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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lisa Troy Shines in the Moonlight

I’m a romance writer. Yes, I’ll say it and won’t glance away.

People have reacted in many ways after hearing what my books are about—from completely supportive to giving me a sour, disapproving face. And I have to admit that in the beginning, I was a bit uncomfortable when I had to deal with condescending looks.

But then I thought better of it.

Everyone who thinks the romance genre doesn’t constitute quality reading the way science fiction or horror should think again. From sweet to erotic, these books’ subject is love and how different characters confront and overcome or not its various challenges.

Who amongst us can say that that’s a piece of cake?

Love is as elusive as a fairy. Some of us never quite manage to find it, and others can’t seem to keep its fire burning for long. Add in the fast pace of today’s everyday life, and how many can make the effort to reserve room in our lives for someone else? How many can spend day after day caring about someone else, taking into consideration their schedule, their wants and needs when our own life is very complicated and sometimes feels like a frustrating struggle? We don’t always have the energy to hear about someone else’s bad day and offer advice.

When someone gets too demanding, stress levels go through the roof and the easy way out is to say “I don’t love you anymore”.

Besides, it’s hard to commit to someone when there are so many possibilities out there. All of us have fears, quirks, hang-ups and when we’re in love everything gets magnified. The smallest thing can trigger an explosion and make us lose our perspective.

And all that’s without taking into consideration how other people, with good or bad intentions, affect a relationship. It’s a complicated, thorny web we weave when we decide to join our life with someone else’s.

So yes, I write about love and how people try to find it or avoid it at all costs. My characters cry and laugh, are on top of the world or skydive without a parachute at a moment’s notice. It ain’t a pretty fairy-tale but then again life isn’t either.

The next time you see a romance book, ask yourself this: what’s easier, going up against a flesh-eating zombie or finding true love?

I thought so.


Her heart is off limits. She's only looking for fun and sex.

Emily Stone is sick of men and their lying, cheating, self-centered ways. A stranger stealing a kiss on New Year's Eve is the last drop. She makes the resolution to turn the tables on the opposite sex and beat them in their own game.

But when the stranger turns out to be Blake Edwards, the brother of one of her students, Emily's plans start to go awry.

Blake pursues her with a vengeance. He's sexy, has all the right answers and makes her heart flip in her chest with just a smile. But he's also too confident, annoying, not to mention he can end her career with just a word at a time when money is scarcer than shooting stars.

Should Emily fight her strong attraction to him or add another name to her date card and pretend Blake's no different than the rest of them?

Buy Link:

5 Moonbeams (comments):

Molly Daniels said...

Ooooh, Lisa! This sounds excellent!!! Heading right over to get it; I LOVE this idea!

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks for joining us today, Lisa. It was a fun post and I loved your book blurb!

In my opinion, some days I'd rather trounce or be trounced by a flesh-eating zombie than face the myriad of issues that plague my marriage. Loving someone takes hardwork and committment and sometimes putting his wants and needs over mine. That's not always an easy sacrifice to make. But we've weathered 18 1/2 years of marriage, so I guess we're getting something right. ;-)

I like your attitude about writing romances. I find it cumbersome the way many folks react when they find out I write romances. If I were brave enough to admit I write not just romance, but erotic romances, some would probably stone me to death or think I wasn't fit to be in society. It's a chore and sometimes I find it's just easier NOT to tell folks that I write. Although my loud mouth children tell the world, so that leads to the inevitable explanations...LOL

Christine Hart said...

Hello Moonlight ladies - just a quick comment to let you know that I've just nominated you for a Sunshine Award for inspiring bloggers! If you'd like to accept, please visit my blog for more details. Happy Friday!

Lisa Troy said...

Hi,Molly.I'm glad you liked the blurb. Sorry for taking so long to reply but for some reason Chrome wouldn't allow my comment to appear and I thought maybe Gracen had to accept it or something. I thought I'd use Firefox and voila.

Lisa Troy said...

Hey, Gracen. Yeah I understand what you mean. I tend to leave out the fact that I write 'erotic' romance when talking to relatives, older people etc. I've accepted I can't save the world, hung my Supergirl cape and I just let them think what they want.