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Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello, Moonlighters! I hope you had a great week. Sandra Sookoo interviewed me at her site today and one commenter will receive a free copy of Elfin Blood! So, come leave mea comment for a chance to win:

I announced the winner from last week's contest in the comment section of last week, but just to make sure everyone knows, the winner is MOLLY DANIELS! And BOTH Molly Daniels and Amber Skyze (the only two who participated in last week's contest) will receive something for my 100+ followers celebration. I’ll contact you both by e-mail.

This weeks giveaway is something VERY different from the other two weeks. It is a “Tombstone of the Sarcophagus in the Temples of the Inscriptions at Palenque”. (Picture is below). On the back it states that the real sculpture is carved on a monolith 12.43 feet x 7.21 feet x 9.84 inches in width and it depects the descent of the ruler Hanab Pakal II to the Underworld. The Mayans believed in three world, The Sky (Upper world), the Living World (Intermediate Level) and the World of the Dead (Underworld). It’s an interesting piece of art and I wish I’d bought myself one. *sigh*

Today's topic is the Isla Roatan, Honduras and Belize City, Belize.

We docked at Mahogany Bay in Honduras. Isla Roatan, Honduras is a beautiful island where we went snorkeling over reefs that were so huge your belly would scrub them when you swam over them. There wasn’t much to do on Honduras other than snorkel, hang out at their beach (Magogany Beach) or zip line through the forest. Zip lining through the forest would have been hours of fun for my husband and my dare devil oldest son, but for me and my youngest son it would have been hours of torture. I’m terrified of heights and just riding the Magical Chair across the island to get to the beach and snorkeling area was bad enough. Yes, I’m a weenie! LOL I’ll post pictures of the Island from the Magical Chair ride. And NO I wasn’t taking any of the photos, I was too busy death clenching the handrail of the seat! =)

Coming into Mahogany Bay in Isla Roatan, Honduras.

The scene docked in port at Mahogany Bay in Isla Roatan, Honduras.

My husband and me (at my UNbest) in Honduras before the Magical Chair ride!
A view from the Magical Chair ride!

Another beautiful view from the Magical Chair ride!
Mahogany Beach on Isla Roatan, Honduras

We didn’t do much in Belize, mostly because we were all so terribly tired by day three and the excursions in Belize were very pricy. I would have loved to have gone cave tubing, but that was out of the option with my 8 year old son and he just barely made the height requirement anyway. We did mull over going cave tubing, but ultimately, we elected not to cave tube for fear that the darkness of the caves would terrify our youngest son. He’s terrified of the dark and it was a five hour excursion, so it wasn’t something we could simply walk away from if he did become scared.

Coming into Belize on our 25 minute ferry ride!

So, in a nut shell that was our trip to Isla Roatan, Honduras and Belize City, Belize. Getting bored with our trip yet? Now for the giveaway photo…

Giveaway prize!


10 Moonbeams (comments):

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous of your vacation! We're off this coming week, but not doing anything so exotic. :(

Fascinating plaque.

Hey and thanks for the great prize!

Anonymous said...

How awesome was THAT trip? I've got to tell you, I'd love to send all of my kids down the zip line while I capture their screams (screams of joy, right?) on video. Hours of entertainment, huh? Hmmm ... LOL!

Gracen Miller said...

Amber, sometimes the vacations when you do nothing are the best ones of all. I hope you have a fantastic week off!

Sarah...rofl...Yeah, screams of joy, right...*wink, wink*

Anonymous said...

(Molly bangs head trying to dive into the water) OW!

I'm not so sure I'd do the zip line either; depends on the slope.

But the Magical Chair ride looks beautiful!

Glad you had a good time and THANK YOU!! (((HUGZ)))


She said...

Great photos. Beautiful! Tha Mayan culture fascinates me. They were so advanced to make those cities yet they practiced blood sacrifices. I just finished reading an YA book called Invisible City by M. G. Harris about a teenager looking for an ancient Mayan document while trying to discover his father's murderer. Good book!

s7anna said...

Great pics! You're brave to even contemplate cave tubing...I'm not fan of tight spaces or the dark...

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.


Gracen Miller said...

Hey, Molly! All that head banging you keep doing must hurt! LOL *shudders at the thought of zip lining* I'd hurt someone before I got on that. =)

She...I agree, the Mayan's fascinate me too. I watch everything I can on them and their culture. They're an enigma. And now that their "doomsday Mayan Calendar" *rolls eyes* is all over the news, press, in the movies, they seem to be gaining more attention. I'm eating that up because I love learning all I can about them.

Hey, Anna! I'm not a fan of tight spaces, I can deal with it though, but the dark doesn't bother me. Strangely, I didn't even thinnk about the caves being "tight". LOL

Thanks for participating in my giveaway! Best of luck to you all!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like one wonderful vacation.....I am so jealous. :)

Thanks for sharing. The pictures now make me want to go. *grins*

Dawn Roberto
love2read28 @ gmail dot com

Marie McGaha said...

What an awesome way to spend time together. The term vacation is supposed to mean "to vacate" or get away from the ordinary and normal life you live...I always wondered if I got to take my dream vacation if I'd come back-

Rie McGaha

Gracen Miller said...

Good Friday morning! picked the winner and it chose...SHE! She, please contact me at to claim your prize.

My final Caribbean giveaway starts today. Come leave me a comment for a chance to win! The drawing will be held differently for this week's giveaway, so check out today's post to find out how it increases your chance of winning:

Best of luck to you all!

Thanks to each and everyone of you for sharing my virtual Caribbean adventure.