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Sunday, February 6, 2011



My guests today are, Prince Edward Alcuin and Ash Kensington – please, have a seat on our lovely couch! – from Terra Illumina. Their tale can be found in Fallenwood, a novel creation by Leslie Soule.

Before we begin, I must remind everyone to please try and keep your responses to a PG13 atmosphere – the Moonlight Mistresses rules, not mine *eye roll*. Double entendres are acceptable and widely encouraged for events and phrases we don’t want our young readers to really know about. Oooh, it will be so much fun trying to guess what you’re really saying!

*Settling comfortably onto the sofa, draping his arm over the back and sipping his bubbly* That Miss Havana in Reaper’s Domain is one hot teacher and boy would I love to get into her…class! I might actually learn something…oh…did I say that out loud? *Clears throat* Sorry. Let’s get back to the interview.

You two make one fine pair! I did a wonderful job pairing you two up if I do say so myself! Then, I just love all of my matches!

Cupid: Please, Prince Edward, tell our readers how you two first met. Was it by your design, or hers?

Prince Edward: It was her design, actually. I was a prisoner once and now it is my heart that has been captured.

Cupid: Ash, would you say it was love at first sight or did you find him repulsive?

Ash: It was definitely love at first sight. I can’t explain it really. I saw him and I…knew we were meant to be together.

Cupid: This one’s for both of you. Since chaotic happenstance tends to put characters like yourselves in situations where they must work together or live together for one reason or another, tell us what chaotic happenstance “forced” the two of you to work or live together. How did you feel about this?

Ash: Well, my friends thought that if we busted him out, he would stop the war that was coming. I was part of the breakout plan. So we all stuck together, like a team.

Prince Edward: Yeah, she and her friends kidnapped me and then demanded that I save the world…

Ash: *rolls eyes*

Cupid: This one is also for both of you. How long did it take you to know your true feelings for the other? At what point did you know, “this is the one”?

Ash: I knew instantly – as soon as I saw him. But I knew he was in love with someone else…

Prince Edward: I…I had my doubts. I was in love with…an idea, really. But once I realized Ash was the one for me, I knew what had to be done.

Cupid: Prince Edward, what would you say was your biggest obstacle to overcome before you could settle into a relationship with Ash?

Prince Edward: Well, I think the biggest obstacle was me. Until I met Ash, I never really knew what I wanted.

Cupid: This is for either of you. Would you like to thank anyone – other than me, of course – for getting you two together?

Ash: Umm…Will. He created the breakout plan.

Prince Edward: Actually, it was Terces’ idea.

Cupid: I know our readers have enjoyed learning about you two so far, but I’m getting a little bored, so I’m going to heat things up. Ash, how would you end this sentence, "I wish Prince Edward would _____?" *leans forward to eagerly hear your response*

Ash: Call me his “brave warrior” again and kiss me.

Cupid: Hmm…weird, but okay. Prince Edward, would you prefer to give Ash a bubble bath or a back massage? Why?

Prince Edward: *blushes* Well, bubble baths are not really my thing, so I would have to say a back massage.

Cupid: How many of you remember that old show, The Newlywed Game? Well, these next questions are going to help us play a similar game. Prince Edward, what would Ash say is your aphrodisiac? *waggles eyebrows*

Prince Edward: I think she would say my aphrodisiac is this drink called rakeih – pronounced “raka” – it’s like a frothy, hot berry drink.

Cupid: Ash, is he right? How would you have answered that question?

Ash: *smiles* Wrong, he’s my aphrodisiac.

Prince Edward: *smirks*

Cupid: *crosses ankles and rubs his chin* Prince Edward, what would Ash say is a spot guaranteed to drive you crazy with passion? Is she correct in that assumption?

Prince Edward: Well…she knows.

Cupid: Ash, as far as you know, what is Prince Edward’s idea of a perfect date?

Ash: I think he likes things a little calmer than I do. I think he’d like it if we just had some tea and then went for a walk in the castle gardens or something.

Cupid: Prince Edward, is she correct? If not, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Prince Edward: *smirks* I’m not as mellow as she thinks. I like adventure as much as she does.

Cupid: Prince Edward, your turn in the hot seat. What is Ash’s idea of a perfect date?

Prince Edward: Well, first I think she would start with a sword duel and then we would ride horses together – but just riding would be too boring for her. We would have to be in pursuit of something or going to save someone, or it wouldn’t quite be her idea of a perfect date.

Cupid: Ash, is he correct? If not, what is your idea of a perfect date?

Ash: *blushes* Yeah, that’s…pretty accurate.

Cupid: The next two questions are for both of you. What's the most romantic thing your lover has ever done for you?

Ash: He came back for me.

Prince Edward: She saved my life and gave me hope.

Cupid: If you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be?

Ash: I think it would help if we both communicate more. We’re both a bit shy.

Prince Edward: Well, I’m a bit shy, really. Ash – I mean, she’s ready to get out there and take on the whole universe, sword in hand.

Cupid: Ha ha. Well, have the two of you had time to settle into any Valentine's Day traditions?

Ash: Not yet. But we will though, I think.

Prince Edward: Rest assured, my love, we will create some traditions.

Cupid: Thanks to Prince Edward and Ash Kensington for joining us today. We hope you’ll check out their story, Fallenwood.

To learn more about Ash and Prince Edwards's author, Leslie Soule, visit:


Fallenwood—a land where magic is the life force, dragons are sages, and wizards good and evil battle for supremacy. When 23-year-old Ash is thrust into the middle of Fallenwood’s power struggles, she is also forced to face her own inner battles. Life on Earth was hard enough on Ash, who is locked in grief for her stepfather. Now, the fate of Fallenwood rests on her shoulders. She must destroy the Great Crystal—the catalyst for all the land’s magic. As the kingdoms prepare for war, Ash must look inside to find the power to save the world, and herself.


The dragon’s eyes glowed, for a flickering moment, with white light.

“Ash,” the dragon continued, “Welcome to Terra Illumina…or as it is more commonly known, Fallenwood.” Then a fierce roaring laugh erupted from the stone, as though the dragon thought the new name a joke. “A dark, difficult, dangerous path lies before you, Ash Kensington.”

Ash’s heart grew heavy. In truth, she knew that she was destined to some terrible, dark fate. For so long, her life was filled with sadness and doubt, and one horrible thing after another. What else can I hope for?

“But Ash, you must not lose hope. Our world needs you..."

4 Moonbeams (comments):

Kathleen said...

I think having Cupid interview Ash Kensington and Prince Edward was a great idea. It was fun and I really enjoyed it.

Fallenwood sounds like a wonderful story. Congrats on your upcoming release!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Fun interview

Margay Leah Justice said...

That Cupid is one racy character, isn't he?

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks so much for joining us today! Fallenwood sounds like a fantastic story. All the best of success!