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Friday, March 4, 2011


My husband told me he wanted me to write some "kinky sex". I thought the vibrating diamond I wrote in Elfin Blood could be considered kind of kinky, but he doesn't think so. For an excerpt of the vibrating diamond, visit HERE. That wasn't kinky enough for him. *scratches head* Mmmkay…I told him the short erotic I just wrote, Fairy Casanova, and Decadent Publishing contracted for their 1NightStand series had a fairy using his wing like a sex toy. I got a "that's just weird look" and a very verbal "no."

I asked for examples of kinky and I received, "I don't know. But you know, kinky." Obviously I don't know because *points to references above* I thought I was already writing kinky stuff.

I asked if he wanted me to write threesomes and he made a face and shrugged. I asked if he wanted BDSM and I received a definite "No." I'm at a loss here and maybe he's afraid to speak his mind—a first for him!—and worried I'll think he's "weird" if he does. I embrace the weird label and he shy's away from it. Maybe he wants me to come up with something kinky to try on him, kind of like in the name of research. LOL

As I told him, we have friends who think "having" sex at all is kinky. Just for the record, I think they're all a tad strange because I can't imagine life without sex. Can I get a "Hell, yeah" or an "Amen"?? The same friends and many family members would think the things he and I indulge in are kinky. So, kinky can mean many different things to people.

As a reader and a writer, what do you consider kinky? What do you want to see more of and less of? I'm interested in knowing because I'm ready, willing and able to write what folks want to read.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


6 Moonbeams (comments):

Margay Leah Justice said...

I'm with you, Gracen. If he doesn't consider what you already wrote as kinky, I can't imagine what is! Do you think he meant sex toys or scenes of voyeurism? I'm at a loss.

Gracen Miller said...

Margay, I've decided he doesn't know what he considers kinky. LOL He did read Fairy Casanova--the first thing he's ever read by me--and he's encouraged me to write more "short" stories like that. So, I'm thinking he wants more of the "wham-bam-thank-you-mam" kind of stories. I've decided to write a story just for him, a sci-fi-ish story and I told him I'd add in sex toys but HE had to help me come up with the sex toys and imagery for the story. He's never been a part of my writing before, so this should be fun or at least interesting.


Margay Leah Justice said...

Ah, I get it now. He wants the sex without foreplay. None of the lovey dovey stuff, just in and to speak. You'll have to update us on how this goes!

Carrie said...

Okay, maybe he's talking about using food in sex, body oils, positions or some sort of role play (cop and robber, naughty nurse and patient/doctor, master and french maid) - that sort of thing.

Maybe even stripper and client...

Molly Daniels said...

Before I was married, a lover told me he wanted kinky sex. I told him I'd follow his lead, and he said no. Turned out his idea of kinky was rough, hard, and multiple positions!

Wonder what he'd say if he knew what I was writing about now? LOL!

Hahahaha...WV is 'braships'. Did you know there were bras for ships? Or maybe it's supposed to be 'brass hips'...

Gracen Miller said...

Margay, I think that's what I'm getting from him too. He's not read any of my longer stories, but he was all over this short one. LOL The story is left for the reader to make their own opinion about the couple's future--that was part of the series requirement--and how he perceived their future surprised me.

Carrie, I didn't think about this aspect. Hmm...I'll have to ask him this one.

Molly, "rough, hard and multiple positions" doesn't sound kinky to me...but a sexual preference maybe? LOL AND you've just proven my opinion..."kinky" is very broad termed and means something different to each person.

"Braships" huh? Never heard of them. My husband did offer a suggestion of "solar balls" for them to sleep in and he told me they should have sex in public. *shakes head* I really, really hope he's NOT hinting at something personally here! =D