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Friday, June 5, 2009

Which Superhero Are You?

Superheroes are legends that mystify and enthrall us. We’ve grown up with them. Some superheroes come in the most unlikely form. Like Batman. Who would have ever dreamed that a bat-like man could be considered a superhero? I would have pegged him for a villain by just the name. And now Batman is an iconic superhero, much loved and much hated by villains. I grew up with the series and the “Pow” and “Bang” type of cinematic action. ROFL The re-runs are so cheesy to me now that I sit and laugh through them, but to the eyes of a child, they were epic!

We each love something different about the various superheroes out there. Just think about the superheroes of popular culture and their different aspects: Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Superman, Hellboy, Wolverine (and other X-men superheroes) and yes, even Hancock and the multiple superheroes on the T.V. show Heroes, to name a few. Superheroes are an ever evolving creature.

That got me to thinking, if I could be a superhero which one would I pick? But I couldn’t decide on a hero. It seems villains are more my style. *wink* Then that led me to think about the Saturday morning cartoons I grew up with. My favorite was the Wonder Twins! I adored Wonder Woman too. Hmmm….I wonder if it had something to do with the “wonder” in front of their names? lol

My grandmother would wrap tinfoil around my wrists, make a headband out of the stuff and pin a towel to my shoulders as a cape and I would run around the back yard pretending to be Wonder Woman, saving the world. *laughs* Those are some good memories. And in my youth costumes could not be picked up at your local Wal-Mart. We had to actually use our imagination and *gasp* pretend! ;-)

A commercial for Transformers came on and to the sound of my boys screeching, “I gotta see that!” I was struck anew by the various aspects of superheroes. Transformers aren’t your typical superheroes, but in a sense they are. They came from another world just like Superman and they protect us just like he does. It doesn’t matter that they are robots. They are still superheroes in a sense. Even more strange when I asked my boys what superhero they wanted to be, I was given the name of two Transformers characters.

B (my oldest): “Bumblebee”, which is the yellow and black Mustang. I realize he just thinks the car is cool.

N (my youngest): “Mega Tron”, I believe he’s the good diesel. Again, he thinks the vehicle is cool.

My husband’s response was a little more thought out, but he didn’t want to be a particular superhero, instead he wanted particular powers, “Ice slinging, web slinging, flying superhero” was what he requested.

I had to think about my answer to that question and I decided I’d rather be more like Piper or Paige off Charmed. Being able to cast spells along with their witch gift would be super cool. And yes to me, the Power of Three girls were and are superheroes. Maybe not in the classic sense, but a more modern day type of superhero with a supernatural/paranormal theme, which is right up my alley.

My heroine in Wytchblood is much like Piper and Paige, only she’s more villainous than a superhero. Or maybe you can call her a superhero with lots of flaws and a colossal ego to rival that of any superhero villain. *laughs*

My question to you:

If you could be a superhero, which one? Or if you could choose to create your own superhero style, what type of powers would you have? Also, share your superhero name with us if you’d have one.

Hmm…..I think my superhero name would be “Vampirella”, which absolutely does not relate at all to the witch powers I would possess. *laughs* But, hey, I’m a rabid vampire fan, hence the name. I never said it had to make sense, just what you would want your superhero name to be. Or I guess I could go with Momma G as I’m called by someone on a site I’m a member of. That’d be a pretty cool superhero name.

Momma G to the rescue! Kung-pow! Wham! Bam!

It’s got pizzazz, right? ROFL

Join me next Friday for a discussion on villains. I hope everyone has a superhero weekend! ;-)
Disclaimer: All photos were copied from photobucket. No copyright infringement was intended.

10 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

I'd probably be more like Piper. Don't mess with Momma!

Took the online quiz last year and came out Superman. WTF?? I always wanted to be either Wonder Woman or Jana (Wonder Twins).

Carrie said...

