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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Mayhem with Toni Andrews, author of Cry Mercy

Hello, today I am pleased to welcome Toni Andrews into the Moonlight, to spread a little Mayhem about her new book, Cry Mercy. In a twist to the question and answer interview, Toni has vlogged her answers. Here they are:

You can also check out Toni's first post in her tour at:

Cry Mercy is available on

Thank you, Toni, for spreading a little Mayhem with us here today! ~ The Moonlighters

14 Moonbeams (comments):

Aliens said...

Enjoyed your vlog. will follow the rest of your virtual tour. Great coffee cup.

nallan08 said...

Great video, Toni. Have read the first two now and will review on my blog ASAP. I'm really looking forward to grabbing my copy of Cry Mercy. The first two were fantastic and I have high hopes for the third. Keep up all the hard work and painful keyboard-fingertips.

Your books are inspiring!

Your twittering friend,


Dawny said...

Liked the video, loved all three books. Looking forward to the next Mercy Adventure.

Unknown said...

Great video, when I try to do a video I get tongue tied and forget what to say. You did great. It would take more than a book for dummies to make a writer out of me. Your twitter buddy>> grannyred33

Unknown said...

Excellent vlog. Love to hear from you. Tarot is interesting, as are you. :)

dd03 said...

Hi, Toni!
followed you here from twitter!
Very interesting to see your tarot reading! Hope to get your books on my next B&N outing!

Donna said...

Enjoyed your vlog and tarot reading for Elmer. I've always wanted to learn tarot cards. Good luck on your new release Cry Mercy! I plan on checking your series.

Followed you here from Twitter!
Take care!

Unknown said...

Toni, this is great. Nice to hear you! Been following you on Twitter.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Thank you so much for visiting with us, Toni!


kungfu4d2 said...

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pokervita said...

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tgl4d said...

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