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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mystic Monday

Getting Out of a Good Book

Yeah, I'm late today. Don't know why, but I'm extra exhausted today. I didn't even stay up that late last night.

Anyway, I read a good book over the weekend, Bride of a Wicked Scotsman by Samantha James, which I will be reviewing this weekend along with Wicked Knight by Tierney O'Malley. I've been offline since last Thursday and I was pretty busy. I had to get offline because I was playing this game Bryx online at, so I had to just stop. It was a good break. I started reading late Thursday night and finished the book early last night (Sunday).

My current topic comes from what happened just before I started reading Bride of a Wicked Scotsman. I had been reading Tierney's book and at the same time, I had a completely different story to review for another review site. I just couldn't get into it, so, I decided to wait until I finished reading Tierney's book. I still couldn't get into it, but to be honest, I'm not sure if I could have gotten into any book at that point, so I put it down with the intention of coming back to it later. However, later that night, the urge to read came back and I really wanted to, but I was in my bedroom. Since I don't like to read from my computer while in my bed, I decided to take one from the stack on the dresser next to my bed (Samantha's), and was able to get into it right away.

This leaves me with one question - why was I not able to get into the one I had to review, but able to get into this one so easily?

Of course, there are several explanations that could fit here:
1. I wasn't in the mood to read another contemporary after finishing Tierney's contemporary novel.
2. I wasn't in the mood to read at the time I started the one I need to review.
3. I honestly couldn't get into the story because it isn't very good.
4. I wasn't in the mood to read a story with this particular storyline.

Now, there could even be more reasons, but I can't think of them at this point. However, this leads me to ask, how easy is it for you to get into a book after having finished one you really liked? Do you have to give yourself some time in between books, or can you just go right from one book to another?

Do you ever find you can't read a book because it turns out to be one genre (romantic suspense, paranormal, historical) but you're in the mood for a different genre (sci-fi, crime/drama, murder mystery)?

I ask because I tend to get saturated with one type of genre and sometimes I can't read one genre until I've satisfied my need for another.

4 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

I'm usually reading more than one thing at once anyway - a necessity since I tend to leave books lying around the house and often can't find the one I was reading.

Some books have me wandering the house looking lost. "Where's my book?" "You've got a book." "Yes, but I want the red one." But usually I just switch and know I'll find the other one again soon.

susan said...

I read then one book at a time. If I can't get out of a book..I force myelf to. susan L.

Carrie said...

You're too funny Sheila!

I'm usually reading multiples at any given moment, but never two the same genre and never for the same place. Right now, when I go to basketball games, I've taken to reading at half-time.

I have one for bedtime, one for anytime, and yet a fourth one for those longer bathroom moments.

I've taken to reading anytime I can lately!

Carrie said...

Susan, you're stronger than I am. I can't always force myself out of a book.

I started Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series, and it was very hard to put down the books. So hard that I finished each one in days and it took me two weeks to read the first 6 books! I just went from one to another!

It was as if I was possessed or something!