:!

11 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

Never been asked any of those...yet. I HAVE been asked 'is this character based on me?' or 'have you based a character on me?'.

My mother used to ask 'why must you use those bad words?' and when I 'fessed up about my erotic romance, she shrugged her shoulders and said 'Sex sells.'

So I guess she's coming around! Or, there's a side to my mom I don't know???

Anonymous said...

Molly, what we don't really know about our mothers would impress us to no end!

Great post -- do you find it intimidates people, too? They really are afraid that they're going to be held up to high standards, LOL.

Angela Nichelle said...

Hey, Molly,

I agree if we knew everything our mother's did would be shocking. I know it would be for me.

Ms. Kempe,

I think it does intimidate some people. Or is that they're uncomfortable?

Thank you both for stopping by and happy Earth Day!


Pat Brown said...

Mystery writers get asked 'when are you going to write a real book' too. All genre fiction writers do. Some snobs think the only reputable fiction is high brow literary or poetry -- but only the kind that doesn't rhyme.

Margie Church said...

I've been asked all these questions and it never ceases to amaze me how many people think we are what we write. LOL The one question I never want to hear is, "I think your characters need a little blue pill to perk up the scenes, don't you?" I'm going to quit writing erotica that day!

Angela Nichelle said...

Hey, Ms. Brown! Genre fiction writers write the most fascinating books! I know I'm biased. :)

lol. Margie, thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca Leigh said...

I haven't been asked much, but I have had a couple people made snide comments about what I'm writing and whether I would ever let my girls read it. I proudly say yes, when they are older!!

My favorite is number 3!! I read another author (can't remember who) say that when people ask her this she says something like . . . yes, vampires are okay but it's hard to get the blood stains out and the weres alwasy rip my clothes to shreads!! I'm totally going to steal that if anyone ever asks!!

Thanks for the great post.


Unknown said...

Hi Angela,

I think you made a really good point with #5. No one has ever asked me that question and I'd probably feel insulted if they did.
However, there did come a point when I asked the question of myself. Shortly thereafter I put my romance writing on hold, for the time being, and set about trying to do exactly that.
The next logical question would be, how's that working out for you? Too soon to tell, but I am enjoying the challenge.
Literary fiction certainly isn't the only form of good fiction, but it can be a liberating experience for the writer. It does allow you the freedom to operate outside the boundaries imposed by all forms of genre fiction.


Angela Nichelle said...


I love that response! I'm sure she must get plenty of shocked looks!


I think it's good to try other things in any area of our lives. I'm sure you'll meet the challenge of creating a literary fiction masterpiece!

So happy to see you both here! ;^)


Vegetarian Cannibal said...

I haven't written anything that has been famously published or anything... but I do get a lot of curious questions. I write erotica (not romance) and I mostly get 4, 3, and 1.

Not that I mind, because I DO have a wonderful sex life. But not every sex scene I write has been personally experienced. How exhausting would that be! I think my poor boyfriend would give out on me, lol!

I think genre writers have it tough but we're a fantastic bunch. Reading is supposed to be fun! So I say, the crazier the story, the better! We're supposed to be imaginative and inventive!

Angela Nichelle said...


Thank you for coming by! I'm with you reading should be fun and imaginative.

Have a great weekend! :^)