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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mystic Monday

Book Reviews!

Haunted SeductionOkay, the first of the books I need to review is Haunted Seduction by Morgan James.  As far as I am concerned, this story doesn't really get started until Chapter Two.  Even though Chapter One introduces the reader to Will, the information offered in this first chapter isn't really necessary to the understanding and enjoyment of the story.  In fact, I didn't really get hooked into this story until Chapter Two, which is why I believe this is where the story really begins.

The backdrop of this book is an old, abandoned amusement park, but that's not why I like and am talking about this story.  It's what I can compare it to that has me talking.  As I read this, I kept thinking about that Scooby-Doo episode (animated series) where they were in the haunted amusement park chasing the robot, but this story doesn't have a robot, it just happens to be full of ghosts, oh, and a mannequin too!   

What really caught my attention about this story was the hauntingly erotic stereoscope.  This scene evokes some very strong and powerful emotional responses.  It was creepily erotic and enjoyable to read.  The characters are very well-defined and the setting was well-built and well-described.  The suspense, tension, and mystery are carried out very well too.  It keeps you reading because you must know what happened to these wanderers and why.  Plus, you really want to know what's keeping Jaz there?  Why is Will real, why hasn't he aged and why couldn't he and Alice get together?  There are so many questions that need answering.  

If I had to describe this story in a word or phrase, it would be this:
a creepily haunting erotic Scooby-Dooish story.  Well done!

These reviews to come:
Dark Desires of the Druids #1 - Murder and Magick This book is next on my list:
The Dark Desires of the Druids

Land of Falling Stars I saved this one for last:
Land of Falling Stars

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