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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last months interviews were so fun, they decided to let me come back in March! Call me Aine this time around…

Before we begin, I must remind everyone of the Moonlight Mistresses boring rule to please try and keep your responses to a PG13 atmosphere – *eye roll*. However, they haven’t seemed to care about double entendres, so let them fly!

My guests today are, Chad Dearborn, Ren Taylor and Tori Dearborn – please, have a seat on our lovely couch! – from Portland, Oregon. Their tale can be found in Identity Crisis a novel creation by Lila Munro.

*Settling comfortably onto the sofa, *

You three make one fine…pair?! I did a wonderful job pairing you three up if I do say so myself! Then, I just love all of my matches!

Aine: Please, Chad, tell our readers how you and Tori first met. Was it by your design, or hers?

Chad: It was by design of my parent’s relentless schemes to hook me up with Barbie. I decided enough was enough and happened upon the club Tori frequented. I knew what kind of club it was but had no idea what my role in that lifestyle was, until I laid eyes on her…**spearing Tori with a heated gaze**

Aine: Tori, would you say it was love at first sight or did you find him repulsive?

Tori: It was definitely not love at first sight. I didn’t find Chad repulsive per say, but he definitely wasn’t the type to be wandering aimlessly in a BDSM club. It took me a while to warm up to him, but then when he left and I thought I might never see him again, well, I then realized I was hopelessly in love with him. Now, Ren, when he entered our lives that was love at first sight. Sorry Chad, I love you, baby, but we both know Ren is clearly the stronger Dom.

Aine: Since chaotic happenstance tends to put characters like yourselves in situations where they must work together or live together for one reason or another, tell us what chaotic happenstance “forced” the two of you to work or live together. How did you both feel about this?

Tori: Ours wasn’t so much a chaotic happenstance as a compromising “position.” **bats eyes and giggles** Seriously, Chad had some issues with my lifestyle, but we loved each other and decided we could somehow make it work. It wasn’t until years later he gifted me Ren for our anniversary and came clean on what his issues were.

Chad: Not chaotic? Woman, what was your repeated blowing me off, no pun intended by the way, if not chaotic? You drove me crazy…she drove me crazy, Aine.

Aine: Chad, would you say that your relationship developed easily or would you say there was some reluctance?

Chad: Oh, there was definite reluctance on her part. I thought she never would give in and let me in her world.

Aine: How long did it take you to know your true feelings for the other? At what point did you know, “this is the one”?

Tori: I knew when Chad disappeared on me for two weeks that he was the one. I was lost without him. Now with Ren…I suppose I should tell you here, Chad had been bringing Ren home for several months before he was gifted to me, with Ren I knew right away I wanted him in my life. I never believed you could love two men until then. Ladies, it is entirely possible to love two men, and it’s okay to do so.

Ren: I felt the same attraction to Tori, I knew immediately if Chad would give me a space in their lives I wanted her.

Chad: It was the same for me. When I first laid eyes on Tori I told her little friend the Mistress I would marry her. And I did, as soon as I could convince her.

Aine: Ren, what would you say was your biggest obstacle to overcome before you could settle into a relationship with Chad and Tori?

Ren: The biggest obstacle to overcome-geeze. There was Chad’s insecurities and wondering if Tori would accept me…living a lifestyle like ours is in no way, shape or form easy. Then there was the issue of whether Chad or I was the stronger Dom. I think we’ve got it all ironed out now though and things are running smoothly.

Aine: This is for any of you. Would you like to thank anyone – other than me, of course – for getting you two together?

Tori: Rio, a Dom I knew from Vertigo. If he hadn’t claimed a permanent sub I might never have relented to Chad.

Chad: My parents. If they hadn’t tried to shove Barbie down my throat I’d never have ended up in Vertigo.

Ren: Fate. It was fate that allowed me to find out Chad and Tori’s naughty little secret and fate that allowed me into their lives.

Aine: I know our readers have enjoyed learning about you three so far, but I’m getting a little bored, so I’m going to heat things up. Tori, how would you end this sentence, "I wish Chad would _____?" *leans forward to eagerly hear your response*

Tori: I wish Chad would learn to use a violet wand properly. It’s not a light saber “Luke.”

