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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Please help me welcome K. Starling into the moonlight today! Her newest release is Kismet, released by Red Rose Publishing. To learn more about Ms. Starling, visit her website here:


GM: Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions like watching a Lifetime Channel movie marathon, spending the day with your significant other, writing, etc.? Do you have a favorite movie that you love to watch or a book you like to read on Valentine’s Day? Is there any movie or book that you’ve saved for this time of year? If so, what’s the title?

KS: I always spend time with my wonderful husband and Valentine’s Day is no exception. This year I bought him an old crooners cd and I’m taking him out to dinner. I love romantic movies. I plan to watch an old favorite of min- PS- I Love You. Along with Sommersby this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

GM: Many of us feel that Valentine’s Day is just one more day that has been overly commercialized and isn’t something that should only be celebrated once a year, but at least once a day. What was the most romantic gift you’ve ever received, when did you receive it and who was it from?

KS: Hmm, I’d have to tell you a story about something my husband did for me. I had a really hard day at work planned and I know I complained about it way too much. I had to work a lot of hours, I couldn’t leave for lunch or dinner and I just plain dreaded it. Well, I made it through the day and when I got home my husband had a bubble bath drawn for me, music playing, dinner and a book by the bathtub which had candles all around. Best day ever!

GM: Since this is the time of year when many people (teens included) feel the need to find a significant other, what suggestion(s) do you have for our readers as to what trait(s) should be added to their list?

KS: Honesty is a big one for me but more and more these days I think loyalty ranks in the top five as well. Through thick and thin should be a life motto for couples instead of ‘for right now’ as I see more and more. Not that anyone should stay with someone they aren’t happy with but spend more time figuring that out before you commit rather than after.

GM: There are many relationship superstitions out there such as, “rain on your wedding day is bad luck,” are you superstitious when it comes to love or relationships? Why or why not? If so, what superstitions do you believe have merit?

KS: I’m superstitious about a lot of things but I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about relationships exclusively in that area. I stay away from black cats and ladders but as far as relationships go I think you make your own luck. Refer back to answer number 3.

GM: Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in the power of love? If so, do you think that love can exist beyond this life and carry over into the next or has the power to keep a soul attached to the mortal coil never to cross over? Do you believe that ghosts have the ability to effect humans in a sexual manner?

KS: Lots of questions here. I do believe in ghosts, spirits and the power of love. I would hate to think that love would cause someone to not cross over into the next realm. I’ve always thought of those who go before us as preparing the way. Ghosts and sex and humans is an unusual combination and I don’t have a clue about how they mix.

GM: Please tell us, if you have any, 3 funny, strange or silly things that happened to you, or someone you know, on past Valentine’s Days. Any rendezvous fiascos that you now find humorous to tell? Have they ever been inspiration for some hi-jinks in your stories? Which ones? (Sharing may help others not feel so bad if it happened to them, as the saying goes, “misery loves company”)

KS: I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days without a partner but I don’t remember mooning over it for too long. I do have a short story with Whiskey Creek Press. Love Angel, that makes light of romance. It was my first attempt at romantic comedy and I loved it. I love stories about clumsy main characters and those who love them.

GM: For years, romance readers have experienced flack from non-romance readers saying or implying, “that’s just porn for women.” What can you say that might help non-romance readers understand the current essence of the romance genre?

KS: Romance is such a broad genre. I don’t know if I understood myself the expanse of writing that declares itself to be romance until I began writing. There is romantic comedy, romantic suspense, thriller romance, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, mystery romance, historicals and many, many more! I guess I’m suggesting that romance offers something for everyone.

GM: Now, let’s get to your writing, Ms. Starling…What genre is your work considered to be? Why this genre? What was the draw for you?

KS: I write in so many different genres and I’ve found delight in creating each one. I would hate to confine myself to one certain thing. My muse usually decides where I’ll go next- I follow with the characters pushing and pulling.

GM: If you could describe your writing with a word or phrase, what would it be? Please be creative and delve into the core of your writing to tell us what word or phrase you want readers to take with them when they've finished reading your story.