Hey there Gracen,

Since I happen to have grown up with the first generation (1984) of Transformers (not to be confused with the cheesy Go Bots), I can tell you that Mega Tron is the ultimate evil leader of the Decepticons and always out to destroy the earth and all the "good" Autobots.

I loved Voltron too! At first, he was a collection of like 50 to 100 ships that would combine into one gigantic robot, but then the witch Hagar separated it into 5 different lions which were scattered throughout the realm and had to be collected. At some point, a planet king collected them and hid them until they could one day be brought back and used to fight the evil King Zarcon and his equally evil witch Hagar. My favorite character was the leader, Mark. He was the ultimate hero who was destined (in my mind) to be with the Princess Alura.

Then of course, there was G-Force which was re-released a few years ago as Eagle Riders (won't comment on that fiasco). G-Force was the source of much playground play for me. All of the girls wanted to be Princess, the kick ass girl who understood electronic circuitry enough to disarm a bomb or two and open some panels when need be.

Wow! Who'd a thunk it! Two kick-ass women (named Princess) were both beautiful, smart and stubborn. Gee, could that be why I have such a fondness for these types of characters in novels today!*grin*

Although, if I had to pick a superhero, I'd have to look at Japanese Anime to find some good ones. If I was a super hero, these are the abilities I would want:

I would want a powerful demon sword like InuYasha's Tetsusaiga (can kill 100 enemies in a single stroke when it is invoked properly) and his half-brother Sesshomaru's sword Tenseiga (can bring 100 allies back to life with a single stroke and allows the bearer safe entry into the underworld or demon grave yard).

I would want to have a strong familiar, like Sango's demon-cat, Kirara. It can fly (so I wouldn't have to) and would always have my back and help out in fights.

I would also want to have the strength that InuYasha has. Heck, I guess I'd want to be a female version of InuYasha. But I think it would be cool to have a little bit of Inspector Gadget thrown in there too!

I would also want to have a few friends because life would be pretty lonely without them.

Kenzie Michaels said...

I forgot about G-Force! We'd watch it every year at Gramma's house in Florida, and yup...sis and I argued over who would be Princess:)

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Molly! Thanks for playing along. lol I really figured someone was going to bust my chops over the Piper/Paige superhero comments. ;-)

Funny how we both loved the same superheroes from our youth, Wonder Woman and Wonder Twins (Jana).

Gracen Miller said...

Carrie, you are like an encyclopedia of knowledge! You amaze me with the stuff you know. If I had of realized Mega Tron was bad, I would have nixed it and made him pick a superhero. :-/ Maybe next week when I discuss villains I'll make him pick a superhero instead. rofl

I have absolutely no knolwedge of anime...other than it exists and many people I know love it.

But a demon sword would be totally cool, as well as having familiars. Friends too, of course, life would be so dull without them. But would your friends know you're a superhero or would you keep it a secret like most superheroes?

Thanks to you too for playing along with my superhero goofiness. I didn't want a blog that was so serious this week, but wanted something fun.

Gracen Miller said...

Kenzie, I know we're all about the same age, but I don't remember G-Force. At all. I did love the smurfs...but then they don't have anything at all to do with this blog. *wink*

Gracen Miller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie said...

Hey Gracen,

Yeah, my friends would know what I could do. I guess you'd have to watch InuYasha to fully get the comment. However, as the series moved along, InuYasha (Dog Demon from the feudal era of Japan went from being alone to having Kagome (human girl from the modern age who goes back in time through the bone-eaters well) as sort-of girlfriend but both are in pure denial), then Shippo (fox demon child), Miroku (a lecherous monk with a wind tunnel in his hand) and finally Sango (a demon slayer) and her demon fire-cat Kirara (sounds like Kilala in the series). All of the connections are very complex.

I watched the Smurfs too!

Sheila Deeth said...

I made a card game with my kids so we could invent superheroes and make them fight each other. Wonder what happened to it.

Gracen Miller said...

Sheila, that sounds like a really cool concept! And fun too! It'd be fun to create with the kids too, let them add their own superhero powers and such.