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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello, Moonlighters! I hope you had a great week. I'll announce the winner from last week's contest in a few moments. This week, I'll be giving away another Mahogany book mark and a Mayan calendar. (Pictures below.) Don’t forget to check back next week, to see what I’m giving away. Next week is something different than these past two weeks!

Today's topic is the Grand Cayman Islands. Our stop was the capital, George Town, and it's a beautiful city, very clean and the bluest waters I've ever seen. We went snorkeling here, saw some beautiful coral reefs and fish as big as my 8 year old son. No kidding!!

Our guide said that the Grand Cayman's once were a haven for pirates. I thought this interesting because to look at the city now, I’d have never thought it once harbored pirates. She also told us that the Caymans were known for three things (the three B's) and I asked you that question last week. So, here are the answers:

1. Banking ~ Some of you got this one. From my understanding, this is a popular banking institution for money laundering.

2. Black Coral ~ I don't remember if anyone mentioned this one or not.

3. Booze ~ I do remember someone mentioning Rum. And the Caymans make some fabulous Rum and a Rum Cake that is to die for!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Don’t forget to leave me a comment for a chance to win this week’s Caribbean giveaway!

Now, to this week’s winner. I entered everyone’s name into and allowed it to draw a winner. And the winner is…..AMBER SKYZE!

George Town, Grand Cayman - coming in on the ferry from the ship.

Amazing Blue waters of Grand Cayman!

Gifts winner will receive next week.

SINCE WE HAVE REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS (WOOHOO!!!!), IN CELEBRATION, I'LL BE GIVING AWAY A SECRET SECOND GIFT TO ONE PERSON THAT POSTS A COMMENT. (This gift will be totally unrelated to the Caribbean Giveaway, so the item will not come from the Caribbean.)

3 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

Yay Amber!!

Oh, that blue water makes me want to dive right in...(Molly bangs head against monitor!)

Unknown said...

Wow, I won! Thanks. :)

Gracen Miller said...

Hey, Molly & Amber,

Since no one but you two entered for the drawing, this week's Caribbean giveaway is MOLLY DANIELS!!! And since I was celebrating 100+ followers last week as well (and since only two of you participated), I'll give BOTH of you a prize! I'll contact you both by e-mail.

Be sure to leave a comment on today's blog post to be entered for the new Caribbean giveaway featuring an usual plaque.