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Monday, May 18, 2009

In the Moonlight: Rie McGaha

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Rie McGaha was born and raised in northern California along the shores of Humboldt County where her grandmother often took her to search for seashells and watch the humpback whales migration. Though her father was a bit of a gypsy and moved his family all over, Rie always enjoyed the trips back to Eureka, California where many of her 12 children and 23 grandchildren still live.

As a dreamer of dreams and being born with a a gypsy soul, Rie has lived all over the United States. Settling in SE Oklahoma with husband, Nathan, she enjoys a quiet life in the Kiamichi Wilderness where she takes in abused and neglected animals, nurses them back to health and tries to find them new homes. The ones that don't find new homes remain with Rie and she currently has 18 dogs and 1 cat.

Between her husband, children, grandchildren and all of the animals, Rie tries to find a few moments to write. She is currently working on Ancient Blood, the sequel to Blood Line, and Caleb and Arion the second and third installments of the My Soul To Keep Trilogy. She also writes reviews for Romance Writers United.

For more information, visit Rie at or read her blog at


Truck driver, Joshua Kaine and his wife, Jessie, enjoy the freedom of the open road until one night on a lonely country road Josh is attacked by a rabid dog. After killing the animal, Joshua becomes very ill, but quickly recovers. Weeks later, when the full moon rises and Josh begins howling, the trouble has just begun.

Drawn by an unknown force, Joshua finds himself in a remote mountain area at The Gathering where he meets Garan, a gray wolf who has walked the earth for thousands of years, and Joshua learns the rabid dog was actually a werewolf and his clan is now after Josh.

On the run, hunted by a clan of werewolves, and searching to undo his plight, Josh ventures into the swamps of Louisiana in search of an old, black woman who holds the key to his existence. Josh is pushed to the limits, and when the merciless werewolves kill his wife, the hunted becomes the hunter.


A Little More Moonlight & Lace...Lots of Mayhem!

Thank you for having me as your guest. I love the name of this site, it fits my novel, Blood Line, perfectly!

Blood Line is a modern-day werewolf story unlike any I've ever read, and hopefully, unlike any you've ever read. This novel pushes the envelope with deadly sword fights, witchcraft, werewolf battles to the death, and of course, hardcore sex, none of which is for the feint of heart!

Blood Line wasn't my idea, it was actually a dream my husband, Nathan, had. He's a truck driver and a huge sci-fi fan, and one night while on the road, he dreamed he was attacked by werewolves. Of course, I just laughed at him. Believe it or not, this isn't the weirdest dream he's ever had either! Later on, as I thought about his dream I began to think, hey, this could be a book, and then the voices in my head started talking and didn't shut up until I had written the entire book. Although the original manuscript took about a week to write, it took nearly three years of rewrites and editing before it was actually published.

I love to write in this genre because anything is possible. Characters and events can be skewed to fit whatever the imagination can dream up, and my imagination seems to find the edge and then jumps right off.

Blood Line was written as a stand alone, but one of the main characters, Ganda, who is half witch and half werewolf, become one of the favorites not only of the readers, but of reviewers and myself alike, and the voices in my head demanded she have her own novel. I've been working on the sequel, Ancient Blood, that takes us back to ancient Egypt and tells Ganda's story, for about a year and a half. I was beginning to think it would never be finished but then archeologists discovered a new pyramid last fall and it was exactly what I needed to complete the story!

My current novel, Calen-is the first book in the My Soul To Keep Trilogy is due to be released this month. I am currently working on edits and hopefully, it will be available the time this goes to post. My Soul To Keep is a paranormal, time travel, erotic romance that has elements from nearly every genre!

I think it's a lot of fun to write wherever my mind takes me and to just let my imagination flow in whatever direction it chooses. I never know what's going to come out because the voices don't consult me, they just get my fingers going over the keyboard! Right now, they have a great vampire story in progress and I'm really excited to find out where it's going to go!

Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

Thank you, Rie, for stepping into the Moonlight with us today and sharing a little bit of your Mayhem with us! The Moonlighters - Carrie, Gracen, and Margay

8 Moonbeams (comments):

She said...

Hi, Rie! I've got Blood Line on my wish list. I've got so many books now I need to clear out before I can justify adding any more to the pile. But your book is tempting.

Unknown said...

I WANT THIS BOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! I've read the excerpts on this book and I really really really gotta have it! I love how the book came to be! Great blog today.


Tami Winbush said...

wow, I love weres, witchcraft and sex so this book sounds like it was written for me. :)

Please enter me in the drawing!

Tami.winbush @

Kenzie Michaels said...

Oh, this premise is GREAT! Putting it on my TBB list too!

Gracen Miller said...

Rie, thanks for guest blogging with us today! This book title is similar to my book title, which is what caught my attention the first time I saw it over at Noble.

I added this one to my TBR book list a couple of weeks back as well, but my reading is going super slow these days. It sounds awesome and I can't wait to read it. I've been thinking of adjusting my TBR book list these days. LOL

Carrie said...

Hi Rie - I'm glad that you could join us today as well! It just goes to show that as writers we need to always pay attention to the world around us because inspiration is all around us!

Congrats to She for winning the Cyber Smooch today!

I wish I could enter the drawing, but that would be unfair!


Unknown said...

Your subject line is great! It combines several favorites of mine. I hope to be able to read one of your books soon.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Thanks for chatting with us, Rie. I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from you in the future.