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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Starlight Saturday

YA Spotlight - Year in Review Part 1
Spotlight 1

With all of the business of the holidays going on, I thought that it would be best to review all of the books mentioned here as part of the YA Spotlight. Hopefully, you'll find some of them worthy of gift-giving this holiday season. Since there have been so many authors and books, this review is done in two parts.

Let's start with the very first books that were featured back on July 11th:
The Elfin RealmThe Elvin Realm by Linda Dawda is the tale of the three Morgan siblings and their friends Anders, Trinity and Essen who enjoy role playing together so much that they wear homemade costumes. These three children - Tom, Rachel and Scott - along with their friends, stumble upon a portal to another realm, the Elvin Realm. According to those they meet, they are considered to be great warriors and are needed to save the realm. The only problem is, they've never used real weapons before and need training.

Throughout this training process, they make new friends such as Zepholor and learn to to use their weapons that were once made out of wood, cardboard and tinfoil but are now real. They are reluctant to take up the mission, but when one of them becomes endangered by the enemy Talser Wraiths, they realize the costs of this battle and the importance of training. There is also one thing that they learn about their family that they never knew before. But I'm not going to tell you what that is, you'll have to read the book to find out!

Let's not forget about the Morgans' return to the Elvin Realm:
The Rise of ZeflanaThe Rise of Zeflana: The Elvin Realm II is about how the Morgan children had to return to the Elvin Realm to save one of the people they love the most. What was worse, it happened at night, while the Morgan children were sleeping. Zeflana, the evil fairy who wanted to steal the Morgan children's power, snuck right into the house, under their noses, and took their mother. Their friend Anders returns with them this time to help them get their mother back and to once again save the Elvin Realm. For more about these books and how to purchase them or contact the author, check out her website:

I'm still waiting for the third book of the series to come out!  

Next came Brian S. Pratt and his adventure eBooks.  While some of the covers aren't necessarily all that creative, the stories on the inside are pretty creative and adventurous.  He has lots of books and series, so rather than show you all of his books, I'll just show you two of his most recent works:

The Adventurer's Guild   Underground

Both of these are the start of new series. Adventurer's Guild is the start of the Adventurer's Guild series and Underground is the first book in his Dungeon Crawler Series. For more info on his other books and how to purchase them, see his website:

Then came Sara Zarr with Story of a Girl and Sweethearts. Her newest book, Once Was Lost, came out in October and is now available! If this book is anything like the others, it will be a fantastic read!
Sweethearts   Story of a Girl   Once Was Lost

For more information on these books and the author herself, please check out her website:

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