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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please Welcome Author...Denysé Bridger!!

Denysé Bridger:

I did this interview awhile back, and it was never published, so I thought, well, why not chat about the paranormal and the fascination with vampires that readers and viewers alike never tire of…

What it is about the vampire genre that appeals to you?

I don’t honestly know if there is any one thing that particularly appeals to me about the vampire genre. I think it’s more to do with the way a story is told, and the allure of an endless life in which you can tell all kinds of tales without the necessity of having to kill off your characters. There is the undeniable lure of the darkness and the shadowy dangers found there. We all tend to like to be frightened, within safe confines mostly. Vampires are appealing to many people because they represent the chance to fulfill all your dreams. They are apart from the law, above justice, and really, they can DO anything and survive, for the most part. Their power is in their limitless potential. Good and evil are lines that blur, and become irrelevant because the vampire is a law unto himself, so power is part of the allure as well… All in all, it’s a myth and the darker side of fantasy that makes it seductive… There’s a whole world of possibilities, and the romance genre really opened the doors to explore vampires not as monsters but as immortal creatures with souls and hearts that can be redeemed and recovered by true love. Traditionally the vampire is a creature to be feared and loathed, but in romance he gets to be a man, tortured by his immortality in many cases, wretched and lonely, in search of the person who can restore him to some humanity. These are men who were wrongfully turned, or who embraced the darkness, then became trapped by it. In romance, despite the flippancy of the words, you can create a vampire who is able to be dominated by the most basic of human needs, his need for love and acceptance.

I began writing vampire romance when I started writing stories based on Forever Knight. The allure began with a campy little series called Cliffhangers on NBC, I think it was, and the Dracula segment that featured Michael Nouri as the vampire Count. From that point onward, I have periodically drifted back to vampire romance and vampire tales that were not always romance based. I have a book in the works now that presents an interpretation of vampirism that I’ve been told is somewhat unique, so perhaps it’s time to actually polish it and get it submitted somewhere??

Do you feel that you were always on a path to being a writer? What was the road that brought you to the point where you wanted to do this? How did you break in?

I think writing is something that is, if you’ll pardon the use, in the blood. I have always written stories in one way or another. I used to find when I watched a film or show that I loved, I continued to “write” adventures for the characters I loved long after the screen went black, so it became a much busier world in my head, and then at the age of 21, I began to write the stories down. A friend introduced me to the world of fan fiction, and from there, I began to crave original worlds to play in, places where my rules were the ones that brought people to life. My vampire books have been among my most successful titles, and they are very sexy in style, and sometimes violently graphic as well. All the things one expects of beings who are ruled and driven by bloodlust.

Are you able to take a step backwards, look at your body of work and convey how you feel that you've evolved as a writer?

Evolved is a wonderful word to describe it. Each work gets stronger, in technical skill and in story-telling terms. You learn more by the mistakes you make than you ever do by the things you get right. I’ve said many times before in interviews that going back to rewrite your past work is a waste of time, it’s all a journey. You improve as you go, and the published works are your testament to your personal growth as an author and in some ways as a maturing individual. We learn to be subtle, to use an economy of words to convey the essence of a scene. I don’t like books that take away all the work for a reader, either. If you’re not willing to work with me, it’s not my job to fill in every blank in the story, I want you to think about what you’re reading as you’re being entertained, and to draw your own conclusions, because that makes the reading experience unique to every person’s perspective.

What can your readers expect from you in the future?

More romance, more fantasy, more vampires… including a Victorian era gentleman who is as deadly as he is elegant. Just more stories and more mayhem in general, I guess. I love my job!!!

My first release with FIREDRAKES WEYR is a special book for me, a combined fantasy epic and sensual romance. It’s called ROYAL CONSORT, and the cover has been done, and it’s stunning. My partner in Italy, (and the love of my life), is actually my cover model for it. I’ve attached the cover here, he’s a handsome, sexy guy, and he is also one of the most romantic and gentle men I’ve ever known.

There’s a trailer for the book already, and I hope the release date is soon… I can’t wait to see this one out there!

Please feel free to drop by my website, it’s filled with free reads, great books, and all kinds of cool stuff!!! Thanks for having me as your guest today, too!!

9 Moonbeams (comments):

Lisa J said...

oooo The new story looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

Vampires...hmmm....portray the darker side of a person - and just how SEXY is that? To have no rules or morals to follow, just do what you appealing to not have to feel guilty.....about anything.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Lisa xx

Shiela Stewart said...

Excellent interview, Denyse!

What's not to like about a vampire?? I can't think of a thing. :)

Anonymous said...

I have had a sneak peak at Royal Consort... can I just say that it is all she has said plus 100% more...


J Hali Steele said...

Can't wait to read about the deadly, elegant Victorian era gentleman. Your cover is gorgeous... thanks for sharing a 'real' man.

Colleen Love said...

Wonderful interview, Denyse, AND a beautiful book cover to go with it. This is a wonderful book and I know it will stir the blood. :)


Denysé Bridger said...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts and comments..... it's a topic lots of people love....

J - isn't he gorgeous? Almost hard to believe he is real, but he IS!

Hugs and Blessings to all....

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks for blogging with us today, Denyse!

I too love vampires. In fact all but one of my books has a vampire in it. :D I can't seem to get away from them, but I'm not trying either. ;-)

Thanks again and best of luck!

Sheila Deeth said...

I loved paranormal books when I was a teen. I think somewhere around motherhood I must've decided I had to be more grown up. But I'm so glad there are writers out there encouraging me just to enjoy myself again.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Denyse!