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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday

Technical Difficulties

Wicked KnightA current interview with Tierney O'Malley was supposed to go live today, but she's suffering from some technical difficulties and wasn't able to answer any questions. She did get me the book she's promoting, Wicked Knight, the first in her Wicked Knight series. But I couldn't finish it, and not for lack of trying.

Here's the deal - Tierney writes a novel so evocative that you get lost in it and feel what the characters feel as they feel it. So, it isn't enough that she writes very descriptive and steamy scenes, she makes you feel the emotions that go along with it.

This series represents the strength of her abilities and I believe her rise in stature as a storyteller. Now, all we have to do is work on her book titles. I feel the titles should have been Too Hot to Handle as all of the brothers in the Knight family have chiseled muscular physiques like the statues of the gods of Mt. Olympus. What makes them even hotter is that their parents named them after King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

Why do I think her stories are so great?

It isn't because of the sex scenes. Just the opposite, it's because of the stories surrounding the sex scenes. In Wicked Knight, Tierney creates a family with believable dynamics and relationships. She writes laugh-out-loud moments you can just picture happening, especially if you're familiar with what happens when macho boys get together. The scene with the boys playing football brought back memories of past Fourth of July's where I watched my older uncles (over 40) wrestle each other in their attempt to push the other in the pool, and then when some of the younger males got involved, the humor factor completely increased.

Now, I may be familiar with this kind of display, but Tierney doesn't rely on this type of knowledge and understanding, she goes the distance to bring what Julie and her friend Kirsten Knight (the boys' sister) witness and feel in those moments of testosterone display. She also goes the distance to show the extent of the verbal sparring and game playing that goes on between Kirsten and Julie and Kirsten's brothers. The telephone scene was set so well that I felt as though I was a fly on the wall, and I was laughing right along with the characters.

This is the talent she has, and the talent you miss out on if you don't read her books. She has to be one of my best electronic finds and I recommend her books to anyone.

While she is an erotic romance writer, she writes a darn good romance.

Here's your chance, ask your questions about Tierney's work and I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have!

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