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Sunday, February 14, 2010



Valentine's Day is known as the day of love, a day to show how much you love someone and what better way to celebrate it here in the Moonlight than with a burning hot, erotic paranormal romance, written by fellow Noble Romance author, H.C. Brown. Ms. Brown is the author of Purr-fect Seduction, Forbidden Love, Betrothed to the Enemy, A Long Hot Delicious Slide, Hot Damn--that cover art had me saying HOT DAMN! =) --and her newest release to come on February 17th, My Purr-fect Alphas, which is a sequel to Purr-fect Seduction. To learn more about Ms. Brown or her books, visit her blog:


GRACEN: There are many relationship superstitions out there such as, “rain on your wedding day is bad luck,” are you superstitious when it comes to love or relationships? Why or why not? If so, what superstitions do you believe have merit?

H.C.: I am very superstitious, my grandmother was a true, card reading, fortune telling gypsy from the UK. I made the front page of the newspaper when a couple of reporters decided to test my well-known, psychic abilities. Unfortunately, I can't foretell my own future or give lotto numbers.

Superstitions from my grandmother are in the hundreds. These come to mind:

1. Never take red and white flowers to the hospital- they bring death.
2. Change your clothes and change your luck.
3. Right palm itches you pay out money opposite for the left.
4. Birds flying to the right brings good fortune.
5. Wish only on a full moon.

GRACEN: Do you believe in ghosts?

H.C.: Yes I know they exist. I believe in good and evil spirits.

GRACEN: Do you believe in the power of love? If so, do you think that love can exist beyond this life and carry over into the next or has the power to keep a soul attached to the mortal coil never to cross over?

H.C.: I think love is the most powerful emotion of all. I don't believe we have the power or the need to attach to a mortal coil. I personally believe our Guardian Angels are loved ones who have passed over. Their love protects us during our life.

GRACEN: Do you believe that ghosts have the ability to effect humans in a sexual manner?

H.C.: No not at all – I believe in the purity of the soul.

GRACEN: For years, romance readers have experienced flack from non-romance readers saying or implying, “that’s just porn for women.” What can you say that might help non-romance readers understand the current essence of the romance genre?

H.C.: I think romance readers are dreamers; they like to lose themselves in a world of the perfect hero, the perfect romance. Some just like the romance in more detail. It's no different to any other genre, all stories have their worth to the reader.

For example: Sometimes I write M/M stories, I'm not gay but to me love is love . I think a love story between two men is as beautiful as any other.

GRACEN: Now, let’s get to your writing…What genre is your work considered to be? Why this genre? What was the draw for you?

H.C.: I write romance in the following genres: Paranormal, historical, fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery. I write erotic, Sweet, YA and children's fantasy. I love fantasy/paranormal mainly because I am only limited by my imagination. To be able to create a world and people is exciting to me and feeds my Muse.

GRACEN: If you could describe your writing with a word or phrase, what would it be? Please be creative and delve into the core of your writing to tell us what word or phrase you want readers to take with them when they've finished reading your story.

H.C.: I've just stepped from a world of faeries, shape-shifters and alternate dimensions.

GRACEN: Do you prefer romantic gifts (flowers, chocolate, jewelry, etc.) or romantic acts (massages, dinners, fun night out, etc.)? Does that show through in your writing? If so, how?

H.C.: I'm not really interested in gifts it puts a price on love. Acts yes, I'm a kiss and cuddle girl. I hope love and tenderness shows in my books.

GRACEN: What school of thought are you when it comes to romance, love at first sight or that love takes time? Does this show through in your writing? If so, how?

H.C.: For me it was love at first sight – I was 18 – three weeks later, we were married . . . still together.

I believe people feel a connection when they first meet . . .an instant attraction, that subtle pull that grabs the interest. I try to put that in my stories . . . the first impression, the first spark of awareness.

GRACEN: When reading stories, many of us find secondary characters to be as interesting as or more interesting than the main characters. Are there any secondary characters that you plan on giving their own story? Or any that readers have requested have their own story? Are any of them your favorites? Why?

H.C.: Nox is a favorite and he cameos in all the Pride Brother series. Who wouldn't love a seven feet tall faerie with an attitude? Most emails I get are about Nox, although the shape-shifter hero got a lot of mail. Which I love – it humbles me when fans take the time to write.

I've written a Free Read- A Taste of Nox – yes he will get his own story and it's going to push my fantasy world to the limit. I have his story outlined and it will be beautiful and very romantic . . . Nox deserves the best.

GRACEN: Of all of your heroes, who would you say is the most romantic and why?

H.C.: Prince Darrius of Knight Watch (Dare) my first shape-shifter. (Purr-fect Seduction) I made him a loveable romantic. Zandor in My Purr-fect Alphas is a bad boy who took the story and ran with it. I loved writing his story. In Savage Lust, Rio, the loner who loves and loses twice was a challenge. I wanted to jump into the pages and give him a hug.

Thank you for having me today!


Dr. Elizabeth Clark's life is turned upside down, when she is kidnapped by the Druiks, and taken to Druik Void, in a future realm. Caged like an animal, in a laboratory filled with humanoid specimens from other dimensions, she endures experimental surgery. Seduced by Zandor and Thryll, two very sexy shape-shifters trapped with her, she is persuaded to escape. Will Beth survive the frantic journey to the Gate and safety? Or,will she fall prey to the insatiable shifters?


The floodlights in the parking lot danced before her eyes and without another thought, she threw herself from the window, tumbling awkwardly backwards, but Zandor caught her, as if she were as light as a feather, and drew her to his chest.

"I have you, be calm, relax." He crooned and sprinted through the gate just as it began to close. She clung to his neck as he ran super fast around the iron fence and under a dark overhang where Thryll stood with the dune buggies.

"I'll guess we've only seconds before he raises the alarm. See if you can make these work or we'll have to run," said Thryll anxiously.

"You did well, Beth," purred Zandor. He dropped her gently to her feet and stood so close she could still feel the heat from his body.

Beth turned to the dune buggies. They used similar modes of transport in the complex where she worked, though these were much bigger and made to carry two people. They each held a solar panel along the back of the frame and large metal saddlebags on both sides. Leaning over one, she searched for a key in the ignition, and noticed a red button on the handlebar. Here goes nothing. She pressed it and the motor hummed into life. So far so good. She climbed into the seat and experimented with the controls.

"Okay, Thryll, jump on that one. Press the red button to start the engine. Right pedal is forward. When you want to stop, press the left pedal gently or you'll roll over. Let's go, we'll follow this road and bear left at the second intersection."

She glared at Zandor when his arms slipped around her waist, lifted her off the seat, and placed her behind Thryll. "You don't know how to drive one of these."

"Neither does Thryll, but we learn very quickly, precious one." He smiled a brilliant smile, slipped into the seat and stamped down on the accelerator shooting past them into the darkness.

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