Ren: I have to agree, Chad. I think the next time we’re at L’Edge you should take the instructional class.

Aine: Ren, would you prefer to give Tori a bubble bath or a back massage? Why?

Ren: That’s a toss-up. I cherish Tori and want her to feel loved and taken care of at all times. If she’s happy, I’m happy and I intend to take care of her every need. The ideal scenario is a back massage followed by a wild romp then a bubble bath—for three…

Aine: How many of you remember that old show, The Newlywed Game? Well, these next questions are going to help us play a similar game. Let’s see how well you three know each other. Chad, what would Tori say is your aphrodisiac? *waggles eyebrows*

Chad: Being a voyeur.

Aine: Tori, did he correctly guess your answer? How would you have answered that question?

Tori: **laughs and tosses back her hair** He is correct. He definitely likes to watch Ren and me. What shall I do, Sir as reward for your correct answer? **lowers her eyes**

Chad: We’ll discuss it when we get home but I think it’ll involve your mouth.

Aine: *sits back in his chair* Ren, what would Tori say is a spot guaranteed to drive you crazy with passion? Is she correct in that assumption?

Ren: **chuckles** Tori is very correct in assuming the look in her eyes when she climaxes drives me crazy…there’s nothing on my person she could touch that compares to the look in her eyes when she flies apart.

Aine:*readjusts his position in the chair* It’s time to cool things off just a tad. Tori, as far as you know, what is Chad’s idea of a perfect date?

Tori: A night in the VIP suite at L’Edge with him and Ren.

Aine: Chad, is she correct? If not, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Chad: Well, I don’t know if that’s the complete perfect date. I like to have dinner beforehand at The Wine Skin.

Aine: Ren, your turn in the hot seat. What is Tori’s idea of a perfect date?

Ren: When we aren’t traveling, Tori is a stay in date kind of girl. The perfect date would be margherita pizza from Old Town Pizza and raspberry brownies from Pearl’s eaten from Chad’s and my hands at our feet, and a scary movie followed by a wild romp and a bubble bath. **twists Tori’s long hair around his fist and smiles at her**

Aine: Tori, is he correct? If not, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Tori: He couldn’t be more correct. **fans herself with one hand**

Aine: In your adventures, journeys or travels, have the three of you had the chance to have the “perfect date,” or the closest you could get to one? Where did you go and what did you do?

Chad: I’d say we’ve experienced the perfect date many, many times and in many, many places, although L’Edge is our favorite place to play away from home. After that last visit I daresay they had to replace some of the equipment from overuse.

Aine: I want to switch gears just a bit. March has close connections to Ireland, and as many of us acknowledge, Ireland is steeped in myths and mysticism, as are many Native American tribal beliefs. Tori, Chad, Ren. Do you believe in this type of mysticism? Have you had any experiences that helped you develop these beliefs?

Tori: I know many Native American tribes practice certain rituals that bring about an “out of body” experience—sometimes associated with pain. This I can relate to as it is similar to what subs that like painful play refer to as floating in subspace. If that’s mysticism, I definitely believe. The only thing I really know about St. Pat’s day is that if I forget to wear green I pay like the dickens at home because Ren will get his jolly’s pinching me all day long in the most agonizing places---and I so love it.

Chad: My family couldn’t be less Irish, but if there’s any luck that comes from that holiday I think I got a boat load of it when it comes to relationships.

Ren: Believe me, sugar, **looks at Tori** I get as much pleasure from pinching as you do…**reaches toward her…**

Aine: Tori, Chad, Ren. Do you believe in fate and destiny or are most things just a happenstance of coincidence? Why do you feel the way you do?

Tori: Definitely destiny. I think all the things in my life from my broken childhood, to how I discovered the lifestyle led up to me meeting the two men that mean the most in my life.

Rio: Oh definitely fate. Fate was what led me to Chad, that led me to his secrets, that led me to our wife.

Chad: As usual I’m undecided—I think all things happen for a reason, and thanks fate, destiny or whatever else that they do.

Aine: Tori, Chad, Ren. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Tori: Still married, still enjoying the lifestyle. I hope by that time we have to hire a nanny.

Chad: A nanny? What the hell? Ren did you know about this?

