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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Cocked & Fully Loaded is a transgender ménage anthology, which was recently released by Noble Romance Publishing.

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Please welcome each author as they each discuss their journey with this anthology…


From GR Bretz:

This anthology started as a brainstorming session in the NRP Authors group. Originally there were seven or eight authors who were planning on contributing. By the time the book made it to press (so to speak) the field had narrowed to the three whose names are featured on the wanted poster on the cover.

My story, Gunmetal Blue was inspired by a Jerry Jeff Walker song, Desperados Waiting on the Train. I liked the images that the song brought to mind and it was very appropriate for a western anthology.

G.R. Bretz’s blog:

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From Rie McGaha:

When I received an email about this anthology from Bryl, I thought it would be a lot of fun since I’ve never contributed to an anthology before. I’ve always loved cowboys and this offered the chance to work with some authors I know and admire. However, writing for an anthology wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. First, there was a word count limit and I’ve never had to watch my words before, so to speak. Secondly, there was a specific theme, and I’m not much on themes since I usually let my muse wander hither and yon! I was actually stumped with the deadline drawing near and I thought I might have to withdraw.

I had written several beginnings to stories for this anthology, but they just didn’t seem to go in the right direction. Then I remembered something from many years ago that actually happened and it seemed to fit the guidelines for the anthology. I began writing Outlaw and the story flowed so well, I finished the first draft in just a few hours. After the story went through edits with the publisher, I read it all the way through and I almost cried because it brought to mind a very nice time in my life that didn’t last long enough, and it brought “his” face to mind and I haven’t seen him in many years. Heavy sigh!
I hope you enjoy this anthology as much as the three of us did writing it. Happy Holidays.

Rie McGaha…fantasy that keeps you up
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From Bryl R. Tyne:

Always wanted to try writing a Western. A couple of my readers have encouraged it, saying they think I'd be good at it. Well, in our authors group, we were tinkerin' around with titles and COCKED & FULLY LOADED was presented. I think it was suggested for one individual's title, but then a Western anthology by the name. The idea took off! How'd I come up with the title to my story, Tengo una Pistola? Considering the first cowboy that popped into my head was Festus Haggen (Ken Curtis) from the legendary TV series, Gunsmoke--the second, Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness)...and Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake) made three, well I just couldn't see writing a Het sex scene, but on the other hand, neither could I rightly break up the threesome inside my head. So, my female character admits in the story,"Tengo una Pistola!" (That's "I have a pistol!" in Spanish, if you're wonderin'.) Guess, the rest is history.

Considering this is a far cry from my last release, which is my Sci-Fi - Coin Operated Boy, I'm anxious to hear from my readers on my first Western.

Blurbs for Cocked and Fully Loaded

Gunmetal Blue by G. R. Bretz

Meet Blue—an ex-Confederate cavalry officer living off his wits and his guns in Reconstruction era Texas—and Sally—a young woman stuck in a loveless marriage to a man who only married her for her family name. When Sally's stage is attacked by robbers, Blue comes to her rescue. Together, they make their way across the Lone Star state. But when they reach a crossroads, the direction they choose will change the course of their lives forever.

Outlaw by Rie McGaha:

Colt has a bullet in his thigh and his face on a wanted poster, but when he rode into the mountains to lay low for a while, he never expected to see a lone woman swimming naked in the river. Hidden in the tree line, he watches her and as desire grows, he takes matters into his own hands, but even that doesn't assuage his need to touch her.

Cynthia hasn't seen her husband in several months since he left her alone to go into town for supplies, but the man she wakes up to find lying on top of her with his hand over her mouth isn't the man she married. He demands she feed him and suggests if she doesn't, he won't have a problem taking what he really wants whether she consents or not.

As Colt watches her make biscuits and gravy, he finds he isn't just enticed by her body, something about her appeals to him on a deeper level and as the two come to know one another, it's apparent the attraction isn't one-sided.

Tengo Una Pistola by Bryl R. Tyne:

After ten days in the saddle, Chuck just wants a hot meal and hotter bath water. He knows exactly where to find both too -- at home, with his lover, Mitch. But what Chuck finds instead is that Mitch has taken in Carmen, one of the town whores . . . and not only is she sharing Mitch's bed, she's using Chuck's tub. The situation irks Chuck to no end, but not as badly as the images of those wet and soapy feminine thighs that are stuck in his craw and driving him crazy. What the hell is going on? As far as Chuck's concerned, somebody had better start talking and talking soon!

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