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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mystic Monday

I fought Cupid for control over today. Of course, he was an easy win since he's "a lover, not a fighter"!

Sorry everyone, but I couldn't go the month without stating my appreciation for the Green Bay Packers for winning the Super Bowl! Today marks the beginning of Mardi Gras here in WI!!

The Lombardi trophy is brought back home, to Green Bay, WI!

We're all doing the happy dance and will continue to do the happy dance for who knows how long. There were many a Super Bowl party, and as I'm sure, many will be nursing a hangover, much as I'm expecting to do.

I'll admit, I'm not a consumer of hard liquor - craft beer, yes, hard liquor, no - but at the end of the game, I found myself breaking down and having a jello shot. It would have been fine if I would have stopped there, but I just couldn't. It was the first time I've had alcohol paired with a Packer Super Bowl win, so I found myself a little too accepting of those "apple pie" shots, lol!

It helped that my wonderful dh stayed sober and drove us both home safely. I was in no shape to drive. As it was really my first foray into the land of liquor, I managed to not get too drunk. In fact, thanks to Burger King on 13th and Rawson for staying open (when the Wendy's and McDonald's in the area were closed) and supplying me with much needed food, especially a malt which was hard to suck out of the straw. You know you're sober, or really talented, if you can drink one of those right out of the gate. Me, I had to let it sit a bit (while I ate my chicken sandwich and fries) before I was able to really draw anything through the straw.

Okay, I know I'm going to pay for it in the morning, but I really don't care because the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl!!!!! First time in over ten years! I would have some other images, but I honestly couldn't find some current ones. I have a feeling that no one will be posting for a bit, lol!

Here are some songs to help with the celebration:

I'd play another one, but I think this one says it all!!!

Thanks to all of our readers who've put up with 
my need to brag and still return! We love all of our readers!!!!

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