Ren: No, but if that’s what Tori wants, Tori shall have…

Aine: I’m sorry folks, but that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks to Chad, Ren and Tori for joining us today and giving us some great answers. We hope you’ll check out their story, Identity Crisis.

To learn more about their author, Lila Munro, visit:


Someone once said you never truly know a person,

Chad Dearborn was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was given everything a person could want and more, country clubs were his daycares and Paris and London his playgrounds. Heir to Dearborn Inc., Chad stands to inherit a veritable fortune. But the problem is his parents want to gift him the perfect wife to go with it. A woman in the form of a molded, plastic, jet set dolly. Certainly not Chad’s idea of an ideal mate. He wants a woman that can hold her own, in and out of the bedroom. Who knew he’d find her in one of Portland’s hottest leather clubs? Chad was fascinated by what went on there, but something just wouldn’t let him cross that line.

until you sleep with them.

Country clubs? Europe? The closest Tori Myers ever came to those things were the covers of magazines. With an absent father, a less than attentive mother and nowhere to go, Tori finds herself drawn to an alternative lifestyle at the tender age of eighteen. Vertigo is a treasure chest of Dom’s willing to give her anything she wants. But when Chad Dearborn walks through the door, Tori figures out sometimes what your heart wants isn’t necessarily what your body is willing to compromise to have.

Or do you?

The thing that just wouldn’t let Chad cross the line with his sexuality has come home to roost. And as a result, he's faced with a huge decision. Accept who he is and what he wants. Or continue to fight the biggest identity crisis of his life.


An electric hum sizzled across Tori Dearborn’s sun kissed skin, setting the tiny hairs on her arms and on the back of her neck on edge as she stared at the outfit hanging on the back of the closet door in her bedroom. It was quite a number. A set of red leather chaps accompanied a red leather corset and matching g-string. Tori walked over and buried her face in the material, inhaling deeply, as a slow, delicious warmth enveloped her, sending a dull ache straight to the core of her womb. Leather. New leather. God how that smell turned her on.

Tori reluctantly pulled her face away from the chaps long enough to notice the accessories set upon her satin covered pillow alongside an envelope. She walked over and picked up the red leather handcuffs. Her fingers glided over the smooth edges of the restraints and she wished her husband was home right this minute to try the new toy out on her. But Chad was away on business. It was the first time in their five year marriage he'd miss their anniversary, but clearly by the gifts he’d left behind, he was anticipating quite a homecoming to make up for it.

Never in her wildest imagination would Tori have thought to marry someone like Chad Dearborn. Not only was he a successful VP at a top notch land development firm, he’d had the good fortune of growing up in the lap of luxury. He received the best private education money could buy and all the amenities that came with the wealth his family had amassed. Private country club memberships, music instruction from some of the world’s elite musicians, summers in the Caymans and winters in the European Alps. Even though there was nothing beyond his reach, Chad was the most conservative, restrained man Tori had ever known. And when he discovered her lifestyle choices, Chad was less than thrilled, but he professed a love so deep for Tori he agreed to find a way to make their relationship work. Creative compromise he'd called it.

For three hundred sixty two days a year, Tori would be the model conservative wife. She would dress appropriately for the club, mingle in all the right circles and attend all the necessary functions. But that wasn’t to say that the lifestyle she loved was completely absent those three hundred sixty two days. In the privacy of their own home, Tori sat at Chad’s feet and he fed her. He put her on a pedestal and she wanted for nothing. And in the bedroom he would occasionally pull out a silk scarf and blindfold her. But the full on, leather and bondage games that Tori thrived on were restricted to just three special days a year. On those days--Christmas Eve, Tori’s birthday, and her and Chad’s anniversary, Tori was allowed to be the leather loving submissive Chad found in a less than conservative club one night while he was out rebelling against his parents desires for him to marry a stick figure Barbie from the Hamptons.

It wasn’t love at first sight by any means. In fact, Tori resisted Chad with sass and even tried to turn him off.

“Hey, Tori,” J.C., Tori’s best friend, said. “Baby Trump over there’s giving you the eye.”

“You mean Richie Rich?” Tori laughed. She’d noticed him when he first walked into Vertigo. “I don’t think he realizes he’s not in Kansas anymore.”

