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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Hodgepodge of Distraction

Today is a hodgepodge of topics, things currently on my mind, either driving me insane or just life in general.


For my family today is the first day of summer break! And things are crazy already. *laughs* Does it ever slow down? When I’m dead maybe, but I have doubts death will be slow. *grins* Death will probably be a series of rollercoaster rides all designed to speed up the reincarnation process. If one believes in rebirth anyway.

This past Thursday my oldest son graduated from elementary school and is now officially a Middle Schooler. Wow! Where did the time go? My baby is becoming a little man. And at eleven, that little man is almost as tall as I am. Of course since I’m vertically challenged, that’s not saying a whole lot. *wink*

And the colossal attitude of the “tween years” is starting to get him into a lot of trouble at home. From the back talking to the attitude, I’m wondering if any of us will survive the ups and downs of hormones. My once sweet, easy child can go from docile to monsterish in .01 seconds flat. It’s amazing. Truly! But equally frustrating.


Did I say I enjoyed writing? Well, I lied! This week I have hated it with a vengeance. My muse has gone on strike, or maybe taken a hiatus for summer break. Damnation! *stomps foot dramatically and childishly, then pleads in desperate whiny voice* Please come back!

My writing is worse than stalled…it’s obsolete and has left me frustrated and wanting to bang my head against the wall. Grrr…I need the act of writing to keep me somewhat sane and normal. While that may sound crazy, when I’m writing I am in a much better mood compared to when I’m not. So writing affects my moods, as does the non-writing hiatuses.

Hopefully, now that school is over I’ll be able to concentrate on my writing, but doubtful. I tend to do less writing during the summer because the kids are home. And my husband starts his two week vacation today! Joy! Awesome! Super! That’s means lots of writing, right? ACK! That means little to NO writing. *whimpers*


Okay, so after my heart monitor thingy, I decided I really needed to get serious about my heart health. In all honesty, I just don’t want to hear my cardiologist fuss at me anymore. Does that sound strange? I didn’t like hearing, ‘you’ve gained this much weight since last year’. No, kidding! I have scales. And if I didn’t, my clothes are dutiful in telling me when I’ve added a few pounds. *rolls eyes* They’re so rude! So, anyway, I’ve lost a whopping 2 pounds in three weeks! *cheers, then bangs head against the wall* Why does losing weight have to be so difficult while gaining it is as easy as eating pie, chocolate, chips, nuts, burgers…yeah, you get the picture?

And so with that, I’ll leave you to a good Friday and hopefully an awesome weekend.

5 Moonbeams (comments):

Sheila Deeth said...

Don't blink or that middle-schooler will be well on his way to graduating from college. But the tween years pass, and the teens, and those tall young men are really kind of nice to have around.

Molly Daniels said...

We're still in perpetual PMS over here...a 17-yr old who thinks he can 'logic' his way out of everything; a moody female almost-15-yr old who is dealing with catty friends; and the (cough) delight (choke) of a 5-yr-old who thinks he's indestructible and can play in the street! NOT!

He's confined to the house for today. It was either that, put him on a leash, chain him to the clothesline, or amputate his legs! I think I made the wise choice...rather than being in jail!

I think our muses are laughing at us:) I've given mine until June 1st, and then I go looking for another one!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Gracen, had those days, lol!

I'm down 8 lbs only 33 to go and I'm here to tell you it hard. I hate men, lol! But at least now after knee surgery, I can at least walk and am working on 5 miles a week. So far, so good.

As for my little man? He's 14 and going tinto 9th grade and is 5'8--I still have an inch on him, lolol!

The two of you have a lovely blog site, btw. :-)

Have a great weekend.

Gracen Miller said...

So, Sheila, you're suggesting there is hope? LOL I realize it might get worse before it gets better. :-/ It's just really frustrating having a child that I used to get along with and suddenly don't. And he thinks it's all my fault because nothing is ever his.

Molly, I love your idea about getting a new muse if yours hasn't returned by June 1st. I gave notice to mine that I was doing the same. LOL I hope it scares her enough to return.

Hi, Sia! Congrats on losing 8 pounds! I agree, I hate men when it comes to losing weight. My husband can go on a diet and in two weeks he's lost 10 pounds or more. Grrr! :D I'm only 5'3" so it won't take my son long to get there. He's already nose high to me. I suspect next time this year, I'll be either looking him dead in the eyes or up at him. That'll be strange. LOL

Thanks ladies for posting! I hope you three have an awesome weekend and a very safe and happy Memorial Day...if you're celebrating it in the States anyway.

Lynn Reynolds said...

Good lord, Gracen, I think you're leading my life! From lack of writing inspiration to smart-alecky middle schooler to unexpected weight gain, it's all exactly where I am. Like you, I'm hoping that summer break will provide some literary inspiration - as well as more opportunities to drop a few pounds.

Good luck finding a new muse. I could use one too. Hey - maybe Nora Roberts downsized a couple of hers out of their jobs in the New Economy!