KS: Kissa Starling- Writing Across the Rainbow

GM: Do you prefer romantic gifts (flowers, chocolate, jewelry, etc.) or romantic acts (massages, dinners, fun night out, etc.)? Does that show through in your writing? If so, how?

KS: I definitely prefer romantic acts. Things don’t mean nearly as much to me as actions. I’d never thought of it before but I think this does show in my writing. Most of the romance I write about includes gestures instead of material items to show love.

GM: What school of thought are you when it comes to romance, love at first sight or that love takes time? Does this show through in your writing? If so, how?

KS: I believe there are both kinds of romance and both kinds evolve, take shape and hopefully last a lifetime. I’ve written about both love at first sight and a much slower love. There are benefits to both and I enjoy reading, and writing, about both. I like to focus on interactions between the main characters and that is possible regardless of how they met or how they build their relationship.

GM: When reading stories, many of us find secondary characters to be as interesting as or more interesting than the main characters. Are there any secondary characters that you plan on giving their own story? Or any that readers have requested have their own story? Are any of them your favorites? Why?

KS: I hadn’t previously thought about writing a sequel to anything until a few months ago. I’ve had reviewers ask for sequels to a few of my stories and I wrote the first of a trilogy. After the first book, Amiera’s Love, the secondary characters screamed out for their own stories so I came up with a series title and I am currently working on the second story. It was kind of neat for this to happen.

GM: Of all of your heroes, who would you say is the most romantic and why?

KS: I would have to say Harold from Kismet at Red Rose Publishing. He’s an older character who has lots of experience and tons of charm. He understands that flash and gold don’t last long but spending time together does.

GM: Of all of your heroes, who would you say is the least romantic and why?

KS: That would have to be the Master of the house in Celtic Destiny. He’s doesn’t play a major role in the beginning of the story and when he does show up it isn’t under the best of circumstances. I’d have to say the ghost in this story is more romantic than he is!


Love blossomed in 1940 but life intervened. Can Harold and Bea regain that lost passion after seventy years?

Harold and Bea met and fell in love in 1940. Both enlisted to fight in WWII and then came home to marry other people. Now, seventy years later, they agree to attend a high school reunion. Neither of them know if the other will show or what happened so many years ago. These two find that a broken proposal is hard to forgive but when you're almost ninety you don't have time for regrets.


Five photo identification badges lay on the table by the door. Badly copied high school likenesses adorned them. Every badge listed a name at the bottom. Bea leaned close and pulled her glasses down on her nose to read each one. John, Richard, Harold- there it was. The man she'd given up on seeing ever again. Her own badge lay next to his. How ironic, she thought. All those years apart. She read the last name while clipping the badge onto her collar, Madeline. What were the odds? They'd been best friends way back when. She'd been the one who kept her updated on Harold and Mildred up until the last five years or so.

"Mrs. Wexton. So glad you could make it. Reginald Wallington." The young man held his hand out but Bea didn't bother reciprocating. "Uh, yes. Well, you're the first one here. Why don't you go on into the ballroom? We've created a slideshow of old times."

Bea clicked the button on her motorized chair to move forward.

"Those pictures weren't easy to find you know." The boy didn't understand that after you hit eighty you didn't have to be friendly to people you didn't know. Bea chastised herself. It's not like I have a long line of suitors waiting to call.

"I appreciate all of your hard work, Mr. Wallington." Bea rolled up to the only table set up in the massive room. Five places were set with fine china and water goblets. A slideshow lit up the far side of the room. Familiar images passed by on the screen. Long passed away teachers smiled and posed with students.

There was their mascot, really Jennifer Tilton all dressed up. The Cougar pounced on unsuspecting football watchers. Good times. A sixteen-year-old Harold appeared on the screen without warning. That charming grin of his captured her heart so many years ago. Her pulse quickened. He held his arm across her shoulders and they both posed for the camera.

"We look so happy in that one." Startled, Bea turned to locate the voice and there he stood- Harold Towns.

Available now at Red Rose Publishing:

by K. Starling

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