The man J.C. referred to sat at the end of the long stainless steel bar in his faded low slung Lucky jeans and indigo ED Hardy tee shirt. He stuck out like a sore thumb as everyone around him was wearing black or red and most of the attire was leather or latex. Tori could plainly tell he didn’t belong in a club like Vertigo, but he didn’t seem daunted by the fact that he was an anomaly. In fact, he made himself at home on the black leather bar stool with the big silver rivets all around the edges. Completely oblivious to anyone else, he nursed a tumbler of whiskey and stared at Tori.

“Maybe you should take him on the tornado tour.” J.C. laughed cynically as she twirled her flogger around her wrist.

“I don’t think he’s my type, J.C. Maybe you should be the one to break him in…not so gently. He looks like a sub to me. He’s more your type.”

J.C. jumped from her stool and left Tori’s side. She walked the length of the bar and stopped beside the man that didn’t belong. After a few words, J.C. came back and took up residence on the stool next to Tori.

“Well, Madame? Any luck?” Tori asked as she took another sip of her Royal Flush.

“Nope. He says to tell you someday he’s gonna marry you,” J.C. told her, laughing again.

“Whatever. He’s just another rich boy out to sow his wild oats before settling down with whichever playmate of the year mommy and daddy have picked for him.” Tori hopped off her stool. “However, he’s the worst dressed guy I’ve ever seen in here. Most of the players at least try to fit in for their one night of glory.”

Tori’s eyes met the man’s and she maintained that contact as she walked across the dance floor to a Master named Rio and sank to her knees in front of him. Rio wasn’t a Master by accident. He could take a submissive where he or she wanted to go so well, they often times never realized the trip was so painful. Never breaking eye contact with the man on the stool, Tori allowed Rio to claim her for the night. Rio ran his big hand down the thin silver chain that hung on his belt, took the clasp at the end and attached it to the open lock Tori wore on the collar around her neck. She shot the man a taunting smile, winked, and pulled her bright blue eyes from his rich chocolate ones as Rio led her away to a private room.

It wasn’t until the third week in a row of the straight-laced, vanilla looking preppie coming into Vertigo that Tori finally approached him. For nearly a month he'd made his presence known, ordered a whiskey, sat on the end bar stool and watched as Tori surrendered to another man and left the bar area to go to a private room to enjoy her Dom’s company. Every time the man came into Vertigo, someone would approach him but he refused every single advance. Each time he sent Tori the same message—someday he was gonna marry her. Right. She didn’t know what he was smoking or what he might be having with his whiskey, but Cinderella didn’t wear leather.

“Just what the hell is your game, anyway?” Tori asked the man when she finally submitted to his patience.

“No game. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and someday I plan to make you my wife,” the man answered, smiling.

It was the first time he’d smiled since he’d been coming to the club. Normally he just shared in their staring contest without flinching. But now Tori realized his smile was nice and it warmed her heart.

“You don’t even know me.” Tori licked her bottom lip and drew it under her teeth while staring at his perfect mouth. A mouth she longed to taste.

“What’s your name?”


“Tori what?” he pried further.

“Tori Myers.”

“I’m Chad. Chad Dearborn,” he said and stuck out his hand. “Now we know each other.”

“Do you have any idea where you are, Chad Dearborn?” Tori asked as she shook his hand, noting that his grip was quite strong and his skin was smooth. She glanced down and saw his nails were neatly manicured as well. “Are you gay?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Your nails,” Tori started and looked up to see the confusion in his eyes. He really was lost. “Never mind. You don’t really know what goes on in here, do you?”

“I have a good idea. I can’t say I know what to do, but I’m pretty sure I know what goes on.”

“Wanna watch?” Tori asked, giving him a wicked grin. “Maybe after you see what I like, you’ll change your mind and go back to Kansas.”


“Never mind.” Tori took his hand and laughed. “Come on. Rio never minds sharing. I’ve never been shared, but there’s a first time for everything. Right?”

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2 Moonbeams (comments):

An Open Book said...

Love the Chad's insecurities- isn't that just like a
Dawne P

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawne--I know right? Men! LOL Ren was a surprise character and I'm absolutely in love with him and Chad...

Thanks for having my peeps over today Aine!